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Why IVG? Quality is Our Foundation

Wholesale Quality E-CigarettesOne of the more astounding generalizations of the e-cigarette industry is the concept of quality. For those on the outside looking in, as well as for beginners, choosing a random brand, found at a gas station or convenience store, at the lowest price is typically not the best point of entry into the world of vaping. Now, I’m not attempting to say that users should jump in and grab the most expensive mod they can get their hands on right from the start, all in the name of quality, however there are some things to keep in mind.

Quality: It’s not just a selling point; it’s the selling point. It can make or break the experience, and can leave a user satisfied enough that they feel confident switching to vapor. A bad vape can do the opposite, and make them turn away in disgust. It is our aim to satisfy the user, delight them with our options, and inspire them with the possibilities.

When customers purchase from any of our companies, they are getting the best of the best liquids, all created in the USA, and under the strictest standards available. We wouldn’t have our liquids for VaporFi and South Beach Smoke on file with the FDA otherwise. Our products include the highest-performing, top of the line vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Our customer service is continuously revered for its genuineness as well as thoroughness. When you work with our brand for electronic cigarette wholesaling, you are getting a full-on, dedicated brand.

So, think about it. You pay for what you get. Yes, there are certainly products on the lower tier that will cost less than those made by International Vapor Group. However, consider that you are getting solid quality, top shelf variety, and expertise from a reputable name that has stood the test of time in this ever-changing industry. Seriously, you wouldn’t expect farm-to-table, grass-fed organic beef burgers at your local $1 order menu fast food joint, would you? Different options, from different companies; wholesale e-cigs and e-liquids are no different from any other industry in this matter. There are tons of choices out there, and not all are equal. The IVG difference is what sets us apart.

Why Are Smokers Switching to Vapor?

12VAPORIUM-master675Electronic cigarettes remain an excellent alternative to tobacco, both for consumers as well as retailers. So why are customers so happy to switch to electronic, and not revert back to tobacco? Here are some of the reasons e-cigarettes are the better way to go, whether you are selling them or using them!


E-cigarettes give their users added freedom that was never possible with traditional cigarettes. No one likes being told “no.” Smokers are tired of dealing with smoking bans, tired of having to adjust their smoking to accommodate others, and tired of their habit being an inconvenience. E-cigarettes give smokers the freedom to smoke in many public places, and around people who have aversions to smoke. As a retailer, you avail them the ability to have more freedom, which is priceless.

More Affordable

Everyone knows how expensive traditional cigarettes are, and having an alternative that feels as good and costs less alleviate many problems. Carrying a product that customers are seeking, and is a cost effective alternative gives you additional opportunities to tap into additional markets, and make up losses from dwindling cigarette sales.

More Choices

Pleasing a large array of customers is not the easiest thing to do, especially in today’s era of convenience and getting what you want, as quickly as possible. No one wants to wait, and people expect their needs to be met at light speed; what this means is that products need to be adaptable and available. E-cigarettes give smokers many more choices, many more options, the ability to have what they want when they want it, and being able to customize the smoking experience to suit their needs easily.

Smokers continue to switch to electronic cigarettes at a very rapid rate, and the industry is expanding every year. Having a more modern, more convenient way to smoke allows users to have their way, without sacrificing any enjoyment, all the while avoiding tobacco. As a retailer, selling electronic cigarettes is in your best interest because it enables you to offer a product that is in demand, opening more channels to business!

E-Cigs Save Consumers Money

money_flickr_amagill_25Part of the allure for many electronic cigarette smokers is the draw of saving more money. Since cigarettes have always been a very expensive habit, and more people are aiming to cut corners and tighten their belts after enduring the recession of recent years, e-cigarettes have emerged as a fantastic way for users to move away from tobacco and go after the alternative. Money talks, and people like to save it!

As a retailer, offering cost effective solutions can mean more business for you. If you carry traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes enable you to broaden your selection, appeal to new customers, and give your current customers the ability to save more money.

On average, electronic cigarette users (with South Beach Smoke) save between $1500 – $2000 yearly, after switching to vaping from tobacco cigarette habits that ran them about a pack a day. E-cigarette users are always content with their savings upon switching, and being able to have an alternative method that adds so much to their lives in addition to saving money makes for a really excellent product.

