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The Science Behind Switching

79365658-woman-smokingA recent study done by Robert West of University College London’s epidemiology and public health department, and published by Yahoo! Tech reported that electronic cigarettes are very effective at helping smokers switch to the smokeless alternative, and helping them steer completely away from tobacco use. This study concluded with a success rate of 60% for users when switching to e-cigarettes, in comparison to using other methods including nicotine patches, gum, or without any methods of assistance. Funded by the Cancer Research UK, and published in the journal Addiction, West surveyed smokers between 2009 and 2014 who attempted to quit smoking without the use of prescription drugs or the help of professionals.

The study was performed on 6,000 smokers over a period of 5 years, and the results suggest that electronic cigarettes have the potential to significantly assist in cutting down cigarette smoking rates, and as a result, assist in reducing tobacco-related illnesses and mortality rates.

As it is common knowledge, cigarette smoke-related diseases are plentiful, including numerous types of cancer, a variety of different respiratory illnesses, and cardiovascular diseases. In relation to public health, electronic cigarettes have the ability to improve and enhance public health because of their ability to assist smokers in switching to a tobacco-free method of obtaining nicotine.

20% of the people in the survey stopped smoking traditional cigarettes entirely when aided by electronic cigarettes, compared to 10% of those in the study who used nicotine patches and gum, and 15% whose success was based on their willpower alone, without additional methods of assistance.

While public opinion varies about the success rates and true abilities of electronic cigarettes assisting smokers with switching, many smokers have achieved excellent results when switching to electronic cigarettes based on their ability to control many factors of the experience, including how much nicotine they consume, how often they smoke, and how long each smoking session is. What this study shows is that e-cigarettes are a valid alternative to traditional tobacco products, and many smokers have achieved great success when switching because they provide all the same sensations, in a smoke and tobacco-free format.

If you are interested in learning more about different electronic cigarette products that are available, feel free to browse International Vapor Group’s different brands, all of which offer high quality alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

10 Reasons IVG Brands are the Best to Carry in Retail

hero_3brands2d1. Variety; IVG is four different brands targeting four different customers. Target your market right.

2. Quality. Yeah, we are quite adamant about this, however there is a severe lack of quality throughout the e-cigarette market, and we have built all IVG brands around this. There are many gimmicks you can sell, add all the bells and whistles you want, a high quality product is irreplaceable, and electronic cigarette consumers are looking for quality they can trust, depend on, and enjoy.

3. Experience. Our company has been built by innovative minds with more than 100 years of combined experience in business; we know where this industry is going.

4. The right price. While we strive to innovate and manufacture the next big thing, and we pride ourselves on having the very best electronic smoking products in the market, we also understand the importance of keeping our products affordable, both from a consumer and a retailer’s perspective. Quality does not necessarily mean more expensive.

5. Customer service at every level. We are there for our customers 100% and we are there for our business partners and partners in retail ventures 100%. Establishing relationships is very important, and we focus a great deal of attention to those we are in business with.

6. Consistent top reviews. All of our brands have received great praise throughout the industry for excellence in a variety of areas.

7. Consistent innovation. We are never satisfied. We are constantly looking to improve, even when we feel we have executed the best product possible. Innovation is about sensing where things are headed, and what our customers are going to want down the road.

8. Knowing what’s out there, and surpassing. For example, our brand Vapor Zone is all about top of the line Advanced Personal Vaporizers. They were not the first brand creating these by any means, however the market was missing quality, usability, and versatility, and with a keen attention to detail, engineering, and design, the line was developed.

9. Why carry lower-end products that will leave your customers unsatisfied, when you can carry IVG brands that please?

10. We are a pleasure to work with. Our brands are among the most sought after in the market, we offer a very large selection of different types of products, and our brands have achieved a level of popularity that customers recognize.

Working with International Vapor Group for your electronic cigarette retail needs may be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. We offer a multitude of options, and offer support every step of the way. If you are interested in working with us, contact us to find out more! 

Vapor Zone gets Top Honors From Top Review Site!

hero_home_vzVapor Zone has truly become quite the “it” brand for e-cigarettes. Recently, announced that Vapor Zone’s Pro vaporizer had executed the ideal makings in EVOD design, labeling it as “simply excellent.” is one of the leading authorities in electronic cigarette reviews, known for giving unbiased perspectives, based on actual experience with a variety of different e-cigarette makes, models, and brands.

After sampling the Pro starter kit from VaporZone, the staff at were ultimately pleased with every aspect of the device, coming away with a very profound sense of astonishment at how well this personal vaporizer was designed and created. Alexa Van Klemp, of remarked “I have been trying to find a single fault with this electronic cigarette but so far I have not been able to.”

