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Why Manufacturing Makes a Difference

hero_about_us_what_is_itManufacturing is a broad concept, and in the electronic cigarette industry it can have great significance on the final product and can have a direct impact on products’ overall performance. In addition, it is also of major importance on the subject of nicotine e-liquids. As a company, we are steadfast in our commitment to manufacturing all of our products, under all of our different brands, and this extends even into our nicotine liquids as well. For a deeper look into our e-cigarette manufacturing practices, continue reading on!

When a company controls and oversees all aspects of their manufacturing, there is no middle-man involved. There are no secondary channels to complicate communication. There is no mistaking what gets done and why. While this can sometimes mean it costs more, the end result is usually of higher quality and there are less mishaps; essentially why we choose to produce all of our products, for all of our brands: South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporFi, ourselves 100%.

When you purchase any of our electronic cigarette products, you are purchasing those which have been manufactured under the strictest of conditions, both in the USA and China. Strict audits are conducted at all of our facilities by outside agencies, to guarantee the conditions are continuously up to standard.

We are very confident in the quality that comes from producing e-liquids in the USA, and we are very strict about carrying e-juice that has been manufactured in America. Because this enables us to have full control and view of the production, we are able to guarantee higher standards and more high-quality liquids, resulting in better performance and more satisfied customers.

In all of our manufacturing plants, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for our workers. We strive towards maintaining full compliance in every possible aspect, and are fully committed to our product quality and product safety.

Manufacturing is an essential aspect of producing top quality products, and our commitment to the highest quality electronic cigarettes is unwavering. With IVG products and brands, this is a part of our foundation we never compromise upon, and it shows in the finished product.

Vaping Hotspot: SoFla

3337680_GSouth Florida is where our company, International Vapor Group is based, and we have to admit, it’s a pretty hot location. We’ve got the sun, sand, warm turquoise beaches, palm trees, killer sunsets, a melting pot of interesting cultures, and tons of beautiful people who vape. On top of all of these amazing features, it’s also very cool how big vaping culture has gotten here, and we love being at the epicenter of this pulsating industry.

Anywhere you go down here, people have their vape pens and e-cigs out, and the vapor is flowing. Every public place; from supermarkets to shopping centers, movie theaters, concert venues, at the beach, restaurants, bars, and all over the hot nightlife scene, vaping is the new smoking, and vapers are proud to show that they are not smoking cigarettes anymore.

Vapor shops have popped up all throughout South Florida. From kiosks in malls, to full out locations in malls, to strip malls, to freestanding stores; vaping stores are a really hot commodity. They are opening everywhere because the need has become so big that users are looking for specific products, and want the instant gratification that comes with purchasing from a store, especially where they can get inspired and explore the market a little further.

IVG’s VaporFi has completely taken over the vaping scene in South Florida. These locations are so much more than a place to buy goods; they are absolute vaping hotspots, where only the best products are sold. All staff members are vaping experts, who truly understand the products and the culture. Every VaporFi location features a vapor tasting bar, where vapers can come in and experience it all in action. The vaporizers, the liquids, and all the many flavors are ready to be enjoyed, and should you have questions, they will get answered.

Anyone familiar with South Florida will agree that it’s a pretty happening place, but when it comes to vaping it really couldn’t be any hotter! As an example of a population that has really embraced electronic smoking, we are loving how open everyone down here has been about beyond the smoke!

Cigarettes Sales Decline as E-Cigs Profits Rise

140402-e-cigarette-1933_231e5c322bb87dca8999db15d4687b7cCigarette companies are beginning to acknowledge that vapor cigarettes are immensely popular and causing tobacco profits to decline. As more smokers are turning to these alternatives that offer a smoke-free way of enjoying the same pleasure, (nicotine, sensation, and physical feeling included) the tobacco industry is really beginning to feel the effects. Millions of smokers have switched outright, and one in four have, at a minimum, tried an e-cigarette.

Phillip Morris International has been the first to put it out there that their profits for 2014 have been greatly lower than expected. Among the reasons for this is, it is obvious that electronic cigarettes are a major part of the fall.

Earnings have been severely impacted by sales declines in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as impending production cuts. In addition to these negative factors, Phillip Morris International has equated into their losses a $495 million fee that has come as a result of the planned shutting down of their production facility in the Netherlands at the end of this year. Their decision in closing it is a result of this cease in growth for their European market.

In addition to the sales declines, Phillip Morris shares recently fell much further than expected. The original prediction of full-year per-share earnings was expected to be between $5.09 and $5.19, however the newest reports  revealed that the actual number is much less than expected at a rate between $4.87 and $4.97.

