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Top 10 Places to Carry Electronic Cigarettes

img_vz_sunriseWhere can e-cigarettes be sold? When it comes to retail, almost any venue. However when it comes to where retailers will get the most bang for the customer’s buck, certain types of locations make the most sense. With electronic cigarettes popping up for sale seemingly everywhere, here is a list of places that work effectively and effortlessly for e-cig sales.

  1. Gas Stations: One of the most obvious and sure-shot places to find cigarettes, gas stations are convenient and always ready when it comes to smokes. For e-cigarettes, more gas stations are constantly adding the electronic alternatives, making it more convenient for e-smokers to find what they’re looking for on the go.

  1. Convenience Stores: The most convenient option, right? They sell everything imaginable, including traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

  1. Hotel Gift Shops: A great location for carrying e-cigarettes, hotel gift shops offer products that appeal to guests, and are in line with the hotel’s policies, so for hotels that have strict smoking rules, having options like e-cigs make a great compromise, exemplifying their level of service.

  1. Liquor Stores: A no-brainer; they carry cigarettes, liquor, and other products geared towards adults. Perfect for impulse purchases.

  1. Cigar Shops: In the business of selling things to be smoked, e-cigarettes work amazingly in cigar shops. Perfect example is Coco Cigar in CocoWalk, Miami, one of our top retailers for our brand VaporFi.

  1. Discount Stores: Giving the people the goods at fair prices, these are great spots for e-cigarette sales.

  1. Bars: If smoking isn’t tolerated, but vaping is, give your customers an alternative option they can purchase right then and there. It ups the business, and pleases the customer.

  1. Pharmacies: Big name pharmacies carry all varieties of cigarette products, and many are extending into the e-cig market; this sector would benefit exponentially from top quality products from our brands such as South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke.

  1. E-Cigarette Shops: Obvious, right?

  1. Head Shops/ Smoke Shops: For decades these shops have  carried all sorts of alternative smoking products, and top quality e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and especially top of the line dry herb vaporizers fit right into the selection.

Better Standards, Better E-Liquids

Vapor-Zone-E-LiquidWe don’t mess around when it comes to standards. We understand the importance of having quality our customers can depend on, and we know that taking shortcuts will typically create less than stellar results, so it’s not something we’re willing to sacrifice. Simply put, we know there is no compromise when it comes to producing top-quality electronic cigarette products and e-liquids, and that is exactly what we put our name to. As the market gets increasingly competitive, with more and more brands emerging constantly, we are proud to offer nicotine e-liquids of the highest caliber, performing, tasting, and vaporizing better than any others out there. Read on to learn why there is no comparison.

Nicotine e-liquids have become increasingly popular over the years. While they been around for a while, they are in extremely high demand now. Many electronic cigarette smokers have gotten over the concept of filling liquids themselves, and truly embrace the control they have over their products in doing so. While many people considered it to be an extra, troublesome step in smoking electronically, the many positives outweigh the small amount of extra effort. E-liquids offer a greater level of performance, allow the user so many more flavors, and are far more cost effective than using pre-filled cartridges.

International Vapor Group understands the many possibilities for creating the industry’s best nicotine liquids. Our liquids are made with top ingredients, in state of the art manufacturing plants, that are registered with the FDA. While the FDA does not impose strict regulations over the cigarette industry at this time, we appreciate the transparency of allowing them into our settings so that they can be sure of our safety as well as other standards. We want to represent the industry as a whole, and we want to be evident that our standards cannot, and will not, be mistaken for others in the market who choose not to disclose what they are up to.

Some of the examples of why our liquids are tops include being made in the USA, being made of the very best ingredients such as glycerin that is sourced from Malaysian palm, being diacetyl free, and having 30,000 different flavor combinations available to our users.

We are in the business of offering the alternative smoking community top products and the best e-liquids, which we feel are the result of having unwavering standards. If you are interested in carrying the best e-liquids out there, contact us about e-cigarette wholesale and franchising opportunities!

How IVG’s Quality Standards Lead to Better Products

vf_pro_vaporfi_1International Vapor Group is solidly committed to having exceptional quality in all of our products, as we know this is truly how you please your customers (in addition to having great, dynamic products that are affordable, work well and do what they need to without trouble). In short, quality is part of our foundation and not something we take lightly. Read on to learn more about our quality standards and how our products benefit from them!

