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Reasons to Choose IVG Brands

Retail Management certificateWhen choosing brands to carry in the retail environment, you have to consider a broad range of factors. Ultimately, you want to appeal to your customers, and to create repeat sales, and in this context, quality and price are of utmost importance. Here is a look at the different attributes of International Vapor Group brands, and why we are at the forefront of the e-cigarette retail market.

USA-Made Liquids

Across all of our brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporZone, one common thread of quality is that all of the liquids we use in our electronic cigarettes, as well as sell on their own, are made in the USA. While this is not a core standard amongst all brands, we hold true to it because it ensures that our liquids are the freshest, and most potent. When liquids are manufactured overseas, the standards are often less strict, and by the time they reach the customer, they are often not as fresh as those manufactured here. Understanding the need for the highest quality product, we have found USA made e-liquids to be the best, and that is why we do not compromise that standard.

Recognized names

Our list of brands have received much acclaim through the industry, and carrying brands that customers recognize is of obvious importance. South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and now VaporZone have all acquired legitimate followings, and have become known as top quality e-cigarette brands.


At the core of our business is a commitment to innovation. Electronic cigarettes were founded on the premise of offering smokers the ability to smoke without tobacco, and we have always sought to innovate further. If we did simply what everyone else was doing, there would be no purpose in our company. We choose to create what hasn’t been done before; we choose to develop products that will benefit electronic cigarette users in new ways; we choose to improve upon quality and create products that perform in more advanced ways.

Customer Service

When you work with International Vapor Group, you work with a company that is committed to our customers and business partners wholly. We take our relationships very seriously, and we understand the importance of having the best product. Low end electronic cigarette products are a dime a dozen; we aim higher, and hope as a retailer, you do too!

E-Cigarettes: Purchasing in Retail vs. Online

imagesAll IVG brands are available for both retail sales as well as online, and we are pleased with both avenues of sales. While both are profitable, they each have their pros as well as cons; here is a look at all the benefits to electronic cigarette retail sales, and why these products are perfect for brick and mortar businesses.

Convenience: Shoppers do not always want to wait on shipments. Online shopping promises the simplicity of clicking and buying, however shipping requires patience, and expedited options can be very costly. Being able to drive up to a local shop, go in and grab what you need, and head out is never going to be fully replaced by internet shopping.

The Experience: Being face to face with the items purchased gives the customer a much different experience than shopping over the internet, and guessing if it will be what you want, even with research done. For e-cigarette users, the ability to see the products up close and personal, being able to sample e-liquids, and test out the desired products gives them a much greater sense of the items. If they plan on investing several hundred dollars into electronic cigarette products, it’s very much worth it to have a personal experience before committing, rather than later having to send things back to the company because they are not satisfied.

Payment Options: Not everyone is comfortable disclosing their credit card or debit card information over the internet. Even with safety and privacy disclosures from companies, many shoppers are suspicious of online financial transactions. There are also many people who still prefer to pay in cash as well, making brick and mortar shopping more comfortable for them.

While electronic cigarettes became popular through online sales, they are now very much readily available in retail stores such as gas stations, convenience stores, and vapor shops. The market continues to expand in this direction; while it may be dwindling in others, e-cigarette shoppers love being able to get what they want instantly!

How the Nation is Handling E-Cigarette Regulation

8b2af907bc9cfc30d0f91fbb97377ad8The greatest news surrounding the electronic cigarette industry as of late deals with regulations. States all over the nation are discussing how to regulate them, and whether they deserve the same treatment as traditional cigarettes, which you may know are highly regulated. Here is a look at some of the different regulations regarding electronic cigarettes, some states and jurisdictions are considering.

Tobacco Taxes: As tobacco sales decline, some states are considering implementing similar taxes on tobacco alternatives to make up the losses. These taxes could cause the prices of e-cigarettes to spike, and many people feel smokers would be less likely to consider using alternatives if that happened.

Indoor Usage: Cigarette smoking indoors publicly has not been accepted and/ or legal for years now, and there are many places that want to enact the same restrictions regarding e-cigarettes. New York City was one of the first places to put this law into action, with mayor Bloomberg signing a bill that groups e-cigarettes into the Smoke Free Air Act, giving them the same status as traditional cigarettes. In New York City, they are banned in all of the same places as traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is a rather ignorant rule, as e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, emitting only vapor, and no evidence proves they have the same effects to be considered as such.

