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IVG Brands: Progressing Further

454642333_640If you’re familiar with International Vapor Group, you know we are always on the cutting edge of the industry; creating new products, and innovating. Our brands South Beach Smoke and VaporFi are some of the industry’s top examples of advanced electronic cigarette lines, with products that consistently pleased their customers. In line with this adherence to innovation and creative development, we are pleased to offer some of the most advanced vaporizer and e-cigarette devices available.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke was one of the very first brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, and this brand was developed to give smokers a top choice product, with great style, options, and a very simple to use setup. New products are always in development, and currently their options range from the best 2-piece e-cigarettes on the market, with excellent cartridges, to top of the line e-liquids, and a very advanced vaporizer that has brought South Beach Smoke style and performance to those who want a higher performing vaping machine. Be on the lookout for more products such as these, in line with current trends and total South Beach Smoke quality.


VaporFi is the industry’s leading innovator when it comes to top of the line devices. This brand launched and instantly changed the market with a whole line of advanced products made for all levels of vapers, who want the best quality. Custom-blended e-liquids were not even a thought before this brand hit the scene, and customers have raved about the options ever since. As a brand committed to total quality, customers cannot get enough of the ability to have devices that perform how they want them to, without common malfunctions found across most other products of a similar nature. Expect even more advanced products and exciting new designs in the near future; this brand is taking vaping devices to a whole new level; this brand is revolutionizing the industry!

IVG brands represent the future of smoking, and we are proud to be advancing this burgeoning industry. If you are interested in working with passionate innovators and the next level of the electronic cigarette industry, contact us about franchising and wholesale opportunities!

The Celeb Effect on Vaping

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.58.00 PMCelebrities have been a major force in the use and promotion of electronic cigarettes since the beginning. These days, not only are celebrities being seen everywhere using the products, (and all varieties of electronic cigarettes at that) but they are being tapped by major brands to star in ads.

When electronic cigarettes first hit the scene, Hollywood starlets and big names were among the trailblazers who ditched tobacco smoke in favor of vapor. Stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Katherine Heigl, Kevin Connolly, Nikki Reed, Michelle Rodriguez, Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, and Sienna Miller have all been pretty public about choosing the electronic version of smoking over the past few years, proudly letting it be known they were vaping.

In recent months, at several major entertainment events, celebrities have been flaunting their electronic smoking devices loud and proudly. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, during this year’s Oscar’s happily used her e-cigarette during a segment of the broadcast when cameras aimed at her. Earlier this year, Whoopi Goldberg penned a column on her lasting love affair with her vape pen, entitled “My Vape Pen and I, a Love Story.” This past weekend saw comedienne Sarah Silverman brandish her cutting edge vape pen on the red carpet during the Emmy’s, mere hours before giving an animated acceptance speech proclaiming our existence as molecules.

All e-cigarette companies recognize the allure of star power, and that is why so many have worked with celebs in getting their products noticed. Being in the spotlight, they are the foremost trendsetters, and people take notice. Stephen Dorff, Jenny McCarthy, and Courtney Love have appeared in advertisements for different e-cigarette brands, displaying their love of vapor and urging the public to opt for vapor over smoke.

South Beach Smoke has been associated with the Hollywood scene from their inception, having been used in gift bags at the MTV Movie Awards, receiving praise from OK! Magazine, as well as being the top e-cigarette choice among many stars.

The celeb effect on e-cigarettes has been fantastic, and they have certainly held a place in solidifying electronic cigarettes in the mainstream. They’ve helped push their credibility, and prove what excellent alternatives to tobacco they are. E-cigarettes are big business, and Hollywood is all over this trend! As the industry grows and becomes more and more accepted in the public eye, it’s an obvious indicator of how well these products are doing.

Electronic Cigarettes and the Millennials

millennials-360Millions of people are smoking electronically, and it seems that it has become extremely unfashionable to smoke actual cigarettes. Across all age groups of smokers, users are much more interested in using modern, advanced products, such as those from South Beach Smoke and VaporFi without the actual tobacco. Why taint yourself with smoke if you’ve got options otherwise?