Consumers are always looking to save money, and giving them the options to do so in your venue is all the more incentive for both parties. E-cigarettes are hotter than ever, and the benefits are widespread. An easier, more convenient way to smoke, that allows the user to have nicotine without tobacco, and with huge savings? Tell me you don’t see the appeal! Give your customers what they’re looking for, and chances are, they will be back for refills and additional savings!

If you are looking to add to your current selection of products, talk to us about adding our best-selling brands of electronic cigarettes to your inventory!

Our CEO’s Business Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs-01IVG’s CEO, Nick Molina was recently interviewed for a feature in BusinessNewsDaily, and was asked a variety of questions about success in entrepreneurship. As someone who seen great achievements in his own startups (in regards to e-cigarettes and others), he obviously has a great deal of wisdom to pass on, especially where emerging technology is concerned.

The first startup Molina created was Let’s Talk Cellular and Wireless, a provider of wireless products and services; the year was 1989. In the past 3 decades, much has changed and by 2009, when he started International Vapor Group, entrepreneurship had become a totally different playing field. One of the biggest challenges has been in competing with the younger generation, and it has taught him a lot about business today.

Here is his advice to Generation X entrepreneurs on how to handle the influx of ambitious Millennials, and what he believes it takes to be successful in today’s competitive business environment.

-Millennials are really, really good with technology. They have grown up with it invading every aspect of their lives, so as they’ve grown, they’ve learned to use it effectively in every way. You can stay on par with them by staying in tune with technology as they have done. Knowledge is key here.

-Millennials are not afraid of taking risks; one of the best advantages of youth is having nothing to lose and the ability to get ahead by taking big risks; something Molina learned very young. In keeping up with Millennials in this position, the key is to take educated risks and be prepared to spar with those who are fearless when it comes to risk taking.

-Hire your competition. Millennials can really help your business with their edgy ideas, tech savvy ways and ability to adapt to today’s ever-changing technology and business environment. In Molina’s words of advice: “Hire the young guns. They’re the ones who will keep you sharp and on edge. You have to try to mitigate your risks, but you also need to be willing to take chances, because if you don’t, the competition will.”

Eat, Drink, Vape: Why restaurants are allowing e-cigs into the dining scene.

e-cig-restaurantAmong the many reasons to sell electronic cigarettes is that they are becoming increasingly accepted in many public places. As awareness of them grows, so does the amount of public complacency with them. This is a sign that their growth is serious, and the public, whether they smoke or not, are understanding that e-cigarettes are entirely different than traditional cigarettes. In restaurants, diners are finding that e-cigarettes are becoming very acceptable to use, and owners are finding that they are benefitting business in a positive manner.

Not all restaurants have a tolerant policy towards the devices, but many do. As the general acceptance grows, many restaurant managers and owners have seen a trend that allows customers on both sides of the smoking barrier to have a comfortable compromise. As e-cigarettes produce none of the negative qualities associated with traditional cigarettes, especially in regards to producing no smoke, no tar, and no smell, nonsmokers cannot detect them at all. Happier customers creates a more comfortable environment, and likely creates return business.

Restaurants that do allow the devices to be used withinin their premises have also experienced increased sales overall, because enabling their clientele to use the devices enables them to stay longer, and therefore spend more. On the contrary to cigarette use, which generally made it more difficult for smokers to smoke in public, having to leave the restaurant to smoke, e-cigarettes allow business to be more accommodating.

And restaurants are not the only venues benefitting from e-cigarettes. The more time passes, the more obvious it becomes that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. More and more smokers are turning to them, and likewise, more businesses are finding an excellent source of revenue in them, even from just making them accessible. Whether you sell e-cigs or not, they are definitely gaining ground exponentially fast and smokers are happy.

Vapor Shops: Carry IVG

9848135-largeVapor shops are an obvious carrier for IVG brands of e-cigarettes, after all their specialty lies in all varieties of alternative cigarette products! What many vapor shops are missing, however, are brands of our caliber in performance and quality.

If you own a vapor shop, or handle the ordering for one, consider adding International Vapor Group brands to your current selection. We lead the industry in innovation and quality, and our brands are very well known.