Sales to Minors: This is an obvious part of regulation, and most e-cigarette companies and retailers will agree it makes complete sense. Electronic cigarettes are intended for use by adults only, and most company have their own restrictions in place to prevent minors from purchasing them.

Sales Bans: Some states have attempted sales bans on all e-cigarette products, and others such as the city of New York have considered banning e-liquid flavors in an attempt to keep them from luring in minors. However there is little evidence that flavors are what attracts teens and young adults into using tobacco and/ or e-cigarette products.

Licensing: Licensing meant to be purposely burdensome is another avenue states and other locales are considering to regulate e-cigarettes. The root of this is in how the FDA will eventually regard e-cigarettes, either as tobacco products or alternatives.

We hope the industry continues to move forward in this positive direction, because we know regulations will happen in only a matter of time. As a major e-cigarette company, we are all for responsible regulations, especially those regarding minors. If you are contemplating whether or not e-cigarettes can be sold in your area, it is best to do some research prior. In most places in the US, they have not been subject to harsh regulations at this time, and hopefully all future regulations will be to the benefit of the industry, to promote a higher standard of products.

E-Cigs Save Consumers Money

money_flickr_amagill_25Part of the allure for many electronic cigarette smokers is the draw of saving more money. Since cigarettes have always been a very expensive habit, and more people are aiming to cut corners and tighten their belts after enduring the recession of recent years, e-cigarettes have emerged as a fantastic way for users to move away from tobacco and go after the alternative. Money talks, and people like to save it!

As a retailer, offering cost effective solutions can mean more business for you. If you carry traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes enable you to broaden your selection, appeal to new customers, and give your current customers the ability to save more money.

On average, electronic cigarette users (with South Beach Smoke) save between $1500 – $2000 yearly, after switching to vaping from tobacco cigarette habits that ran them about a pack a day. E-cigarette users are always content with their savings upon switching, and being able to have an alternative method that adds so much to their lives in addition to saving money makes for a really excellent product.

Consumers are always looking to save money, and giving them the options to do so in your venue is all the more incentive for both parties. E-cigarettes are hotter than ever, and the benefits are widespread. An easier, more convenient way to smoke, that allows the user to have nicotine without tobacco, and with huge savings? Tell me you don’t see the appeal! Give your customers what they’re looking for, and chances are, they will be back for refills and additional savings!

If you are looking to add to your current selection of products, talk to us about adding our best-selling brands of electronic cigarettes to your inventory!

Vapor Zone Retail Expansion

1467352_430499127052173_1284768353_nAs Vapor Zone continues to grow, and expand, their locations are becoming hot spots for the South Florida vaping community. Having two successful stores currently open, one in South Miami and the other in Doral, they are also in the process of opening an additional six locations. With their current expansion underway, the new store locations will be located in South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Tampa, Clearwater, and Brandon; all of which are in the hiring process currently.

While doing great online, Vapor Zone understands and emphasizes the importance of connecting with customers and holding a brick and mortar presence that serves the community. Having a brilliant concept that goes beyond just the retail of e-cigarette products, consumers have taken to their stores with great acceptance.Vapor Zone is making great headway and giving their customers an excellent resource for all things electronic cigarette related. In store, all VaporZone locations carry the full line of products and feature an e-liquid bar, equipped with experienced and skilled “Vapetenders” who expertly mix the e-liquids into the custom blends.

Another retail concept Vapor Zone has created are their Vapor Zone Express Locations, which are basically a “store within a store.” They are satellite locations, situated inside of other retail stores, and they carry a select number of VaporZone products. Their focus is on only the most popular items, as well as the most popular custom blends. It should be noted that these locations do not have e-liquid bars, and custom blending is not done on site.

Currently, there are three Vapor Zone Express locations in the South Florida area; one in Downtown Miami at the Village Humidor, the next in Coconut Grove, Fl at Coco Cigar, and the third in Pompano Beach, Fl at Let’s Vape. If you are interested in adding a Vapor Zone Express location to your retail store, feel free to contact us! Don’t waste any time in becoming a part of this exciting brand!

Add Vaporizers to Your Retail Selection of E-Cigarettes

VaporZone-eCig-reviewElectronic cigarettes have certainly advanced since their earliest days, when the majority of products being sold generally all looked and worked the same. These were the days of e-cigarettes mimicking traditional cigarettes, attempting to recreate the look, feel, and taste of the original. As time progressed, different versions emerged, and more users began to take to using models that look entirely different, perform with exceptional power, and happen to give off throat hits that any smoker can appreciate. We are now in the age of electronic cigarette vaporizers, and these products are hotter than ever.

