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CDC, What’s the Deal?

Reporters-and-false-reportsThe CDC, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has never been totally on board with e-cigarettes, though lately they have been on a tear to keep smokers from transitioning. While it is clearly understood that as a major institution for the international health community, they cannot back anything without scientific reasoning, it is rather astounding that they would choose to be so certainly adamant about users not using electronic cigarettes.

Currently, they are negatively targeting the industry by producing negative advertisements and trying to urge people from using these devices by wrongfully associating electronic cigarettes with tobacco products. While to the naïve or those who are not aware, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, and even though they work similarly, enabling users to have an alternative nicotine delivery device, these products do not belong in the same category as tobacco cigarettes.

The CDC furthers their misinformation by saying that alternative cigarettes should be avoided because the long-term effectiveness, safety, and results are yet to be seen. And yes, they may not have a long-term evidence to prove anything, positive or negative, simply knowing that they do not contain the thousands of toxic chemicals cigarettes do, and the fact that there is no tobacco, is enough of a reason to use them for most smokers who have switched over.

Any responsible electronic cigarette company in any aspect of this niche market would not promote their product in a way that guarantees safety, cigarette cessation, or any kind of not scientifically backed fact. While the industry is just around a decade old, millions of smokers have turned to e-cigarette’s in an effort to get away from tobacco.

As part of this industry, we feel it is our responsibility to provide unbiased research, information, and electronic cigarette news for those who are interested in knowing more about the products in the industry, how things work, research as it gets published by institutions and about how these products are helping smokers successfully live lives of better quality.

Even without proof and long-term studies and research, the majority of these people who have switched to vapor have done so because they have found a great number of benefits in doing so. And while the CDC continues with these cheap shots and scare tactics, smokers who are aiming for other ways to go about things will continue to turn to smokeless electronic cigarettes as an alternative.


Vaping: Tech Meets Smoke

Smoke Goes Tech with VaporElectronic cigarettes have capture the attention of today’s smokers because they are the perfect option for modern-day smokers.

Everything analog has seemingly transitioned to a digital version, and smoking is no exception. Sure some people may eschew The concept of digital items taking over however, there is a reason for this and it is because people are constantly craving more efficient better running more versatile devices and items that fit into their daily lives. Digital e-cigarettes fit this bill.

While the broad spectrum is run on the smokers ranging from the elderly to millennial’s, these devices simplified everything about smoking, they’ve upped the ability for smokers to have more choices, more freedom, and more control over their smoking.

As e-cigarettes have continuously and quickly evolved in just a few short years, no one expects her popularity to dwindle in the future. In fact they are projected to become even more popular and more diverse in their options.

For smokers who once felt enslaved by their usage of tobacco,  The possibilities and options are now limitless with vaping. Charging a reusable e-cigarette battery is so much more in line with today’s lifestyle then lighters and constantly creating polluting trash with cigarette butts. As more people have gotten very conscious about their help and let’s tile choices, more people want the simplicity of using devices such as these that do not contain thousands of chemicals (many of which are carcinogenic) like traditional cigarettes. And along the same lines, e-cigarettes use no tobacco, which is the biggest problem with traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes of the perfect melding of technology and pleasure. They’re one of the few items to truly come along and enable users to have the total satisfaction they want, while having their need for convenience met, while having full control over there nicotine usage. they simply take care of everything smokers could want, without the hangups of the traditional method. The future of smoking is here, and here at IVG proud to be a part of it!

Fast Times and Fast Evolution in the E-Cigarette Market

Modern VapingThe electronic cigarette industry has been around for just over a decade, internationally. The technology is ever-changing and the products as a whole have undergone various evolutions in such a short time. They are indicative of the era we now live in where technology is always progressing and constantly improving. Here’s a look at how a simple technological concept has challenged the tobacco industry like nothing before in just a few short years.

Before electronic cigarettes emerged and became a global phenomenon, nothing truly was able to compete with traditional cigarettes. Smokers who wanted an alternative had the option of nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and prescription drugs that came with their own possible side effects. The options were slim and not with a great success rate, often leaving smokers to their own devices, either going cold turkey or finding some other distraction in order to leave the smoke behind.

When e-cigarettes hit the market in China in 2003, they took off immediately. They were the first product of their kind to give smokers exactly what they wanted without the negatives. It was not long before the products started expanding overseas, throughout Asia and eventually into Europe and then the United States.

Since around 2009, e-cigarettes have been a commonplace item in the American market. Many brands have come and gone and those that have remained have been able to harness the technology to develop and craft products that resonate with users. In such a competitive market, offering quality and innovation goes very far.

This type of groundbreaking success is indicative of the magnitude of e-cigarettes. While in the beginning people might’ve assumed they were just a trend, time has shown that they are anything but. Because e-cigarettes are able to be marketed under strict terminology, they’re used by smokers effectively as an alternative, and give the absolute for users to have the type of experience they want, plus added benefits like freedom, cost savings, and versatility. This makes them the ultimate modern way to smoke.

International Vapor Group has been a part of this industry since the beginning, and our products are examples of how innovation and high-quality have gone a really long way in this market. All of our brands surpass user expectations, while maintaining a strict devotion to innovation.

How do Vaporizers Work?

How vaporizers workThe market of e-cigarettes has seen tremendous growth, expansion, and evolution in such a short period of time. It has always been such an innovative industry, and coupled with consumers who are equally creative, hands-on, and knowledgable about everything this industry entails, part of the growth has been spurred by these consumers who have assisted in the pioneering and great innovations that have taken place. For example, 5 years ago, mods were items better left to the experts. They were often comprised of different parts, and you really had to know what you were doing to use them properly.

In actuality, this is still the case, however, vapers now have the ability to purchase their items from reputable e-cigarette companies, such as VaporFi, to get exactly what they want, made specifically for vaping, and without needing to explore the world of electrical engineering to get the experience they’re desiring. While true mods, such as the VaporFi Vox II, are still for the most advanced among us, advanced vaporizers have entirely won the hearts of most vapers.

So if you’ve wondered how personal vaporizers work, here is an in-depth look at their inner functions, and how the vaping gets done with these advanced, high-powered personal devices that bring so much satisfaction to the lives of former tobacco smokers. Going beyond basic e-cigs, but expanding on that same technology, these machines are amazing!

There are several essential components within a vaporizer:

-The body or battery, for power and the actual device itself.

-The tank that holds the liquid.

-The atomizer that may or may not be included in the tank that vaporizes the liquid.

-The mouthpiece which the user inhales on.

The battery receives power via charging, and it powers the whole process. When the user puffs on the device, a charge of power is sent to the atomizer, heating it up and allowing it to vaporize the nicotine e-liquid instantly. The user then inhales, exhales, and enjoys the hit, which can vary in size, intensity, complexity, flavor, and consistency. When the liquid is used up, the device gets refilled. Simple, to the point, and entirely satisfying

Advanced vaporizers are just one example of how technology is changing the way everyday things are done with greater functionality, ease, and convenience without sacrificing pleasure and enjoyment. They have added great diversity into this market, and have made users very happy with their more technical, high-powered capabilities.