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What to Know Before Embarking on an E-Cigarette Startup

e-cigarette startup infoIf you are looking to open up an e-cigarette retail venture or are in the process of implementing electronic cigarettes into your inventory, here is some useful info that can help you along the way. As one of the fastest growing niche markets out there, electronic cigarettes are an excellent entrepreneurial direction. Here are some of the basics to help you along the way with your e-cigarette startup.

Whether you’re opening your own store, adding select brands to your current location, or are going the franchise route with a brand such as VaporFi, the options are very much limitless. So limitless in fact, it can seem rather overwhelming to find the most reputable companies to work with amongst the masses.

Step One: Research

When researching brands to potentially work with, you want to research their history and reputation extensively and thoroughly. Check with the better Business Bureau, to see what kind of information has been provided. It’s also smart to contact the company yourself, via email and/or calling, to get a feel for how they present themselves. Professionalism, courtesy, a high level of customer service, and absolute knowledge on the products and company are especially important factors.

Step Two: Research Products.

Finding a brand that resonates and correlates to your business is essential, however just as important are the products they sell. In the e-cigarette market there is such a large variety of different products with an incredible range of quality. How marketable these products are, and how much customer demand there is are things to keep in mind. Key items to have in a brand: USA made liquids, a wide variety of e-cigarette styles, and a large selection of flavors and nicotine strengths.

One key factor in distinguishing brand worth carrying, is how forthcoming they are about their ingredients. Any brand that is not straightforward or enthusiastic about what’s in there of the liquids, should be automatically be a no-go. More and more users are discerning about their products, and most know that quality comes from using the very best standards, ingredients, and ratios. Users are looking for performance, and safety so brand’s that are disclosing what they’re using are more likely to attract customers.

Creating a professional relationship with a brand is an obviously big decision, don’t jump in headfirst without some background info. For startup  e-cigarette retail ventures, we can’t recommend our brand VaporFi enough. Offering a wide variety of different options for vapor cig franchising, this brand’s solid reputation for top-of-the-line quality and selection has attracted customers all over the world. If you’d like to know more about working with IVG, in a business-to-business relationship, feel free to contact us to get the ball rolling.

Why IVG? Quality is Our Foundation

Wholesale Quality E-CigarettesOne of the more astounding generalizations of the e-cigarette industry is the concept of quality. For those on the outside looking in, as well as for beginners, choosing a random brand, found at a gas station or convenience store, at the lowest price is typically not the best point of entry into the world of vaping. Now, I’m not attempting to say that users should jump in and grab the most expensive mod they can get their hands on right from the start, all in the name of quality, however there are some things to keep in mind.

Quality: It’s not just a selling point; it’s the selling point. It can make or break the experience, and can leave a user satisfied enough that they feel confident switching to vapor. A bad vape can do the opposite, and make them turn away in disgust. It is our aim to satisfy the user, delight them with our options, and inspire them with the possibilities.

When customers purchase from any of our companies, they are getting the best of the best liquids, all created in the USA, and under the strictest standards available. We wouldn’t have our liquids for VaporFi and South Beach Smoke on file with the FDA otherwise. Our products include the highest-performing, top of the line vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Our customer service is continuously revered for its genuineness as well as thoroughness. When you work with our brand for electronic cigarette wholesaling, you are getting a full-on, dedicated brand.

So, think about it. You pay for what you get. Yes, there are certainly products on the lower tier that will cost less than those made by International Vapor Group. However, consider that you are getting solid quality, top shelf variety, and expertise from a reputable name that has stood the test of time in this ever-changing industry. Seriously, you wouldn’t expect farm-to-table, grass-fed organic beef burgers at your local $1 order menu fast food joint, would you? Different options, from different companies; wholesale e-cigs and e-liquids are no different from any other industry in this matter. There are tons of choices out there, and not all are equal. The IVG difference is what sets us apart.

Common Myths About E-Cig Regulation

E-Cigarette Regulations and MythsRegulation continues to be a hot subject in the e-cigarette community due to the lack of definitive action and acute direction. The media has a tendency to blow things out of proportion, focusing on issues of little importance, and not paying attention to definitive facts, leaving the actual, factual reality from reaching the public. Ah, the media. Where would we be without their dramatically entertaining spin on real life? Sure, we’d be bored, but we’d probably be better informed. So, if you find yourself part of the vast majority who are interested in hearing the facts, and want to know the real facts behind e-cigarette regulation, here is a look at common e-cig myths, and the truth that backs them up.