While there are many e-smokers and first time e-cigarette users who are still gravitating to the two-piece e-cigs, and many who prefer the simplicity and experience of them, countless others are going after the advanced models that are known for their power and ability.

If you are a retailer of electronic cigarette products, and/or traditional cigarette products, you need to be in the know about vaporizers. These new vaping machines are becoming massively popular, and users are thrilled with the performance. Adding VaporZone vaporizers, starter kits, and e-liquids to your product selection would be a very wise move, as this brand has quickly become the go-to brand of vaporizers for e-cigarette users.

For retailers, VaporZone offers a unique take on e-cigarette retail sales with their store-within-a-store concept: a well-designed satellite location available to set up within your retail space. Known as the VaporZone Express store, they are set up to be both exceptionally visually appealing, as well as fully stocked with all of VaporZone’s most popular products.

Vaporizers are the next wave of e-cigarette technology, and VaporZone has received only positive feedback for quality, craftsmanship, and total performance. If you’re interested in being a part of the growth, and are looking to expand your business in this highly profitable direction, let’s talk!

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes the Better Alternative to Tobacco?

e-cigarettes-vs-tobacco-cigarettesFor both users and retailers, electronic cigarettes are becoming the more sensible alternative. They offer a lucrative endeavor for retailers who carry traditional cigarettes and tobacco products, and smokers continue to choose them over cigarettes. Here is a look at why e-cigarettes are the better alternative, whether you are using them or selling them.

For users: Everyone has become overwhelmingly aware over the past century how dangerous cigarettes are. Not only bad for the health and inconvenient to use, they are also exceedingly expensive. For consumers, it was only a matter of time before a legitimate alternative was developed. E-cigarettes have proven to do just that, and smokers have taken to them by the millions. They offer a nearly identical experience as smoking a cigarette, without the vast number of problems associated with cigarettes. There is no tobacco, no tar, no ash, and no smell. They come with or without nicotine, in varying amounts, as well as numerous flavors. Smokers are finding tobacco cigarettes to be immensely old fashioned and wasteful by comparison; saving money, having modern devices, and much more ability to use them simply make e-cigarettes the better choice for smokers.

For retailers: Electronic cigarettes represent the future of smoking enjoyment. Cigarette sales and use have been on the downfall for decades and with e-cigarettes more than picking up the slack, retailers who are on this bandwagon are wise to do so. This is not just merely an emerging market, it’s a quickly expanding market proven to have high growth, as sales reach more than $1 billion. As it has become evident that consumers are happy to switch to these products, and stay with them, it only makes sense that tobacco retailers cater to their needs and expand their businesses further with electronic cigarettes. Consumers want choices; e-cigarettes offer them in mass variety. Why lose sales when they are there to be made?

Expand Your Business, Recover Sales Lost From Tobacco

cigaretteIf you are a business owner who has seen sales fall due to cigarettes becoming less of a commodity, you are not alone. Many businesses (especially smaller, mom and pop shops) have been through the same situation, and have been able to recover due to the rise in popularity and success of e-cigarettes.

The rate of smokers who begin smoking decreases each year, and along the same lines, the number of smokers who are quitting are also on the rise. What this means for businesses whose sales have included that of cigarettes in the past are most likely looking at decreased sales in tobacco. The rising taxes, rising prices, and the many health disadvantages have caused smokers to either quit or seek alternatives. If this is something your business has faced, have you thought about the possibilities of selling electronic cigarettes to help pick up the slack?

Smaller shops are beginning to implement e-cigarettes in their inventories because even in today’s economy, they are selling right along their analog counterparts. In many instances, they have even helped salvage tobacco businesses on the brink of failure. And what is even more promising, is that there are still many smokers who are not yet aware of e-cigarettes, and that switching to the electronic alternatives can offer many conveniences and benefits.

There are many reasons consumers are happy to be switching to electronic cigarettes, and our variety of brands are perfect for filling your shelves if you are looking to add e-cigarettes to your selection of tobacco products. International Vapor Group brands are being sold all over the country, in all types of retail shops.

If you are thinking about getting into electronic cigarette retail, have a look at our different wholesale opportunities. Our products are top rated and top selling, and cover many different options customers are looking for.

