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A Look at E-Cig Innovations

VaporFi Vox One of the most interesting aspects of the electronic cigarette is how many variations exist. For connoisseurs, it’s easy to get heavily involved in devices because they really are just that intriguing. Here is a look at the most common varieties, and how things have changed since the early days of electronic cigarettes when it was all about mimicking traditional cigarettes.

Basic E-Cigs: They are cornerstone of brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. These devices still are a common point of entry into vaping for beginners. They were made to resemble every nuance of a traditional cigarette, and basically recreate the concept of smoking for tobacco smokers who wanted an alternative.

Basic Vaporizers: Because serious vapers were getting more and more into vaping as an art and hobby, the need for evolving products was growing. Basic vaporizers enabled users to have larger batteries, more power, more choices, and allowed users to use and fill their own e-liquids.

Hi-Tech: More innovation lead to even more advanced personal vaporizers. These began to include variable voltage, more control options, customizable options for very personal use, and batteries that could withstand immense usage. VaporFi is loaded with great vaporizer options for every level of vaper.

Rebuildable & Mods: With the vaping population getting further involved in their devices, and knowing every aspect and ability of each spec, users began to build their own devices based on the availability of technology. This lead to solidified vape geeks needing greater technology to match their increasing drive for more powerful, advanced devices. Now, if your concept of vaping includes only e-cigs that simulate traditional cigarettes by looking and feeling the same, these RBA’s and mods will blow your mind! Again, VaporFi is leading the industry in this category, offering streamlined advanced devices, executed with the most up to the minute technology.

As the population has evolved, so have the devices. Being a tech-based industry, the growth has been immense and extremely fast, and we could not be more intrigued with the way things continue to progress forward. Where will the industry be in a year? We don’t know yet, but can’t wait to see!

Formaldehyde and Electronic Cigarettes: The Lowdown

Formaldehyde and E-CigarettesAn e-cigarette news story broke last week and it sent the industry into an uproar. Surely, in the past few days, you’ve encountered headlines denouncing electronic cigarettes, claiming a new “study showed they produce more formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes. Scary headline, no doubt, however the article that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine was incomplete, and did not take into account a variety of factors.

What wasn’t covered in this article were several instances of truth. Dr. Konstantino Farsalinos, one of the foremost researchers involved in the study of electronic cigarettes, published a counter study, analyzing and discussing the omissions, as well as the realistic way such electronic cigarette devices would actually be used.

Here is our take on the subject matter, because as leaders in this industry, this is not a story we take lightly. Scientific research is one thing, blatant misinformation is another, and electronic cigarette users, as well as the mass public, deserve the truth.

The study published discussed the use of a variable voltage e-cigarette device, the brand make and model were not disclosed, and whether or not formaldehyde was released in the aerosol of the vapor during use.

Set to two different settings, during the lower of which: 3.3 volts (6-7 watts), vaporizing 5ml of liquid at 4 seconds per puff, no formaldehyde was produced. When switched up to 5 volts (14-16 watts), using the same limit of 4 seconds per puff, the device produced a tremendous amount of formaldehyde hemiacetals in the vapor.

What the study did not discuss was that formaldehyde hemiacetals are not the same as true formaldehyde; they are compounds consisting of formaldehyde and alcohols. There is also no evidence to support them to be toxic, or carcinogenic like formaldehyde.

The study also did not consider how users typically use variable voltage devices. Yes, they have the capability of running at such a high volt, however most users do not use them as such because it causes such high heat, that the atomizer will overheat, producing foul tasting vapor, that the majority of users would not be able to stomach. Set to a normal setting, 3.3 volts, no formaldehyde hemiacetals are produced, and this is the typical setting most users are using, and therefore not exposing themselves to unnecessary or unwanted formaldehyde.

Case in point: carcinogens can be found everywhere; from children’s toys (remember the uproar over lead contained in toys from China?), polluted air, to overcooked meat (hello, BBQ-lovers!). It is more important than ever to be an educated consumer. When it comes to electronic cigarettes and formaldehyde in vapor, read between the lines!

E-Cigarettes: Gateway to Smoke or Being Smoke Free?

IVG Industry TrendsRecent surveys are showing that electronic cigarettes are continuing to displace traditional cigarette usage. While there were many occasions over the past few years where anti-smoking groups aimed to claim electronic cigarette and vaping products were not only unsafe, but going to lead to greater smoking numbers.

Not too long ago, one of the anti-smoking coalition’s loudest voices, Stanton Glantz, was reported in USA Today stating that “there’s no question that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.” However, reality has proven otherwise.

If e-cigarettes were truly this gateway to a tobacco smoking frenzy, smoking numbers would be on the rise, not on the decline as they currently are. Yes, electronic cigarette numbers are up as expected, but there is no data or evidence to indicate that new smokers are starting with the digital variety and then moving towards tobacco. The reality is quite the contrary, and nonsmokers are really not getting on the e-cig trend at all. E-cigarettes appeal to current smokers who want alternatives to the traditional version.

