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New E-Cigarette Study: Gateway to Freedom, not Smoking

julia_louis_dreyfus_e_cig_a_lIn a recent study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, assessing 26,500 smokers across Europe found that according to their usage, electronic cigarettes are not a gateway to tobacco by any means. As expected, and as most users would explain, the researchers found that those who use electronic alternatives to cigarettes turn to the products to get away from tobacco usage, and not the other way around.

This study was the largest ever of its kind published in the EU, and it revealed that merely 1% of nonsmokers had tried an e-cigarette type product, also representing that the products do not appeal to nonsmokers, and that they have very little allure to those who are not interested in smoking in general. 20% of smokers in the study had tried an electronic cigarette product at least once, while 4% of former smokers had tried them. An overall estimate from the Harvard study puts the number of people in the European Union who have at least tried e-cigarettes at 29 million.

While the researched showed that the majority of e-cigarette smokers were young, in the 15-24 age bracket, it also revealed that they were all previously heavy smokers who were looking for an alternative to tobacco usage.

One of the leading professional voices in the international medical community who supports electronic cigarette usage, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre in Athens, Greece commented on the findings of the study as further proof that electronic cigarettes are not attempting to renormalize smoking. He stated that the products are not drawing in nonsmokers, as the findings of this study prove that nonsmokers have little interest in adopting usage. Current smokers see them as an alternative to tobacco, and that is the general consensus of how they are perceived.

As e-cigarettes grow in popularity, they have become a hot button subject in terms of public health. In a report done by Public Health England in May, and recently when an international committee of scientists urged the World Health Organization to consider their stance on e-cigarettes very cautiously as they present a very valid opportunity in terms of public health issues in helping smokers veer away from tobacco use, more and more research and advocacy is coming to light in favor of e-cigarettes and the options they provide to assist smokers. As this study, and surely more in the future will show, electronic cigarettes are having a very positive impact on smokers throughout the world.

And the Market Continues to Grow…

main_secondary_banner_our_companyWith the electronic cigarette market heading towards solidifying itself as a $2 billion industry, there is no sign of it slowing down. In fact, more smokers continue to switch to the alternative methods of obtaining nicotine, and the number of products available continues to expand as well. While interested smokers may have had a hard time finding products they wanted in the beginning stages of this industry, it’s a completely different landscape now. The number of different products available, styles, types, and models of e-cigarettes is now so diverse, and widely accessible, customers are consistently satisfied with their options, and open to trying new things.

In addition to availability and accessibility, the popularity of electronic cigarettes is also part of the growth. With so many people using them, acceptance has become very much mainstream, and it’s becoming more and more normal to see users vaping in all varieties of places, particularly in public, with a level of comfort and confidence that was not there 4 years ago.

Even with the many e-cigarette regulations that have popped up, as well as others that look to be implemented in the future, users are still content to be vaping, and able to have the same pleasure of nicotine they are used to without the hassles of smoke and tobacco. States such as New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Utah have all instituted some type of e-cigarette ban, including regarding them as traditional cigarettes and banning them from public usage.

After years of debate, speculation, and rumor, recently the FDA announced that it would begin regulating electronic cigarettes in terms of sales to minors and quality assurance in regards to the ingredients contained within the products. It has refrained from halting companies from selling their products online, as well as limiting manufacturers from carrying different e-cigarette flavors, both of which circumstances would be devastating to the market as well as users who enjoy both of these options.

As the market grows, more and more smokers are making the switch to e-smoking. Research continues to be produced, the FDA is making its first moves in regulating the industry in a (so far) positive manner, and almost all parties involved are happy. If you are interested in learning more about top quality e-cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers, have a look at our different brands and catalog of products available; we are thrilled to be a part of this lucrative industry’s growth!

What’s New with Our Brands

hero_newsIf you are wondering what’s going on with our brands, here is a little update on cool new happenings, products, and current news. We love keeping things exciting with each of them, and should you be interested in carrying any of them in your retail selection, keep in mind that we aim to always try new things and stay at the forefront of this industry!