  1. The FDA is trying to ban e-cigarettes.

False. The FDA is not willing to endorse or approve products until there has been a sufficient amount of research behind them. At this time, the FDA has no interest in banning electronic cigarettes, and has begun working with the e-cigarette industry. The ultimate goal is to provide a standard of safety, quality, and assurance that manufacturers can abide by to sell the safest products.

  1. The Gateway Effect.

Yes, a gateway to vapor, freedom, choices, and the ability to have nicotine without the smoke and tar. Not a gateway to tobacco! The myth that e-cigs propel users into a lifetime of traditional smoking, by re-normalizing smoking, is simply wrong. All scientific data on this one point in the opposite direction, with no evidence whatsoever that users start smoking as a result of vaping.

  1. All E-Liquids are Dangerous.

This could not be further from the truth because with so many brands on the market, all products do not fit into the same level of standards. You pay for what you get, and if you purchase liquids off some random guy on the street, who’s wearing a trenchcoat that opens up into a mini-street-corner shop, you can’t expect top quality, as you would with brand-assured products. All IVG brands are committed to quality, and standards of the highest level. We disclose what goes into our liquids, and quality is part of what we do on every level.

When it comes to regulations on e-cigarettes, they’re on the horizon. Fortunately, the FDA is going cautiously, and hopefully everything that regulations cover will be for the best in terms of safety, standards, quality, and benefitting for all parties involved.

Our Thoughts on PG & VG

Pg and VG CloudsWhen it comes to e-liquid companies, there’s so much discussion out there about what is safe, what isn’t, what is and is not regulated, what users should steer clear of, and what should absolutely not be on the market. As industry insiders, here is our take on the matter. We do not take the safety of our users lightly, and while regulation is not in place as of now to keep the e-liquids market in order, we are 100% committed to offering only the highest quality liquids available.

Safety Standards

Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi carry some of the most extensive offerings of liquids in the industry. Our customers are overwhelmingly pleased with the level of quality that goes into these formulas, and the result shows in the performance; there are none that surpass. We manufacture liquids only in the USA, in a lab registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer, and list all of our formulas on file with them for transparency.

PG: General Use is Common

PG, or propylene glycol is a controversial topic because some feel it should be avoided, while others feel it is safe for inhalation due to its being used in many products, both for body care and for ingestion. Some people do have allergies to it, which can pose a small level of risk, however these individuals have the option of using VG-based liquids. As for the rest of us, PG liquids are considered fine for general usage.

VG: Not all the Same

Vegetable glycerin can also bring up a discussion about standards. Where this is sourced from can be an issue, as sometimes it comes from peanuts, which can cause issues for individuals allergic to peanuts/ tree nuts. Ours is sourced from select producers of Malaysian palm for purity and safety.

Don’t Know What’s in E-Liquids?

Not with IVG brands. We disclose ingredients, and don’t use very many of them to produce our top-rated liquids, and we invite you to  think critically here: if e-liquids were so excessively dangerous, do you think they would be legally sold?

As far as e-liquids, PG, and VG go, their safety, and where standards are concerned, we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry.

Spotlight on SBS

South Beach SmokeAs one of the most exciting brands in the e-cigarette industry, South Beach Smoke is always on the move. This brand has earned its success due to an ever expanding drive to meet the needs of the market, while focusing on the aspects of innovation and being ahead of the trends. One of the founding principles is constantly being aware of what users want, and what they’re going to want in the coming weeks, months, and years.

As one of the first companies to specialize in high quality electronic cigarettes, with a signature look, feel and attitude designed specifically for those who want style as much as performance, South Beach Smoke is always up to something good. If you are looking to wholesale with a solid brand that has great reach with electronic cigarette users while appealing to all levels of the market, here is a look at what this hot brand is up to at the moment!

High Tech Vaporizers

The past year saw the expansion into the market of vaporizers, and it added an additional aspect of growth. Recently, South Beach Smoke launched their Custom Vaporizer Builder on their site which offers their full line of advanced personal vaporizers, in a clean, easy-to-use setup that allows users to custom build their dream devices with all available accessories and colors in a few convenient steps.


Also knowing how popular using nicotine e-liquids has become, South Beach Smoke released an exceptional line of liquids that took off instantly. Comprised of thousands of singular flavors, with the option of custom blending all of them into thousands of new flavors, users have unlimited options of flavors to choose from. The standout feature is the quality; make no mistake, there are no liquids like South Beach’s; they are made under the strictest industry standards, in the USA, of the finest ingredients.

Understanding the need for continuous advancement, the brand is always debuting something new to keep up with their customer base! If you are looking to work with a brand with a serious reputation and a never ending commitment to quality, South Beach Smoke is at the top of their game!