Part of the appeal of VaporZone products are the acute attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and excellent durability. Users have been very pleased with the high levels of performance, with great vapor production, high power, and very delicious flavors. One of the standout features of all VaporZone products is the effort placed on the esthetic qualities, as every model they make happens to be very attractive in addition to working quite well.

Other aspects of the VaporZone Pro EVOD that impressed the reviewers of are the high-power capacity of the battery which can last more than a day on a single full charge with regular use, the option of three atomizer resistance choices, and the general ease of use this model was made with.

As stated by a representative from, “VaporZone truly knows how to cater to vapers through choice and quality, and for that reason I am sure this brand will flourish.”

We are pleased that Vapor Zone is making such an impact on the e-cigarette industry, market, customers, and even industry experts. Everything this brand stands for, every product and service was created and designed to fill a void where quality and options were missing, and it is wonderful to see this come to light.

Electronic Cigarettes and Taxation

imagesE-Cigarette regulations have been a big source of discussion in recent times, and even with the FDA ruling that regulations regarding their usage by minors are necessary, many users are still wondering where talks of taxing electronic cigarettes will go.

Many are concerned that electronic cigarettes will soon be taxed similarly traditional cigarettes, as many people, most notably legislators, are pushing for them to regarded in the same manner. Among the states considering taxing electronic alternatives are Rhode Island, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Washing, New York, New Jersey, and Indiana. They see this form of taxation as a positive gesture because the revenue on e-cigarettes is growing, and with sales encroaching upon the $2 billion mark, and expected to hit around $10 billion worldwide by 2017, the potential of taxation looks promising to legislators who see the move as beneficial to the economy.

The city of Olympia, Washington has been pushing for a high tax on e-cigarettes and accessories for some time now. Their House approved at 75% tax on e-cigarette products, however the committee is attempting to amend this bill, which is currently slated to incur $35 million yearly just for the city of Olympia. A taxation of this magnitude goes beyond even the taxes currently implemented on marijuana, alcohol, and even some types of tobacco products, which seems rather incongruent in terms of fairness.

However, this sort of drastic taxation, which would clearly drive the prices of electronic cigarettes and their accompanying products to much greater expenditures, will not be met without immense controversy and debate from the electronic cigarette community. A large portion of small business that specialize in e-cigarette products would be detrimentally affected, and the industry as a whole would see decreases in sales if this sort of taxation were to become national.

While no major decisions have been made, with this burgeoning industry comes the impending decisions on how to handle the massive sales electronic cigarettes continue to bring in. Many feel that e-cigarette taxation is merely a matter of time away, and we all hope that the most fair, practical decisions be made without harm to the industry. Electronic smokers deserve the products they want, without unfair costs attached.


Vapor Zone Franchising

IMG_01801As Vapor Zone grows, in popularity, as well as through the many stores that are now open, we are pleased to now have franchise opportunities available. This unique concept that is Vapor Zone offers the industry’s best retail locations, as well as electronic cigarette vaporizers, nicotine e-liquids, and additional products. As this industry is growing rapidly, moving from a niche market into mainstream distribution, franchising is expected to be one of the most significant areas of expansion. In 2014, it is expected that the e-cigarette industry will exceed $2 billion in sales; do you see yourself as a part of this growth?

The industry is obviously growing at a rapid rate, and many are looking for a way to take advantage of the many lucrative opportunities. If you are among them, why not consider a Vapor Zone franchise? Backed by a management team boasting over 100 years of combined business expertise, and some of the highest quality, top selling, most reputable products available, Vapor Zone is poised to take the industry by storm. With a combination of unique and very well made products, customized e-liquid blending, and an advanced management team behind every aspect of our business, we have developed a no-fail business success strategy.

As one of the only electronic cigarette companies that manufactures all of their products, we are committed to excellence on every level. We stand by all of our products, and maintain the highest standards.

Franchising is the next wave of the e-cigarette industry because users are looking for more advanced products, and more people than ever are using electronic cigarettes. One of the many reasons to work with Vapor Zone and International Vapor Group is that because we control all aspects of the production and manufacturing, we are able to provide a low overhead business model, which equates to greater savings and higher profits for those who work with us. This is an industry that drives customers back to locations to purchase additional products and liquid refills; customers are always coming back for more.

When working with us, we provide you all the tools necessary to manage your business, in addition to providing continuous support from our management team. We offer more than one franchise format; from free standing shops, to shopping center inline stores, mall inline, and mall kiosks, there are a variety of options available to fit your needs.

Vapor Zone is expanding, and if you want to be a part of this lucrative, innovative industry, apply now to get the ball rolling! Sales are waiting to be made, join us as we forge ahead!

E-cigarettes in Public

1399608977000-e-cigaretteWith the recent talks about electronic cigarette regulations, and more discussion on the products in general, one subject that continues to be approached is whether electronic cigarettes should be used in public. New York City recently implemented a ban on their usage in public places, categorizing them right along with traditional cigarettes, even though they are entirely different. What do you feel on the subject matter?