South Beach Smoke: South Beach Smoke has been seeing tremendous growth and positive feedback from the launch of the South Beach Smoke Air and the additional line of e-liquids. Customers have been greatly enjoying the many options for different flavor options, and having an advanced vaping device such as the Air, made with the same South Beach Smoke technology and craftsmanship they are accustomed to.

EverSmoke: EverSmoke continues to be one of the top names in the e-cigarette industry, as well as one of the top points of entry for smokers looking to experience electronic smoking in a classy, comfortable, and affordable way. The brand also continues to provide users with an extensive library of information regarding electronic cigarette usage, legislation, and education through it’s innovative learning center.

VaporZone: Vapor Zone continues to blaze trails throughout the e-cigarette industry, gaining widespread praise and new users continuously with their impeccably designed advanced personal vaporizers. By offering exceptionally high-quality machines that appeal to every budget, and constantly coming out with new products that appeal to their ever-growing fan-base, this brand is always on the up-and-up. They recently unveiled a new Pro Starter Kit, featuring a stainless steel vaporizer body and a Platinum clearomizer tank, it’s a step up from the more basic Pro kit. The brand also launched a 3-Pack Sampler for their e-liquids, enabling users to purchase three flavors at once, in 10ml quantities which allow for them to sample more flavors and save some money at the same time.

Always innovating and expanding in new directions, we are all about keeping our brands ahead of the game. If you are interested in wholesale opportunities with International Vapor Group, do not hesitate to contact us regarding such.

What’s Hot in the E-Cigarette Market Right Now

variable-tipIn an ever changing market, it can be hard to decipher what customers are using at the moment, and what they are going to want in the future. Right now, in the e-cigarette market, vapers are going in two directions: beginning to use the products, and those who are looking for more advanced products because they enjoy vaping so much.

The electronic cigarette market is loaded with many different types of products. There truly is something for everyone, and something to satisfy every whim, whether the vaper is looking for a novelty type product or something that satisfies long term. Some vapers find one type of product, such as traditional 2-piece e-cigarettes, which work with disposable cartridges, and stick with them for an extended period of time. This style of alternative cigarette became so popular because it fulfills so many needs, feels comfortable to the user, and features a slim design that can go practically anywhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, consumers are very much into very advanced vaping products. People who have gotten into vaping as a hobby typically enjoy trying new things and exploring the many different options around. While some switched to e-cigs as a means of getting away from tobacco, with the intention of eventually halting their vaping as well, some find that they enjoy vaping so much as a hobby they want more and more exciting products.

At the same time, there are many different electronic cigarettes that fall between those categories. Disposable e-cigarettes are one such type, as they offer a similar experience to 2-piece e-cigarettes, however they are used straight from the package, do not need setting up, and they get disposed of when used through.

While there are many very advanced types of vaporizers, there are many that fall into the more basic end, and many consumers love these for their simplicity and ability to offer more power than a standard 2-piece e-cig, but still remain small and easy to use.

Currently, the e-cigarette market is loaded with options and plenty of offerings for anyone who wants to experience vapor smoking. As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, feel free to browse through all of the different offerings from our four different brands, all of which target specific customers.

Why Technology Counts

urlOne of our main points of focus is on technology. In this industry, it’s part of the foundation of the products, and as technology is always improving and advancing, in order to stay on top of things, it is absolutely essential to be ever-innovating.

All International Vapor Group brands have been developed on state of the art technology. Whether it’s on our more basic e-cigarette models, or on our highly advanced different vaporizer models, we aim to surpass all others in the market when it comes to our options and offerings.

South Beach Smoke was our first foray into the world of electronic cigarettes, in the earliest days of the industry. We focused our efforts into perfecting the 2-piece e-cigarette design, producing excellent vapor that smokers could relate to, and creating flavors that pleased overwhelmingly. We knew the importance then, that having products made with high quality, high technology, and were able to please a broad range of customers would lead to lasting results. And due to that philosophy, the brand was able to expand and grow exponentially very quickly. In no time at all, South Beach Smoke became one of the most recognized and sought-after brands in the market.

EverSmoke was our next brand, and we started with the same technology as South Beach Smoke, and expanded the available options to branch out to additional customers. Having implemented already successful technology allowed this brand to grow in new directions for us, reaching customers who were looking for something other than what we offered with South Beach Smoke.