Don’t let the end of the era of tobacco hurt your sales! Everyone is going electronic, follow suit!

Electronic Cigarettes: Better for the Environment, Better for the Future

eco-friendly-businessHaving environmentally friendly products is more than a passing trend, more than a bragging point, and more than a cool sales pitch; it’s rather responsible. As consumers become more aware of their buying choices, many choose to go the more sustainable route because it avails some peace of mind. Retailers understand this, and many see the great profitability in providing products that are more environmentally conscious.

In every sense, electronic cigarettes are much better for the environment than traditional cigarettes. They are not part of the destructive farming industry that is tobacco, and they do get filled with a long list of harmful additives. Tobacco farming is known for its use of radioactive fertilizer, having incredibly negative farming practices that ruin soil and contribute to widespread pollution.

Traditional cigarettes are an environmental problem beyond just their roots however. They are excessively polluted, in fact the most polluted item in the world, as so many users consider it easy to discard them on the ground, instead of in receptacles where they belong. Cartridges do not exactly decompose, and as they break down, all those chemicals that they are created with slowly leak out, polluting the water and earth as they travel along. When they make their way into natural water systems, they become a threat to bird, fish, and other wildlife species who mistakenly consume these butts for food.

Another issue is the concept of constant disposing. Cigarettes are used and tossed nonstop. The constant stream of garbage is an environmental disaster, and it’s not just a pollution issue, as cigarette butts surprisingly take up a lot of landfill space when they do make into trashcans. If the average smoker goes through a pack of 20 a day, that figures out to about 7,280 cigarettes yearly!

So as a result of these issues, e-cigarettes are a much better choice for smokers who want a more eco-friendly way to smoke, and the better choice for retailers who want to expand their selection with tobacco-free, eco-friendly alternatives. While many smokers may not turn to e-smoking simply for the environmental impact, it is a great advertising point. Selling “green” products is responsible and maintains your modern edge. It enables customers to have a choice if they wish, and in addition to all of the other benefits e-cigarettes avail, the option of being a little more conscious of their footprint with their smoking choice is a big one.

Our future lies in our planet; little decisions can amount to big ones, and electronic cigarettes allow us to cut back in one very destructive area. If your selection of tobacco and cigarette products is in need of more modern, “greener” e-cigs, feel free to contact us about wholesale opportunities!

Fortify Your E-Cig Selection with NutriCigs

1011688_181235725376974_534423684_nLooking to make your current e-cigarette selection a little more interesting? Add our NutriCigs disposable e-cigarette products to your lineup!

NutriCigs are the most innovative thing to come out of the e-cigarette world as of late, and we are the only ones bringing them to you. They are the meeting point of all natural supplements and e-cigarettes, giving you the benefit of having more than just nicotine in your e-cigarette. Available in three varieties, they cover a lot of ground when it comes to being useful. The three NutriCigs blends are: NutriCigs Energy Booster, NutriCigs Slim, and NutriCigs Sleep.

NutriCigs Energy Booster is designed to support the user’s need for increased energy. Kind of like the feeling of an energy drink, without the disgusting taste, insane amount of sugar, and the unavoidable, completely awful crash you get afterwards.

NutriCigs Slim supports appetite suppression and helps to curb the appetite. Food tastes amazing, and giving in to overeating causes more harm than good, and sadly many of us could use a little assistance here. They offer the benefit of convenience and practicality, being overtly useful in the end. Users have reported amazing things about them!

NutriCigs Sleep supports the goal of getting restful sleep. This blend offers users the ability to relax a little deeper with their e-cigs before bed, without hitting the hard stuff. Most smokers have a bedtime smoke, and these play right into that ritual, only with all-natural ingredients to make it count a little more.

NutriCigs e-cigarettes were created with the highest industry standards in place. They contain exclusively formulated e-liquids, manufactured strictly in the USA. All ingredients are USP Grade Kosher, and 100% natural.

Furthermore, one of the benefits to allowing your e-cig to support your quality of life is that vapor is considered to be an excellent carrier of supplements and nutrients, allowing for even greater absorption than consuming by way of digestion. This also means that only the smallest amount of active ingredients are needed to give the desired effect!

NutriCigs offer innovation, purpose, and a very exciting new prospect that no other e-cigarette can provide. The first of their kind, and getting more popular by the day, let NutriCigs take your electronic cigarette retail selection to the next level of innovation!