Research and Development

e-cigarette business research home pageAs far as electronic cigarette businesses go, we have a serious dedication to producing our products from all of our brands according to the latest research, innovations, and developments in the industry. As a cutting edge industry based on technology and innovation, it is of most importance to our customers that we remain ahead of the game. E-cigarette, vaporizer, and e-liquid quality remains one of the hottest topics in the industry, e-cigarette users demand the best.

We feel this is one of the key factors that enables us to lead the industry. We are always looking to advance and expand, because we know technology changes daily and it is the absolute core of our industry. It’s essential to this business, and precisely what customers are looking for.

We know that innovation is integral to every part and every level of our business. Not only when it comes to products but also how our products are made, our standards, and the mindsets of everyone at IVG. Electronic cigarette consumers are among the most educated consumers. They know what they are looking for, and they know what goes into the technology. Brands that aim to get things past these customers are obviously not seeking the hardcore enthusiasts.

Development and design is major when it comes to electronic cigarettes because they bridge technology with smoking, resulting in a clean, smoke-free, tar-free, tobacco-free way to have nicotine. And as an extremely competitive market, we know that staying ahead is one of the keys to our success. In doing so, we have amassed great followings, and have been able to grow our e-cig and vaporizers businesses as a result.

Manufacturing is another area we are absolutely strict and uncompromising on. All International Vapor Group products are manufactured using the highest standards in place and to ensure we are producing the purest liquids. We remain staunch about having the highest quality, the highest level of product safety, and absolute regulatory compliance. The result has created products IVG customers trust, rely on, and know to be the best in the industry. While others in the market aim to get by on the minimum requirements necessary, we are steadfast in our belief that our success is owed to not skipping steps. When it comes to research and development, no one tops IVG.

Diacetyl: What it is & Why We Avoid it

Diacetyl Free E-LiquidsTalk of diacetyl has become rather common in the industry in recent times. While the vast majority of the public is unaware of what this chemical is, and why it is better not consumed, informed vapers typically avoid this stuff like the plague.

We are going to go into detail about what this mystery substance is, and why it’s a huge concern. All IVG brands’ e-liquids are diacetyl-free for a reason; we prefer to keep our goods free of questionable ingredients!

Diacetyl is typically found in food items (made for ingestion) such as popcorn, and it is regarded as generally safe when eaten. It conveys a flavor quite similar to sweet butter, however when inhaled it can have seriously dangerous effects.

In 2014, Dr. Konstantine Farsalinos, one of the foremost international researchers on e-cigarettes, conducted studies to test the levels of diacetyl vapers are exposed to. In samples of 160 different e-liquids, the majority of which were European brands, the results showed that 74% of the liquids tested contained at least some diacetyl, mainly in sweet flavors, and of these, those that did contain diacetyl were above legal limits.

The most frightening thing about diacetyl is that it is associated with a disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans, which has earned itself the nickname “popcorn lung.” Extended exposure to inhaling diacetyl after it has been heated over a long period of can cause this awful disease. The name is derived from its uncanny ability to cause a condition where the bronchioles become inflamed and constricted, causing one to be unable to breathe correctly, and essentially restricting the airflow in and out of the lungs. The user is often left with a dry cough, and wheezing. Furthermore, this disease is considered to be irreversible.

So our take on this matter? Simply avoiding diacetyl in our brands. It is not necessary to produce nicotine e-liquid, nor is it necessary to produce delicious sweet flavors. And we’d say, by the popularity of our many different e-liquid options across all of our brands, we are doing just fine without it!

E-Cigs: Gateway or Excuse?

e-cigarettesAs the popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to grow and smokers continue to use these products in lieu of traditional tobacco, more and more bizarre excuses emerge on why these alternative devices are better off avoided.

One of the latest tirades is that e-cigarettes are causing harm because they are a gateway to smoking for youth. How such rant is even possible is a mystery, however here is a look why the vast majority of smokers who use them are not using them as an entry into the world of tobacco smoking.

Likening electronic cigarettes to drugs, as in, labeling it as a “gateway to smoking” is ludicrous. Studies that have examined e-cigarette usage show not even a full percentage of e-smokers started using electronic cigarette alternatives as a means to start smoking with. There are no statistics on smokers who began using e-cigarettes and transitioned into tobacco as a result, because the great majority of users turn to the products as an alternative to tobacco; not the other way around. In studies done on youth smokers who are vaping, they too are using the products in efforts to avoid smoking, not vice versa. However, there are studies that show e-cigarettes are not being used as an entry point for smokers.