Another factor proving e-cigarettes are trumping traditional tobacco cigarettes is that if e-cigs were really serving as a gateway, increasing tobacco usage figures would be on the rise, paralleling electronic cigarettes. Yet that is also not occurring, and adds to the argument that electronic cigarettes are not opening the doors to tobacco usage. There is no data on electronic cigarette users who have never used tobacco first, because these instances are few and far between. Less people are starting to smoke, and those who are current smokers are looking for other ways to enjoy nicotine.

Despite what the anti-electronic cigarette folks have to say, vaping is here to stay. They have not been able to convince the population or the regulators thus far as to their claims (which lack any scientific evidence), and sales figures do not lie: tobacco is on the decline, and vaping products are on the rise big time. In the US, teenage smoking numbers are the lowest they have been in decades, hitting record lows. This makes one fact clear: electronic cigarettes are not convincing American teens to start smoking, and tobacco is getting majorly upstaged.


Vaping & College Campuses

Hampshire_collegeSmoking and college campuses is like an occurrence from a time long gone. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, college classrooms were fair game for chain smoking students and instructors. In fact, it was a well accepted method of dealing with the stress of tests and cramming. Nowadays, reality could not be further from this memory, as cigarettes are not only considered completely irrelevant in the classroom but many college campuses have adopted “Smoke-Free Campus” policies that prohibit students and faculty from using tobacco products on their property.

Banning tobacco has been a big move throughout our society in an effort to help curb the smoking rate. Year after year, the numbers of smokers continue to decrease, with special focus being paid to those in the younger generation, who are typically the most susceptible to picking up this detrimental habit.

As responsible of a move as this is, college students who want nicotine have found themselves in a bind. Many have turned to electronic cigarettes as an alternative, and have found a great amount of relief and convenience in doing so. The benefits have been plentiful, and being able to abide by campus policies while having the satisfaction they crave is a tremendous benefit. College life is stressful; nicotine is revered for it’s calming effects, the correlation is obvious.

Vaping enables students to walk the fine line between smoking and having nicotine. As smoking bans are enacted as a measure to protect nonsmokers from unwanted second hand smoke, electronic cigarettes offer a middle ground that satisfies those who crave the sensation they get from nicotine without producing smoke or an offensive odor.

While all college campuses throughout the nation may hold different policies on their stance on electronic cigarettes, many have been accepting of the alternative products due to their many benefits, and because they are not producing offensive smoke. As less young people start smoking, and those who are smokers seek alternatives, expect to see more e-cigarettes on college campuses in the near future!

What Lies Ahead in the Future Market

Vaping in the FutureThe e-cigarette industry is one based on technology. In fact, many people believe that these products should be viewed less as “smoking” items and more in line with tech items as they fit the description of technology more than smoking. Considering this industry has evolved several times over in just the past decade, and seemingly every year new products take precedence, it shows that this is a market ready for the current age of technology. Vapers as a whole are always looking to experiment with the latest innovations, and as new products emerge, users are consistently at the forefront to try them.

So what will we be seeing in the coming years? Here is a look.

Pay As You Go Devices

Using apps, vapers will be able to track their nicotine, ‘pay as they go’ for doses with an app, and have their e-cig know when to shut off due to settings they create for further control. Whether intended for regulating the amount of nicotine used, or to control the amount of puffs taken, control settings are the next generation of electronic cigarette devices.

Vape Supplementing

Another territory that will be explored further is that of vaping products that delve into the nutrition sector, by offering vaporized supplements and caffeine. With the concept of dry herb vaping having taken off tremendously, many experts see this expanding further into products that enable you to vape different supplements such as valerian, vitamins, and even THC. As the general public becomes more aware of the many benefits of using herbal supplements, IVG will be ahead of the game when offering a convenient way to reap their benefits.

At International Vapor Group, we have always been at the cutting edge of this industry. Innovation is the very core of our business, and you bet, as the times change, we will be evolving with them. It is a very exciting time to be involved in this industry, and all of our brands are committed to bringing you the latest technology out there. While the future remains to be seen, for the best in current e-cigarette technology, look no further.

Truth VS Misreporting: Education is Key

E-Cigarette ReportsToo many times as of late are we hearing reports of public officials totally denouncing the use of electronic cigarettes, with little to no true credibility backing up their statements. Grouping them into the same lump as traditional cigarettes because they contain nicotine (yet no tobacco), and banning their usage simply because they mimic the look of conventional cigarettes. This attitude and method of action is simply erroneous. While they can get by under the premise that “there is not enough information at this time” or “there has yet to be valid research on these products,” the truth is that research is being performed, and electronic cigarettes are entirely different in nearly every way, from their tobacco counterparts.

