Electronic Cigarettes: Better for the Environment, Better for the Future

eco-friendly-businessHaving environmentally friendly products is more than a passing trend, more than a bragging point, and more than a cool sales pitch; it’s rather responsible. As consumers become more aware of their buying choices, many choose to go the more sustainable route because it avails some peace of mind. Retailers understand this, and many see the great profitability in providing products that are more environmentally conscious.

In every sense, electronic cigarettes are much better for the environment than traditional cigarettes. They are not part of the destructive farming industry that is tobacco, and they do get filled with a long list of harmful additives. Tobacco farming is known for its use of radioactive fertilizer, having incredibly negative farming practices that ruin soil and contribute to widespread pollution.

Traditional cigarettes are an environmental problem beyond just their roots however. They are excessively polluted, in fact the most polluted item in the world, as so many users consider it easy to discard them on the ground, instead of in receptacles where they belong. Cartridges do not exactly decompose, and as they break down, all those chemicals that they are created with slowly leak out, polluting the water and earth as they travel along. When they make their way into natural water systems, they become a threat to bird, fish, and other wildlife species who mistakenly consume these butts for food.

Another issue is the concept of constant disposing. Cigarettes are used and tossed nonstop. The constant stream of garbage is an environmental disaster, and it’s not just a pollution issue, as cigarette butts surprisingly take up a lot of landfill space when they do make into trashcans. If the average smoker goes through a pack of 20 a day, that figures out to about 7,280 cigarettes yearly!

So as a result of these issues, e-cigarettes are a much better choice for smokers who want a more eco-friendly way to smoke, and the better choice for retailers who want to expand their selection with tobacco-free, eco-friendly alternatives. While many smokers may not turn to e-smoking simply for the environmental impact, it is a great advertising point. Selling “green” products is responsible and maintains your modern edge. It enables customers to have a choice if they wish, and in addition to all of the other benefits e-cigarettes avail, the option of being a little more conscious of their footprint with their smoking choice is a big one.

Our future lies in our planet; little decisions can amount to big ones, and electronic cigarettes allow us to cut back in one very destructive area. If your selection of tobacco and cigarette products is in need of more modern, “greener” e-cigs, feel free to contact us about wholesale opportunities!