Millennials are vaping these days and it’s pretty obvious that this trend is right in line with their contemporary lifestyles. Born between 1977 and 1994, this generation wants what they want, and they want it now! They like technology, they like instant gratification, they like convenience, and they like having the ability to avoid “old school” problems like smoke, tobacco, and restrictions placed on doing what they enjoy. Why smoke and deal with all of those troubles when you can have exactly what you want without them?

The millennials have been known to smoke more than any other generation prior, and now they’ve taken the habit electronic. In recent studies of smokers, millennials make up 40% of the demographic. In data reports of those using e-cigarettes, 44% of e-smokers are of the millennial age group; notice something here? This is a generation who really enjoys smoking, and they are looking for alternatives to the traditional means because they want to still be able to enjoy it all.

Traditional smoking cessation products just don’t resonate with this generation, who still want to savor the feelings and sensations of smoking, minus the smoke, and e-cigarettes are the perfect medium, offering just that. Nicotine patches, gums, and prescription drugs only do so much, and they do not provide the “smoking” aspect of smoking.

Vaping enables users to fill this void, getting nicotine in the process, and being able to have a very similar, very pleasurable experience all the while. Using advanced electronic smoking devices gives smokers the option to control the different aspects of smoking, control how much nicotine they use, choose among thousands of different flavors, and even control the intensity of the vapor hits they get. For a generation all about having their way with things, e-smoking takes smoking to another level, and makes so much more sense than using old fashioned, analog cigarettes.

VaporFi: The One Stop Shop for Everything Vaping-Related

vaporfiOne of the top reasons VaporFi has become so immensely popular is that this brand truly offers a wealth of options for everyone interested in vaping. They don’t cater to one corner of the market; they cater to everyone in the market, and do so with quality, affordability, and choices. Here is a list of reasons this is the brand to watch and why they are excelling in this industry. If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette brand to become a part of, this is the one!

-Exciting Locations: VaporFi locations are hotspots, and more are opening everywhere! They offer all VaporFi products, feature the signature vaping bars, are staffed with vaping experts, and are doing extremely well in profits. The vapor shop, redefined.

-Affordability: It’s no lie that there are many e-cigarette products that cost a lot of money to get your hands on. Typically, vaping is much less expensive than traditional cigarettes, however if you’re in pursuit of the very best products that offer the most technology, they are not going to come cheap. VaporFi offers top quality products that are always affordable. Our customers are continuously praising the prices and the premise that they spend the money once, but not having to replace the items in short time makes them even more worth it.

Innovation: We like to go where no one has gone before, and with VaporFi, we definitely do! The products are enabling users to get the most out of their vaping, and allowing them to enjoy the experience further. While they may be small products, adding daily pleasure to the lives of others is huge!

Quality: Can’t stress this enough! Top quality e-cigarettes, top quality vaporizers, top quality accessories, and top quality e-liquids give customers what they are looking for and reliability they can count on. This is exactly what builds long-term customers!

Dynamic Products: The brand offers e-cigarettes and vaporizers for every customer, level of experience, and budget. Affordable products with high-tech features, simple and complex machines, and VaporFi’s e-liquids are praised across the industry for their delicious flavors and the many custom-blended choices; this company specializes in exactly what vapers are demanding.

VaporFi is hi-fidelity. This company is defining where the industry is going, and they are doing it in a hurry. For franchise opportunities, please contact us to learn more about being a part of this exciting expansion!

Big Things Happening with VaporFi!

vaporfi-couponLots of exciting things have been happening with VaporFi. This monumental brand has been taking the industry by storm since launching, and the action is only getting hotter!

We recently announced the brand’s more meaningful name change, a move that was done to exemplify their unique offerings and precision when it comes to design. The response has been great, and customers are obviously happy that their top quality products will remain the same.

Other big happenings with VaporFi are to come in the near future as well. A number of stores will be opening as the brand’s retail locations expand beyond the state of Florida. Several locations will be opening in Maryland (Bethesda, Annapolis, Wheaton, Hanover), Virigina (Woodbridge), Texas (2 spots in Austin), and New Jersey (Paramus), as well as new locations the company’s first international location in Panama. New VaporFi locations will also be opening in Florida as the brand expands throughout the state, with stores coming in the Orlando, Gainesville, West Palm Beach, and Miami areas. Can you tell this brand is taking over the electronic cigarette and vaporizer scene at an infectious rate?

