Diversity Does a Business Well

7548773We understand diversity. We get that there are an enormous amount of smokers in the world, from different backgrounds, age groups, with different personal preferences, and the need for products that appeal to their unique needs. We know that diversity is so important to pleasing our customers and realistically being able to make vaping work for a large number of people.

That’s why we’ve taken the care and innovation to new levels, looking to truly offer something for everyone. Diversity is an incredibly important concept in today’s world of instant gratification and individualism, and making our products well rounded enough to appeal to many thousands of electronic smokers has been one of the keys to our success. Working with us, you will have the ability to extend your electronic cigarette selection even further, to an even larger customer demographic.

Our different e-cigarette brands cover a lot of ground. We offer products that appeal to beginners (with our different Express Kits from both South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke), advanced users (the soon to be unveiled VaporZone line), and those who want something exciting and out of the ordinary (NutriCigs). The offerings each brand covers are both unique as well as practical. We have reusable electronic cigarettes, a variety of different disposable e-cigarettes, and a multitude of accessories to go with each line that add convenience and practicality. We go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction, from the very beginning in developing our products to the end point of sale, when they are being used and hopefully delighting the customer.

Diversity is one of those advantages that gives us exceptional clout in the marketplace. Customers want options; they want quality, innovation, and true to form service just in case things don’t go exactly as planned. International Vapor Group knows the importance of striking the balance between getting it right, and missing the mark; diversity lets us branch out in as many directions as we can, appealing to as many e-smokers as we can!