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Research Indicating Vapor Cigarettes as Less Harmful than Tobacco

urlAs the debate continues on whether electronic cigarettes are truly better than tobacco cigarettes, studies are constantly being done. To the chagrin of the tobacco industry and lobbyists who are against e-smoking, the newest batch of scientific research is suggesting that e-cigarettes are most likely, less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

There is no getting around the fact that tobacco is proven to cause a variety of different cancers, heart problems, lung problems, and all varieties of other health issues; it has not been proven, however, that electronic cigarettes can be attributed to any of these issues, in any way. Most likely as a result of containing no tobacco, producing no tar or smoke.

The most recent research was done by an international team which examined 81 different studies that focused on a number of issues dealing with vapor cigarettes. Some of these areas included the number and types of chemicals found in the e-liquids and produced in the vapor, in addition to safety issues, and e-cigarette usage among both non-smokers and smokers alike.

Following the review of all of this information, the scientists agreed that their findings showed that risks to those within the vicinity of the vapor and those directly using the products are at much less of a risk than those who are in direct contact of conventional tobacco cigarettes. They do make it clear, however, that there still remains a risk for people with respiratory problems, and the effects of e-cigarette smoking are not known at this time for those with respiratory illnesses.

Another important aspect that was concluded from the studies is that there are far fewer toxins to be found in vapor cigarettes, compared to those in tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain literally thousands of different toxins, many of which are added to the filters and the tobacco that is smoked. The number of ingredients in nicotine e-liquids tend to be very minimal and most reputable companies will disclose the ingredients of their liquids.

The scientists who participated in these studies have concluded that there is evidence at this time to show that breathing in vaporized liquid nicotine, compared to breathing in nicotine that comes from tobacco smoke is a much healthier and safer option.

Another issue that these scientists addressed are the rumors surrounding teens and young adults who use electronic cigarettes. They stated that electronic cigarettes are very unlikely to be used as a gateway to traditional tobacco products; in fact the opposite is true. Most people who use electronic cigarettes have turned to them as an alternative away from traditional tobacco products, not as a means of starting to smoke. Simply, they do not lure teens and young adults into using tobacco.

Of course research has only just begun in regards to electronic cigarettes, however it is extremely positive that research continues to prove the usefulness and positive benefits of using alternatives, as opposed to tobacco. As a burgeoning, yet highly successful industry, scientists are very optimistic about these products and their benefits towards people in terms of health. The future for smokers is looking rather promising, indeed!

38 States asking for FDA regulations on Electronic Cigarettes

e-cigaretteCurrently, we are at a very interesting moment for electronic cigarettes. With more smokers quitting, and the industry itself pushing towards $1.7 billion in sales this year, attorney generals from 38 states are asking the FDA to begin regulating e-cigarettes, especially towards minors gaining access.

Tobacco has long been a problem on a nationwide scale, and legislators understand that many smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes as an alternative. Some want them to be categorized the same as traditional cigarettes, and others just want there to be stricter laws regarding age limitations towards e-cigarettes.

The growth of these products has been rapid, with a greater sense of social acceptability and availability, smokers have embraced them wholly. Users have taken to them in incredible numbers because they cost far less than traditional cigarettes, avail them more convenience, do not leave them smelling of smoke, and are much easier to use in public.

There is no denying that regulations are necessary with any products that gain millions of users, however electronic cigarette companies are hoping for sensible restrictions. Standards enable users to feel more confident in the products, gives further backing that there actually is some regulation involved, and helps to keep the products of the highest quality possible.

In addition to legislation, currently research on electronic cigarettes is being conducted all over the world. Major studies out of Europe, the US, and Australia are shedding light on the many positives tobacco alternatives are offering, and giving way to more smokers feeling comfortable and confident using them.

Wherever the movement is heading, it’s certain that electronic cigarettes have really grounded their presence, and smokers are happy to use them. No other product has come along to urge smokers to choose something as an alternative, and the FDA regulating them will only enhance our offerings.