This week, VaporFi also started the preorder period for a most anticipated product: the VaporFi Orbit dry herb vaporizer. This awesome, innovative device enables users the fantastic benefits of vaporizing with the use of dry herbs. This type of product has become quite popular in recent months, and having one on the market from VaporFi gives customers the very best quality from a trusted name in vaporizer products. VaporFi customers are already excited about getting their hands on this one!

VaporFi has filled a great void in the market, and their adherence to absolute quality has enabled the brand to garner an incredibly large customer base in a very short amount of time. The company is also proud to offer exciting franchise opportunities, as well as VaporFi Express locations, which feature a “store-within-a-store” setup, giving retailers the ability to have a portable VaporFi setup available. For more information on joining this innovative brand’s expansion, contact us about future opportunities!

Benefits to Diverse Products

southbeachsmokeOne of the reasons we are proud to offer such a wide variety of different brands with different offerings is that having a large selection allows us to reach a very broad customer base. Our four different brands cater to a wide range of customers, everyone from smokers who are looking to try e-cigarettes for the first time to digital cigarette hobbyists and everyone in between; we cater to all who are looking for alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking.

Understanding that smokers are all unique and seeking a different type of experience, we are pleased to take advantage of the innovation and offer so many various choices for enjoying alternative smoking. Electronic cigarettes are available in so many variables, in so many different styles, with varying options, flavors, nicotine levels, performance choices, and the list goes on!

The one thing most smokers want though, regardless of the type of product is quality. It is a mainstay when it comes to everything we offer, as we know when it comes to satisfaction, lacking quality will not do much for anyone.

Here is a brief look at our 4 different electronic cigarette brands and how they appeal to different customers.

VaporFi: VaporFi is the brand for those who are looking for supreme quality and innovation. Their products for are designed for every type of smoker, from experts to novices. They offer a large selection of everything, including basic e-cigs to the most advanced vaporizers available. Standout features include the largest selection of e-liquids as well as top of the line, affordable mods.

South Beach Smoke: Great for beginners and experienced e-cigarette users who like advanced performance from a 2-piece e-cigarette with cartridge. This brand offers e-cigs and vaporizers, plenty of innovative accessories such as the PowerCig and the Personal Charging Case, plus the same extensive line of custom blended e-liquids as VaporFi.

EverSmoke: Based on the same technology as South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke offers similar e-cigarette products that appeal to smokers who want quality, options, and a great looking product.

NutriCigs: NutriCigs goes further into the realm of innovation, offering the first and only fortified, disposable e-cigarettes.

Diversity matters when it comes to selling electronic cigarettes. Being able to appeal to a small group will get some sales; offering products that are made for everyone cover all ground; and that is exactly what we aim to do!

E-Cigarettes and the Economy

e-cigaretteThe sales of electronic cigarettes are on the move, ever-increasing as the industry explodes in popularity and demand. While traditional cigarettes have always been a source of controversy, as they are known to have devastating, often deadly long-term effects, their sales and profitability, as well as how high they are taxed, have enabled them to stay in business regardless.

So, as the sales of tobacco cigarettes decline, both due to users switching to e-cigarettes and from people being less inclined to smoke cigarettes in general because of the awareness of their dangers, electronic cigarettes are prospering, profits are skyrocketing.

So are electronic cigarettes good for the economy? With their rapid growth, yes they are in several ways.

This year, electronic cigarettes and accompanying products are slated to become a $2 billion industry. Every year since the products hit the market less than a decade ago in the US, the industry has seen explosive growth, and that alone would be an obvious indication that e-cigarettes are positively contributing to the growth of the economy. Predictions, however, place even greater growth on this market, and within the next 3 years it is expected to be raking in over $10 billion annually.