We all know there are thousands of brands in this market, and there is an enormous varietey in quality among them. Where IVG stands out is that this is the foundation of our brand.

South Beach Smoke, our first brand made a name almost as soon as it hit the market. Having received promotion from sources such as MTV and OK! Magazine, South Beach Smoke has been in the public eye since the beginning. It’s also a brand recognized among users for their trendy looks as well as their excellent quality.

EverSmoke was the second brand we released, and it offers the same top quality as South Beach Smoke, with different options to appeal to additional users who were not exactly relating to the trendy approach of South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke offers excellent flavors, great batteries, and very versatile accessories.

NutriCigs was the next brand we launched, and what this brand offers is all natural, supplement-fortified e-cigarettes that enable the user to have more with each e-cigarette than just a nicotine rush. Need energy, appetite curbing, or more restful sleep? NutriCigs will do the trick!

VaporZone is the latest brand we have released, and this brand branches further into the e-cigarette market, targeting advanced users and those who want the most technological products available. This brand features top of the line, highly innovative products as well as giving the user the ability to custom blend e-liquids for unique flavors.

So if your vapor shop or tobacco shop is need of better products, higher quality, adding additional diversity to your selection, or just need some better known products: talk to us! We have excellent wholesale opportunities available!


Expand Your Business, Recover Sales Lost From Tobacco

cigaretteIf you are a business owner who has seen sales fall due to cigarettes becoming less of a commodity, you are not alone. Many businesses (especially smaller, mom and pop shops) have been through the same situation, and have been able to recover due to the rise in popularity and success of e-cigarettes.

The rate of smokers who begin smoking decreases each year, and along the same lines, the number of smokers who are quitting are also on the rise. What this means for businesses whose sales have included that of cigarettes in the past are most likely looking at decreased sales in tobacco. The rising taxes, rising prices, and the many health disadvantages have caused smokers to either quit or seek alternatives. If this is something your business has faced, have you thought about the possibilities of selling electronic cigarettes to help pick up the slack?

Smaller shops are beginning to implement e-cigarettes in their inventories because even in today’s economy, they are selling right along their analog counterparts. In many instances, they have even helped salvage tobacco businesses on the brink of failure. And what is even more promising, is that there are still many smokers who are not yet aware of e-cigarettes, and that switching to the electronic alternatives can offer many conveniences and benefits.

There are many reasons consumers are happy to be switching to electronic cigarettes, and our variety of brands are perfect for filling your shelves if you are looking to add e-cigarettes to your selection of tobacco products. International Vapor Group brands are being sold all over the country, in all types of retail shops.

If you are thinking about getting into electronic cigarette retail, have a look at our different wholesale opportunities. Our products are top rated and top selling, and cover many different options customers are looking for.

Don’t let the end of the era of tobacco hurt your sales! Everyone is going electronic, follow suit!

Be an Affiliate with IVG Brands

slide2International Vapor Group brands are growing at a rapid rate, and all four brands have solidified a place among consumers in the market for top quality, high performing electronic cigarettes. Join the affiliate programs for South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs and VaporZone and you could be earning money for all the customers you send our way. Currently, top affiliates are earning thousands each month. If you’re in the business of promoting e-cigarette brands, why not be a part of this exciting company? IVG brands cover a lot of ground, and we are doing many things other companies in this industry aren’t.

The Affiliate Programs for each of our brands work very similarly. We provide all the necessary tools to get you started, such as banners and text links that will go on your website and route back to ours. Your customers will be tracked using sophisticated affiliate tracking software, and we even have in place measures to cover your customers who choose to order by phone. When your customers purchase our products because of your links, you will receive generous percentages of the e-cigarette sales, as well as lifetime residuals from Home Delivery Membership purchases, which typically entail monthly payouts. We even cover the circumstances should a customer get to our site via yours, and come back at a later date to make the purchase. We are firm believers in your commission being yours!

We also feature a 2-tier program, for all of our brands that offer even more opportunities to rake in the earnings. Should you refer others to our Affiliate Programs, and they join, you will earn 5% of the sales they bring in. So the more you promote, and the more people you send our way, the more money you will make whether they are buying or selling!