This sad state of affairs needs to be remedied with education, because if those pointing fingers truly understood what they were denoting, they would realize: 1. Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products. 2. They are designed and intended to be used as alternatives. 3. Users feel more comfortable with them because they are not producing smoke, they leave behind no tar, and have no smell at all. 4. Even though they offer users the ability to inhale and exhale nicotine carried by water vapor, there is no combustion created at all during the process. In any of these scenarios, how do e-cigarettes warrant the description of tobacco, and require the same classification?

Recent reports have stated that teen smoking has decreased tremendously in recent years, however teen vaping has seen a slight increase. Leading these reports to claim that teenage usage is causing a crisis, which will eventually lead to a more negative habit, reversing the progress we’ve seen as of late with significantly lower smoking numbers. Would it occur to those reporting such statistics that teens (very possibly) have been switching to vaping, over smoking? Or even, (realistically) that teens are using electronic cigarette products as an alternative to traditional cigarettes in an effort to gradually halt their smoking altogether using a device they have much more control over?

One thing that is certain for the future of this industry is that change is needed, including regards to how e-cigarette news is conveyed. While it is definitely coming, and the popularity of the products is forcing the issue, common sense is definitely necessary from legislators, the media, and government agencies such as the FDA. Education is key for everyone involved, as knowledge is the antidote to ignorance.

The Future of E-Cigs: The Greatest Influencing Factors

the future of electronic cigarettesAs it is quite obvious the electronic cigarette industry has seen such growth so quickly over the past five years that projections place this sector to be a $10 billion industry by the year 2017. Many experts predict e-cigarettes to be the future of smoking and with the surging popularity, we are certain of it. Here is a list of the five factors that will be affecting the industry the strongest.

1. FDA Input
The FDA holds a tremendous amount of control over products on the market designed for human consumption, and having government input over legislative decisions add further credibility to the industry. While the first regulations the FDA instituted classified the devices as tobacco cigarettes and following regulations were set to control who purchases the products, the next round will include regulating production standards.

2. Industry Red Tape
There’s much concern throughout the e-cigarette community regarding unnecessary and unfair regulations. For instance, there has been talk that the FDA is looking into restricting the sale of e-liquid, which could entail limiting flavor availability. Fortunately this will most likely not come to fruition, however it has been discussed numerous times.

3. Public Vaping Bans
One of the biggest debates regarding e-cigarettes is public usage. Because of the lack of  education  on the products, many people are concerned about exposure to secondhand vapor. This has led to bans in certain places restricting usage of electronic cigarette devices. The antidote to this is education, and hopefully as time passes, more people will be understanding and knowledgeable about vaping, and they will no longer associate these products with traditional tobacco.

4. Public Opinion
Educating the public on electronic cigarettes is paramount. Stigma around tobacco cigarettes is well-deserved, however vapor cigarettes need to be distinguished as different.

5. Marketing
Marketing will be one of the most influential factors on electronic cigarette sales in the coming years. How a product is marketed can make or break it success and manufacturers have to abide by strict rules on terminology when marketing, particularly in regards to content on the Internet.

Franchise with VaporFi: Now is the Best Time

VaporFi FranchiseWith the electronic cigarette market heating up, and more and more locations opening seemingly everywhere, right now is the perfect time to be involved in an e-cigarette retail franchise. As millions of smokers become vapers, and the lifestyle grows in popularity, there is a great demand for vapor shops. Along the same lines, the VaporFi brand is growing at an exceptionally rapid rate, and this brand remains the top choice for customers and franchisees alike.

VaporFi offers a variety of setups that can be tailored to your specific needs in a retail setting. As a brand, it is at the forefront of the industry, with innovative products of every variety. As a retail setting, there is no other name that can compare. Delivering a unique and luxurious atmosphere, that is equal parts a niche shopping experience and social environment. Customers are treated to a vapor bar upheld by “vapetenders,” who are responsible for mixing the custom blends, and are respective vape experts.

Some of the best perks of working with VaporFi franchises include high profitability and excellent profit margins. VaporFi is among only a few brands that maintain full control of their products from design, through manufacturing, production, and distribution. This enables us to offer a low overhead, and maximum profits. It also guarantees quality because we oversee everything.

Other benefits to working with VaporFi include the level of experience, and backing we provide all of our business partners. Because we work with you through the entire process, you have the security of knowing you are supported. We provide the tools, training, expertise  and logistics, and you can rely on the fact that we offer nearly around the clock support.

Another factor is the name. Why go in on a venture along when you can have a bold, trusted name like VaporFi behind you? We are known for our quality, advancements, and excellent products; all attributes you want behind you.

The market is changing and growing, and so are we. Franchising in the format of VaporFi locations is a hot entrepreneurial move. As the industry burgeons, we have every intention of not only keeping up, but remaining a key player in the innovation of it. In this light, we invite you to join us as we continue to grow and change the way vaping is done; both in terms of a business model and as a lifestyle.