The numbers don’t lie, both in terms of tobacco sales losses and electronic cigarette profits. As the e-cigarette industry continues to thrive and push towards the $2 billion-dollar sales mark this year, it’s evident that this industry will only continue to flourish.

It’s a great time to be in this market and IVG is more than excited to be one of the leaders!

The E-Cigarette Market: Retail Expansion

img_vz_ft_lauderdale It’s been quite apparent for some time now that the e-cigarette market is expanding rapidly in the area of retail. As an industry that truly got its footing online, the market has shifted in such a direction that brick-and-mortar retail is the next frontier. As more and more smokers have switched to e-cigarettes, and more are encouraged to do so by the increasing popularity, electronic cigarette retail is getting hotter than ever.

The e-cigarette industry is exploding, as many already are aware. Last year, the industry saw profits over $1 billion, and this year it has climbed to nearly $2 billion (so far); showing incredible growth. Along these lines, the retail sector is expanding rapidly as well, with approximately 35,000 stores currently open and serving the vaping public.

VaporFi, our top of the line brand that combines advanced vaporizers and e-cigarettes and our very own, high-end retail locations has truly tapped into the possibilities that lie in this market. While e-cigarette vapor shops are popping up everywhere, opening seemingly in every town these days, what most lack is superb quality. VaporFi offers not just the best quality and advancements this industry is seeing, when you walk into one of these locations you are getting a distinctive experience. You are embraced by a luxurious atmosphere, incredible products, and a scene that inspires socializing. Every VaporFi location is outfitted with a “vapor bar” where customers can sit down, get comfortable, and sample any flavors they wish, which are mixed by expert “Vapetenders.”

VaporFi’s rapid expansion also speaks volumes as to the company’s impact, having succeeded so immensely in such a short amount of time. One new store opens weekly, on average, and before the end of 2015 we are on target to have 50 stores open. Suffice it to say, this brand is leading the industry.

For those looking to get into the e-cigarette industry via franchising, VaporFi is an excellent point of entry. With exceptionally high markups and low overhead, this is the brand to be a part of!

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee with VaporFi, contact us about available opportunities!

Appealing to the Customer: We Give Them What They Want

3d2adad4a510aed8e60d099cb6e6310bThe electronic cigarette business is tricky. Giving customers what they are looking for is essential, and knowing what makes them tick is a requirement. It’s all about giving as many options as possible, and keeping your products fresh. With technology holding a huge priority in most people’s lives, electronic cigarettes need to live up these needs. Here is a look at the customer, and what it takes to keep them pleased and coming back for more. Business goes both ways, and International Vapor Group brands focus on providing what the customer wants at every level.

-The technology needs to be on point. This is an industry based on innovation, the whole concept of smoking electronically without tobacco is innovative in and of itself. New products are constantly being developed, and the e-cigarette is constantly getting reinvented. While just a few years ago, cigarette-look-alikes were the status quo; these days it’s all about vape pens that look nothing like traditional cigarettes, and the two are worlds apart in terms of how much power they produce.

-Diversity is big. Different products for different people, and covering all types of electronic cigarettes gives more people reason to vape with IVG products. We aim to stay abreast of the advancements that are always occurring, while consistently keeping the needs of our diverse customer base in mind.

-Excellent customer service. When they call, email, or contact the company, they want their needs to be met and answers to be delivered. We go out of our way to ensure make it happen.

-The “extra mile.” While there are endless varieties of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers available out there, it’s important to offer things that are a little different, a little more perfect, and a little more personal. We want to take the general concept and offer it in a more enjoyable way. Similar product, better versions.

-Fair pricing. Keeping our products at reasonable prices gives customers the confidence in coming back, as well as knowing they aren’t spending more than they need to.

We know it takes a lot to get customers to choose our products, however we certain in our abilities to be appealing, functional, and enjoyable. The IVG difference is all about keeping our customers happy; they are the core of our business!

How VaporFi is Changing the Electronic Cigarette Industry

vf_pro_vaporfi_1VaporFi, our unique brand that combines state of the art vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, coupled with state of the art retail locations has completely altered the course of the industry. FIlling a void in the market where the majority of e-cigarette stores were less than spectacular, VaporFi has given vaping connoisseurs not only a retail space where they can purchase everything they need, but also serving as a place to discover all the latest happenings in the industry, along with the hottest products.