E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

You can expect the tops products when it comes to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers when purchasing from any IVG brands. We manufacture at very high standards, and spend a great amount of time developing products we know will please our customers by performing at optimal levels and fulfilling their needs. We are also committed to producing new and innovative alternative cigarette products that surpass others in the industry.


There are endless e-liquid companies out there and we know that in order to be above the rest, we have to offer better options, more options, and give people what they want. Flavor is a very subjective thing, and that is one of our driving forces in offering such a wide assortment of flavors both individually and with the option of custom e-liquid blending with South Beach Smoke and VaporFi

Customer Service

We know that quality extends even beyond our products, and that quality includes how we treat our customers. They are more likely to return to our products and services if they are indeed supported and heard when there are issues and concerns.

With so many electronic cigarette and vaporizer brands out there, why IVG? Because quality means more than just claiming to have it. We walk the walk.

What’s Hot Now: Vaporizers

sbs-storm-vaporizersElectronic cigarette vaporizers are getting hotter than ever, as customers are beginning to move away from traditional, more basic models of e-cigarettes to try more advanced options available with vaporizers.

With two of our brands, South Beach smoke and VaporFi, we are pleased to offer a wide range of different products for customers looking for advanced personal vaporizers. Each brand offers distinct products that appeal to a wide range of customers, with much attention paid to performance and style.

The market has changed as electronic cigarette use has evolved over the past few years. Many users are using these products out of pure enjoyment now, showing that while many people started using electronic cigarettes as alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they have found the experience to be more than just an alternative to eventually discontinue usage. This has led to further growth of the market as people try new products, experiment with customizable products, and have gotten into the many available customized options there are with mods.

International Vapor Group is proud to be part of the electronic cigarette industry’s growth. Our different brands give customers a very large selection of products to choose from, and have become known as leaders in innovation and quality. For retailers, our products offer innovative options that customers are looking for among the trendiest and most popular types of alternative smoking devices. What stands out about our offerings is that our products are made with exceptional craftsmanship and design details, unlike many cheaper versions available.

If you are retailer who’s looking to start carrying electronic cigarette products, especially those along lines of advanced personal vaporizers to tap into this area of high growth, contact us about our opportunities available for retail settings. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are excellent choices for carrying, and both resonate with customers through their visual branding and high-performance products.

Research Indicating Vapor Cigarettes as Less Harmful than Tobacco

urlAs the debate continues on whether electronic cigarettes are truly better than tobacco cigarettes, studies are constantly being done. To the chagrin of the tobacco industry and lobbyists who are against e-smoking, the newest batch of scientific research is suggesting that e-cigarettes are most likely, less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

There is no getting around the fact that tobacco is proven to cause a variety of different cancers, heart problems, lung problems, and all varieties of other health issues; it has not been proven, however, that electronic cigarettes can be attributed to any of these issues, in any way. Most likely as a result of containing no tobacco, producing no tar or smoke.

The most recent research was done by an international team which examined 81 different studies that focused on a number of issues dealing with vapor cigarettes. Some of these areas included the number and types of chemicals found in the e-liquids and produced in the vapor, in addition to safety issues, and e-cigarette usage among both non-smokers and smokers alike.

Following the review of all of this information, the scientists agreed that their findings showed that risks to those within the vicinity of the vapor and those directly using the products are at much less of a risk than those who are in direct contact of conventional tobacco cigarettes. They do make it clear, however, that there still remains a risk for people with respiratory problems, and the effects of e-cigarette smoking are not known at this time for those with respiratory illnesses.

Another important aspect that was concluded from the studies is that there are far fewer toxins to be found in vapor cigarettes, compared to those in tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain literally thousands of different toxins, many of which are added to the filters and the tobacco that is smoked. The number of ingredients in nicotine e-liquids tend to be very minimal and most reputable companies will disclose the ingredients of their liquids.

The scientists who participated in these studies have concluded that there is evidence at this time to show that breathing in vaporized liquid nicotine, compared to breathing in nicotine that comes from tobacco smoke is a much healthier and safer option.

Another issue that these scientists addressed are the rumors surrounding teens and young adults who use electronic cigarettes. They stated that electronic cigarettes are very unlikely to be used as a gateway to traditional tobacco products; in fact the opposite is true. Most people who use electronic cigarettes have turned to them as an alternative away from traditional tobacco products, not as a means of starting to smoke. Simply, they do not lure teens and young adults into using tobacco.