VaporZone heralded in a new age of technology for us, as we wanted to keep in line with the changing tides of the market. VaporZone is a brand heavy on technology, and in it’s design, we set forth to create products that surpass others that are commercially available. As is often the case when new products emerge, the concept is there but not the quality. Knowing the market for advanced vaporizers was expanding, even with a lack of consistent quality, VaporZone was created to target the needs of users who wanted better products with the highest level of technology; and that is exactly what the end result has been.

We take technology very seriously, and we understand how important it is to the e-cigarette industry. Our brands have been founded on it, and it is a testament to where we are headed in the future!

Reasons VaporZone is the Top E-Cigarette Brand Right Now!

454642333_640Many of the names in the electronic cigarette industry come and go. Some stick around for long periods of time, and others stay simply because they are known, even if their quality is lackluster. VaporZone on the other hand, has become the premier name in e-cigarettes and vaporizers over the past year, and it’s due to having not only exceptional quality, but also great marketing, and being able to offer users the diversity and options they are looking for.

As the electronic cigarette market evolves, so do its users. Many who started out with the basic e-cigarettes, after switching from traditional cigarettes eventually quit using any nicotine products altogether, and others enjoyed the experience so much it has become a hobby and something of great enjoyment and have only sought more advanced products over time. While there are countless different reasons behind using e-cigarettes, and countless different types of users, one thing remains certain and that is what people are looking for is a great experience, enjoyable options, and quality that will not fail them.

VaporZone was developed to tackle these issues, as well as give e-smokers exactly the kind of experience they were looking for, whether they were beginner e-smokers who wanted something that compared well to traditional cigarettes, advanced users who wanted better made hi-tech devices, or those who wanted more options from the market besides low-end e-cigarettes that did not produce enough vapor or flavor.

As their popularity grows, VaporZone continues to win applause across the market from experts and users. Their wide range of flavor options, with the availability of custom blending flavors has garnered a lot of attention, as well as pleased users who enjoy having any flavors they crave. Having a very wide array of products, giving users the option to choose from numerous advanced models that have excellent performance allows them to continuously expand and gain new followers who want the best they can get – and at a great price. E-cig industry experts have given this brand rave reviews for their quality, selection, and unwavering performance.

All of this equates to one thing: VaporZone knows exactly what they are doing, exactly what this market needs, and exactly what it takes to be the best electronic cigarette brand out there!

WHO Encouraged by Scientists to Consider Electronic Cigarettes as Alternatives to Tobacco

the-e-cigaretteThe debate over electronic cigarettes continues to wage on, and this time the news is coming from top scientists who are urging the World Health Organization (WHO) to considering their classification of the electronic alternatives differently. In other words, they want WHO to avoid classifying electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, because in reality they are not tobacco products, contain no tobacco, and merely recreate the experience of smoking without smoke.

The scientists who are urging this decision are doing so on the premise that they believe in the many positive aspects of the products, as well as the major potential they hold for assisting smokers in avoiding a vast array of deadly diseases associated with smoking and tobacco usage.

Currently, WHO, which is a UN agency, is in the process of assessing its position on electronic cigarettes. In the past, they have made indications that they wanted to classify all nicotine-related products into the tobacco category, regardless of tobacco content. Last November, documents from WHO were leaked, which stated that they reportedly viewed electronic cigarettes as a threat.

However, the decision on how e-cigarette products are labeled will not be made without worldwide outcry, as a group of top scientists from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia have written an open letter to WHO general director, Margaret Chan on the subject. Their stance on e-cigarettes is that they are a “low-risk” product, and can play an influential role in the fight against tobacco and smoking, and should not be categorized as part of the problem. “These products could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century – perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives. The urge to control and suppress them as tobacco products should be resisted,” they scientists wrote.

As the debate wages on, we are very pleased to see top experts in the field of science taking a stand for electronic cigarettes, and willing to put their names to the fight in keeping them available. E-cigarettes are designed as alternatives to traditional tobacco products, and they should be considered as such, both on local levels as well as international.