VaporFi has brought the best vaporizers and e-cigarettes to the market, enabling customers to find products that meet their expectations of quality and performance at truly reasonable prices, they have tapped into the retail sector and given users the kind of retail experience they’ve sought. VaporFi locations are staffed with industry experts and people who not only use the products, but are fully knowledgeable about how they perform and function at every level.

Before VaporFi, the market had no single source of high quality products and locations. There were individual products being sold by a variety of different brands, and retail spots that ranged in quality and diversity in every possible way. With VaporFi, however, the concept is streamlined. Users know what to expect, know what they’re going to get, and know to expect excellent service. VaporFi handles every aspect of their products; from development through manufacturing, so there is no mistaking anything.

For those considering entering this market on a retail level, this brand is one of the most exciting ways to get involved. With a variety of different options for those interested in franchising under the VaporFi name, having the solid reputation of innovative quality, a wide range of products that cater to all reaches of the e-smoking culture, and a highly advanced team with excellent expertise behind the scenes, VaporFi is changing the landscape of this fledgling industry at a rapid scale.

If you are interested in embarking on a highly lucrative business within the e-cigarette industry, contact us about working with this revolutionary brand; the industry is only just heating up!

All in Variety

south-beach-smoke-vaporizersWe’re all about variety. Here at IVG, we don’t feel it’s necessary to cater exclusively to one particular market when we can cater to all markets in the e-cig industry. The electronic cigarette genre has grown to such a degree that we feel it’s necessary to include everyone. And in that vein, we really aim to mindfully design and manufacture products for all levels of this market.

We offer a great selection of different e-cigarettes that are geared towards everyone, from trendy, youthful college-age people to older folks looking for an alternative cigarette that resonates with them, while maintaining quality and style.

When it comes to more advanced products such as our vaporizers, we also understand the need to cover all ground. Between South Beach Smoke and VaporFi, we have a huge selection of different vaporizers, which include the most basic of models, eye-catching trendy vape pens, super advanced mods, and the most highly designed, rebuildable mods for the hardcore vapers; it’s quite obvious that variety is our thing.

EverSmoke specializes in simple e-cigs that provide great quality, elegant style, a very simple to use design, and are close to a traditional cigarette as it gets. This brand especially caters to the mature crowd.

South Beach Smoke is all about diversity. Having built a reputation among 20- somethings who want the hottest, trendiest electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, this brand carries it all for all levels of vapers. High style, bold visuals, and great performance are the foundations with SBS.

VaporFi has taken the industry and done a number on it. Top of the line everything, exceptional engineering, fierce style, and the most innovative vaping products out there round out this brand.

When you work with International Vapor Group, you get not just one area of the electronic cigarette industry; you get it all. We seek to offer a myriad of products that appeal to the vast range of e-cigarette users, all the while focusing our attention on quality, engineering, and doing what others are not. It comes down to variety and blazing our own trail of vapor!

Tobacco Companies Acknowledge Electronic Cigarettes

how-Electronic-cigarettes-workPhillip Morris International Inc. is the world’s largest publicly traded tobacco company. Responsible for many brands including being the manufacturer and seller of Marlboro cigarettes, even they are feeling the effects of electronic cigarettes hitting mainstream status.

Tobacco companies, particularly Phillip Morris International Inc., have begun to acknowledge the fact that tobacco cigarette sales are being impacted by the rise of electronic cigarettes as the population changes. While they are making note that fluctuations are inevitable, the international tobacco market is seeing an overall decrease due to the increase of alternative cigarettes. Users are simply moving away from tobacco, either quitting smoking outright, or switching to alternatives that offer more options and a less tainted image.

In addition to the lagging sales and the overall depreciation of profits, Phillip Morris is also factoring in a loss of $495 million that has come in the way of the impending closure of their production facility in the Netherlands. This is a result of the decreasing sales in their European market due to less people smoking. And it’s not just their European market where they are seeing a decline in sales, their Asian market has also reduced as well.

There is no getting around the fact that electronic cigarettes are not only becoming immensely popular everywhere but they’re having an incredibly overtaking effect on the traditional cigarette market considering they are sparking worldwide declines. It’s interesting that the largest tobacco companies are beginning to publicly recognize this, despite it being obvious for some time now.

Paralleling the declines of tobacco sales, Phillip Morris recently acquired Nicocigs LTD, an electronic cigarette company based in the UK. They are not the first tobacco company to do so, as Lorillard and Altria have already extended into this competitive market.

The bottom line here is that tobacco cigarette companies are fully aware that electric cigarettes are not going anywhere, and continue to expand at an exceedingly fast rate. Vapor is here to stay.