At International Vapor Group, we are staunchly proud of our products, and we know that connecting with likeminded, goal oriented folks is one of the keys to our success. Visit any of our brands’ websites to learn more about these lucrative programs. Our Affiliate Programs offer valuable commissions, and a true opportunity to be a part of our growth: join us!


Vapor Facts: Why Consumers Are Choosing the Alternative

art.e.cigarette.cnnInternational Vapor Group’s CEO, Nick Molina was recently interviewed by for a feature on electronic cigarettes and the vaping movement. Here are his reasons as to why this industry is seeing such tremendous growth, and why these products are such a hit with consumers. It’s really more than just a craze now!

-With cigarette prices souring to as much as $12-$13 because of taxes, and the cost of is significantly less when vaping. Even when it means putting out between $50-$100 for a starter kit in the beginning, the expenses of vaping are dramatically less than those of smoking traditional cigarettes. “Our cartridges are $2 to $3 each, which is equivalent to a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes,” said Molina.

-Same experience, little hassle. “It gives the same type of sensations as a traditional cigarette and provides the oral fix,” Molina said. Electronic cigarettes have enabled users to have all of the things they love about smoking without the most troublesome: the actual smoke and tobacco. E-cigarettes are made to give the same pleasure, including the overly important need to take care of the hand-to-mouth and oral habits, in addition to the desire for nicotine.

-Peace of mind. Those 4,000 chemicals that get laced into cigarettes and their filters are nowhere to be found within e-cigarettes. They produce no second hand smoke, so they can be used around others, including the elderly and children, without concern over fumes. “In addition, there’s no fire, no tar, no smell and less occurrence of yellowing teeth,” said Molina.

-Greater sense of control. E-cigarettes offer users the ability to choose many options with their products. This often enables them to gradually lessen their nicotine intake, consciously. The choice of flavors and features on products are also there for the choosing, allowing users to get even more comfortable with their e-cigarettes, as opposed to traditional cigarettes which offer not even a fraction of the conveniences and options.

There is a lot of discussion happening these days in regards to e-cigarettes, and simply, these products are seeing this ever expanding popularity because they are truly working for smokers who want another option. “A lot of consumers do look to e-cigs as an alternative to quitting smoking with a high level of success,” Molina said. “They are no longer smoking traditional cigarettes. Our motto is: ‘If you can’t quit, switch.’ ”

VaporZone: A New Direction

hero_vaporzoneOur newest brand, VaporZone was recently launched to much hype. This brand represents a step in a new direction for us, forging ahead in yet another emerging area of the electronic cigarette industry.

Innovation is at the core of who we are, and VaporZone fully embodies this. Having established a solid footing with South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and the very innovative NutriCigs line of electronic cigarettes, VaporZone takes these concepts even further.

VaporZone products are the highest performing, most acutely engineered electronic cigarettes currently made. Consisting of a wide range of e-cigarette vaporizers, these products target the most advanced users who are looking for the most power, the greatest vapor, and the most technologically developed products available. VaporZone also takes us in a new direction with the launching of a series of retail locations, that will serve the vaping community as a hub for all things related to vaping.

To put it bluntly, VaporZone offers everything. From the most advanced vaporizers, such as the VaporZone Rebel, the Pro, and the Pulse, to also standard electronic cigarettes such as 2-piece models that work with disposable cartridges, as well as disposable electronic cigarettes. There is also a very large, very comprehensive selection of accessories that enable the user to customize their products in a multitude of ways as they see fit.

Another of VaporZone’s unique features is the ability to custom blend your e-liquid. With 50 flavor choices that can mixed to over 30,000 different blends, customers are already raving about how exciting it is to have this option.

As this industry grows, so does the available technology. Many e-smokers have begun to move away from the entry-level e-cigarettes, wanting more in every sense of the word. They are embracing the technology, and embracing the unbelievable performance that comes from vaporizers that look nothing like traditional cigarettes (or traditional e-cigarettes!), and perform with exceptional power.

Just like all of our other brands, VaporZone products are available for sale in your location. If you wish to be a part of this exciting new venture, and wish to carry these innovative products, please contact us about wholesale opportunities!