E-cigarettes have also contributed to economic growth by aiding in recovery with so many added jobs in an innovative industry. Many e-cigarette retail businesses are small, and because it is a growing niche market, the individual owners are doing very well and being able to add jobs in their respective communities is a great benefit to the bigger picture. As this industry is ever-evolving and driven by advancing technology, there will be many more opportunities for growth in a great variety of different areas as it grows.

To employers and business owners, workers who do not use tobacco are statistically more productive and miss less work due to tobacco-related illnesses, and this equates to more money made as a result of having more able workers; also an indirect but positive contribution to economic rebuilding.

Overall, electronic cigarettes are having a very good effect on the economy. Smokers are switching all the time, and business are growing. Jobs are being added to the economy regularly and products are selling. It’s a great time to be involved with tobacco alternatives!

Current Happenings in the E-Cig Industry

10007049_484425054992913_5558258852458275861_nRight now, the e-cigarette industry is in a state of evolution. More and more smokers are switching to these products, and the technology is in constant progression; change is happening at a rapid rate. Here is a look at where things stand, and what is currently making this industry so very exciting.

It’s All About Vaporizers

People are really into vaporizers right now, and it’s because they offer a truly supreme experience. These advanced products are amazing, and as users become more interested in technologically dynamic devices, the technology advances as a result. The more versatile and customizable the products, the better. Like any other digital devices, users are thrilled with the ability to modify and fine-tune APV’s to their personal tastes and individual liking.


Technology is a beautiful thing, and it is always being improved upon. E-cigarette users love technology. We live in an era where things are being created constantly, and this has a direct effect on the e-cigarette industry. International Vapor Group has always been about constantly innovating and improving upon our existing technology, and that has allowed us to get ahead in this market.

Versatile Products

We are seeing more and more types of versatile e-cigarette products, and users cannot get enough of them. Simple and basic are mainstays, however most people want their products to be able to satisfy various needs. We understand that every product should satisfy a variety of different people, and therefore be able to be used in a variety of ways.

FDA regulations

There was talk about regulations for years, and the FDA has finally addressed this. They recently began discussion of plans to implement age restrictions towards e-cigarette sales, along the same lines as traditional cigarettes. However, currently they have no plans of restricting online sales, marketing, or banning any flavors.

The electronic cigarette industry may be relatively new, however it remains exciting because it is continuously changing and growing. As more and more users switch to these products, and the demand continues to grow, it drives the need, further propelling the technology and advancing of the products. Currently, the present time is a fantastic time for this market.

New Study: E-Cigarette Benefits Overshadowing Risk

safe_imageA study done by the  Center for the Study of Tobacco Products at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va, in part funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and published in Addiction, has concluded that the benefits of using electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes outweigh any possible negatives associated with the products. Furthermore, additional commentary from the results of this study include researchers stating that harsh restrictions and regulations of e-cigarettes are not necessary, as they have the potential to enable users to possibly avoid tobacco-related illnesses, based on evidence.

In addition to this study, researchers also based their findings on examining 81 prior studies done on these electronic alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Currently, regulatory agencies throughout the world are debating the merits of e-cigarettes, and how they should be regulated, as well as how strict regulations should be. Some feel that because these products are still rather new and have yet to be studied in depth, we do not yet know the true, long term effects they may cause. Others however, including many within the international scientific community, feel that regardless, as an alternative, these products are more useful than traditional cigarettes and have less risk than tobacco smoking.

“If there are any risks, these will be many times lower than the risks of smoking tobacco. We need to think carefully about how these products are regulated. What we found is that there is no evidence that these products should be regulated as strictly as tobacco, or even more strictly than tobacco” said Dr. Hayden McRobbie, of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, and the senior author of this particular study.

Dr. McRobbie also went on to say that based on the evidence of their findings, there also is no proof that the vapor emitted from electronic cigarettes causes any harm to those who are breathing it in, whether they are users or bystanders (contrary to the second-hand smoke/vapor claim).

Research is a great thing, and all who are involved in the electronic cigarette industry are pleased that further positive findings continue to emerge regularly. This will only benefit the future of e-cigarette use for businesses, individuals, and all who see the promise in these products.