Such labeling is reminiscent of marijuana being targeted in the past as “the gateway drug,” which can be considered an erroneous misnomer as well. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any substance other than nicotine, and should not be likened to drugs such as marijuana. Less and less people, including underage teens, begin smoking every year, and alternative cigarettes have an opposite effect of luring people into the trap of cigarettes. Yes, it cannot be denied that there are underage teens using e-cigarettes, however it must not be overlooked that teens are an exceptionally curious demographic. One finding in studies of underage e-smokers, however, is that the majority of them do not become addicted to nicotine as a result of their experimentation, nor do they have a tendency to become regular users of tobacco products as a result.

This argument is beyond pointless; it can be considered an entirely meaningless issue, as e-cigarettes are generally marketed as an alternative to the traditional products. Electronic cigarettes are used as alternatives to the conventional, and they really have no draw to nonsmokers. It’s time for lobbyists and regulators to take a good, clear look at their usage and trends, and see that calling them a gateway to smoking is simply not evident of the truth.

Time to Focus on Issues That Matter

e-cigarette negotiationsRecently, the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association Conference occurred, and was attended by vaping industry experts, insiders, and peoples of importance. It was an excellent meeting for those with great influence to discuss the current scene, as well as progressions for the future. Among those in attendance were Bonnie Herzog, the senior tobacco analyst for Wells Fargo, and Mitch Medder, the  Director of the Center for Tobacco Products for the FDA. Conversations between these two heavyweights revolved around the subject of e-cigarette and nicotine usefulness and regulations. Particularly focusing on matters at hand, and what issues are playing into the decisions on how e-cigarettes will be classified and considered in the future.

When it comes to e-cigarette regulations there has been a lot of focus on issues that don’t exactly play a crucial role, both parties agreed. With so much emphasis placed on under age users, flavors that err on the sweet side (you know, fruit, dessert, and candy flavored varieties), and the role of marketing, it seems as though we’re losing sight of the most important aspects of the products. While these hot topics are of course important, they should not be used to create drama unnecessarily.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have the potential to offer smokers another avenue. Instead of turning to prescription drugs, or continuing on with smoking because they feel trapped, having the option of controling one’s level of nicotine in a similar manner enables an incredible method, and alternative to the traditional routes.

One of the issues discussed centers around the role of electronic cigarettes and how they may be used as a tool in harm reduction. While there is a huge focus on the necessity of scientific research and data, when it comes to defining regulations, Zeller emphasized that beginning a dialogue with stakeholders on the subject of nicotine is of great importance. Zeller also stated that the entire debate of the e-cigs and nicotine and the FDA (as well as other entities such as the center for drug evaluation and research and the center for devices and radiological health) needs to be addressed, especially in regards to nicotine being used therapeutically.

As far as news outlets and reporting go, sensationalism sells, however when it comes to electornic cigarettes, their benefits need not be overlooked in favor of outrageous, eyebrow-raising reports aimed at garnering attention. The real focus on these products and their future regulations should revolve around their effectiveness, usefulness, and scientific data.

Vape Community & Social Media

social media and electronic cigarettesOne of the most interesting aspects of the popularity of electronic cigarettes is how this community has been built online, and particularly through social media. As these products highlight the age of digital everything; from fitness to fashion, socializing to smoking, it is indicative of the times we live in. Vaping and social media work exceptionally well together, and this sense of community, camaraderie, and exchange of info has contributed much to the usage of these incredible products!

In so many ways social media can be both a blessing and a curse. It can equally inspire motivation as well as envy, while having the ability to reach millions. Daily, across the planet, social media platforms in all their forms, assist with marketing efforts, personal reach, all the while enabling people to think outside of their preconceived notions.

When it comes to electronics cigarettes, the social media world has been very much a great thing. It has connected vapers worldwide, opening minds up to the endless options, while allowing them to share their experiences with people who are in the same boat. Because this is a niche market, it can be hard to find people in your daily life or local sphere who are also up on the latest vape technology and have first-hand experience. Being able to chat with others who are into the same thing and also experimenting and delving into the market gives you first hand experience to draw from.

Whether it’s connecting with specific brands or social groups on Facebook, connecting experienced users who have instructionals on YouTube, connecting with users on Instagram to check out cool user photos, or following companies on Twitter, there is so much going on within social media when it comes to the e-cigarette & vaporizer community. It has benefited the industry tremendously, propelling it into the lives of many in ways traditional advertising could not. In fact it can be said that this industry would not be where it is without the ability of social media, for how it has fueled the usefulness of these products into the hands and minds of inquiring smokers worldwide.