Of course research has only just begun in regards to electronic cigarettes, however it is extremely positive that research continues to prove the usefulness and positive benefits of using alternatives, as opposed to tobacco. As a burgeoning, yet highly successful industry, scientists are very optimistic about these products and their benefits towards people in terms of health. The future for smokers is looking rather promising, indeed!

South Beach Smoke Launches New Vaporizers!

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.38.48 PMSouth Beach Smoke, our award-winning brand that specializes in the latest and trendiest electronic cigarette products, with an intense focus on quality, has just launched a brand new line of electronic cigarette vaporizers. This exciting collection consists of three revolutionary models: The Storm, the Thunder, and the Curve.

As the electronic cigarette market has increasingly moved towards more advanced, more customizable products, the need was imminent for South Beach Smoke to expand in this innovative direction. The new products give customers a plethora of options for using high-tech advanced devices with exceptional quality and vivacious South Beach Smoke style.

Earlier this year, South Beach Smoke launched their first revolutionary advanced vaporizer, the South Beach Smoke Air to excellent reviews. The new line of vaporizers is an exciting follow-up, expanding their line of advanced mods.

Over the past year the e-cigarette market has seen a definitive shift towards more complex products reflecting that the e-cigarette customer has obviously evolved. While there is still a market for basic electronic cigarette products, many users who have used cigarette alternatives have taken to them as a hobby. Advanced vape pens now give them the option to customize their units in every possible way from controlling how they work, to enjoying greater vapor production, to having a much greater battery life and having wider access to different styles; it is apparent that users want more options, all around.

An additional aspect of South Beach Smoke vaporizers is their newly launched Custom Vaporizer Builder, which enables users to customize their vape pans digitally on the South Beach Smoke website. Users can choose their battery, tank, and color all at a click, coming up with an endless variety of different unique vaporizer pens and view their creations before purchasing. One of the best aspects of using advanced vaporizers is being able to customize your device and South Beach Smoke is now offering their users the ability to do this simply and easily in an exciting way directly on their site.

As South Beach Smoke has always been known for their great prices across all of their products, customers can expect the same level of affordability on all of the new vaporizers. Customers are always happy to have fair prices on quality products!

We are always excited when new products launch, and we are absolutely thrilled for South Beach Smoke to be expanding further in this direction. We look forward to evolving with this market, innovating as we have always have done, bringing customers the very best electronic cigarette technology.

CVS Ditches Tobacco

6cc08baf-757c-49de-bb07-f55f75e86980It’s an obvious sign of the times when one of the largest national pharmacy chains announces they will no longer be carrying tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products at any of their locations. It’s an even greater marker of the era we live in, when they push ahead with aforementioned plans prior to schedule. And this is exactly what CVS did this week.

As was announced earlier this year, CVS, the nation’s second largest drug store chain, made it known they intended to discontinue all sales of tobacco related items in the fall of 2014. In an effort to keep their products consistent with their “healthy” image, they felt carrying products known to cause cancer among other diseases was detrimental to their mission and reputation. They are a pharmacy after all.

This week however, CVS went ahead with these intentions, a month earlier than initially anticipated and from this point on, no longer carries tobacco cigarettes in any of their locations. Their new name, CVS Health (formerly CVS Caremark) is an additional step in this new direction.

CVS has no plans of advertising the new changes in their approximately 7,700 locations, although to those accustomed to grabbing a pack of smokes with their prescriptions, toiletries, and candy bars it will come as a huge change. Where their shelves at checkout counters were once filled with cigarettes, cigars, and related tobacco products, will now hold nicotine gums and signage encouraging smokers to drop the habit. While they are currently not retailers of e-cigarettes, it would be wise choice in the future to add tobacco alternatives to their nationwide selection.

The climate of drug stores has changed drastically over the years, and there is very much less of a “convenience store” atmosphere. It has been replaced with a more clinical setting and attitude. CVS offers so much more than just isles of random products and consumer-driven items such as cigarettes. Between their “Minute-Clinics” and health services such as providing flu shots, vaccinations, and diabetes monitoring; they have clearly achieved a very health-driven image.

This move is a very telling, indicative of the tobacco industry as a whole, and that the general public is becoming more health-conscious. We know this firsthand as e-cigarette sales have only expanded immensely! We applaud CVS’s bold move to distance their company from the shackles of tobacco, and do hope in the future they embrace electronic cigarettes for their many benefits and availabilities as tobacco and smoke-free products.