Electronic Cigarette Sales Up by 50%

url-1Vapor cigarettes become increasingly popular, as the months and years go on. Touted as “the future of smoking,” they are proving that they really are innovative and practical enough for even die hard, lifelong heavy smokers to switch to. America is home to more than 45 million smokers, and about half of them attempt to quit smoking every year. Are more smokers switching to e-cigarettes because they are able to have a more comfortable, realistic experience? It’s safe to say “yes” because as awareness grows, so do sales.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recently released findings showing that e-cigarettes are so popular now that the numbers of smokers who are using electronic cigarettes are continuously doubling. From 10% in 2010, to 21% in 2011, the numbers of smokers who have tried them are growing consistently and strongly. In America, approximately 6 in 10 adults are in the know about e-cigarettes, especially due to aggressive marketing from electronic cigarette companies, as well as more people finding a compatible and enjoyable alternative in them. The CDC is not exactly exuberant about e-cigarettes, despite their research. What they do make a point of is that there needs to be further testing and further government regulations, to ensure safety and product quality to protect the users.

What lies ahead for customers is that they are faced with choices. While they can read into what organizations like the CDC are saying, and opt for fear, or they can do their own research. Most consumers already know it’s up to them to be educated for their own benefit, to make their own best decisions. When it comes to e-cigarette companies, it’s obvious who the best ones are because the quality shows. There are many companies that have started out with less than stellar quality and have faded quickly, because having a failing product only drives consumers away. International Vapor Group, on the other hand, has built an empire on this premise of quality and consistent ratings throughout the industry, placing our brands within the top 20 e-cigarette names round sure says something!