Obviously users and those in this industry feel they should be able to be used freely, as they are not the same as traditional cigarettes, they do not contain tobacco, and they do not emit smoke. While those on the other side of the argument feel they should not be tolerated in public because they recreate the experience, they do emit something, and because of a lack of testing we do not know if they carry a second hand smoke risk.

While their concerns are definitely worth addressing, electronic cigarettes can be used amidst a crowd and not even produce the faintest hint of an odor. Many people have used them covertly in public without being detected whatsoever, which is an obvious sign that they are not producing something relative of smoke.

Perhaps the most important thing in this debate would be to stress the importance of education. While it is one thing to believe every rumor and spread of propaganda being published, electronic cigarettes only continue to grow in popularity, and users are not experiencing negative affects the way they did with traditional cigarettes. It is extremely important for those who are not aware of what electronic cigarettes really are, what they contain, what they emit, and what their effects are to have a true understanding, and hopefully in time the public will become more aware and educated.

For those who have no true experience with the products, it can be easy to judge them and write them off as no different than cigarettes, however that isn’t the case. For example, traditional cigarettes are filled with not only tobacco, but tobacco that has been treated with a variety of thousands of additives, many of which are toxic. E-cigarettes contain a very small number of ingredients in them, no added toxins, and many companies disclose their formulas.

So, while many are unsure of electronic cigarettes and whether they have a right to be used in public, this decision should be looked at with facts as a basis. They are not traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are cigarette alternatives that produce clouds of vapor, and that is how they should be regarded, whether used in public or private.

IVG: What We Do

img_illustration_lgInternational Vapor Group makes top quality electronic cigarettes. We are leaders in the industry, designing, manufacturing, producing, distributing, and marketing some of the top names of smokeless cigarettes available. Our extensive variety of products can be found online, as well through brick and mortar retailers around the world. Each of our different brands specializes in innovation, and offering consumers the greatest level of quality and performance available.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of several essential parts, the most important being the battery, which is responsible for supplying power and serving as the “brain” of the devices. They also all contain some variation of an atomizer, which is what vaporizes the liquid nicotine into the vapor hits, a tank, cartridge or cartomizer that holds the liquid, and a mouthpiece made for puffing and inhaling on. And while these are the necessary parts that the majority of all vaping devices use, not all brands create them the same, or with the same level of technology to function at the highest level possible.

Each of our different lines, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporZone, specialize in unique product offerings, while all being based on the same technology. We focus on producing an experience customers are looking for, and with each of these lines, we aim to satisfy the needs and requests of our users.

Electronic cigarettes offer smokers an alternative option to traditional cigarettes, without smoke, tobacco, tar, or odor. They also modernize the smoking experience, allowing users the many benefits of reducing waste and simplifying usage with digital accessories as opposed to the mess, fire, and pollution that come with standard tobacco cigarettes.

At the same time, e-cigarettes recreate the experience, eliminating none of the pleasure or sensations, offering users a method that is both familiar and satisfying. While many find there to be an adjustment period when starting out with electronic cigarettes, typically getting used to the devices is not difficult or time consuming. What many are seeking is the same satisfaction they are used to with traditional cigarettes, especially in regards to vapor production, throat hit, flavor, and the effects of the nicotine, and our products are made to directly target these goals.

What IVG does is innovate, create, and supply our customers with the very best options available to enjoy electronic smoking. We believe in being ahead of the pack, and that’s the foundation of our business!

E-Smoke in the Office

officecigAs electronic cigarettes become more and more popular, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that they are becoming a “normal” part of our culture. While a decade ago they were unheard of, times have changed and they are really making an impact in the lives of smokers everywhere. Many business have embraced them, and interestingly they are being accepted for use in some offices. We are all for the normalizing of electronic cigarettes, and as a recent news report from NBC News demonstrated, many business owners now view these products as great options for their smoking employees, as well as a great way to boost productivity.

Employers have long seen traditional cigarettes as a major distraction. They have taken issue with employees taking excessive breaks, creating an unpleasant environment with the odor of the smoke, and in the long run, having more health issues and missing more work.

On the subject of productivity, many employers are happy with how well e-cigarettes allow users to stay focused, enjoy their nicotine, and all without leaving the building or halting their work tasks. Cigarettes are a distraction, and employers who allow their employees to vape at their desks during work hours have reported a boost in productivity and a happier environment overall because the smokers were less concerned on when their next cigarette would be, and more focused because they were satisfied.

While the majority of office environments out there are not exactly “Vaping Welcome” zones, just the fact that many managers and employers are beginning to take the approach of e-cigarettes being a good thing, as long as no one is complaining, it is a sign in the right direction. Many view the option of using electronic cigarettes as improving conditions for smokers in the workplace, and as long as it’s improving the bottom line, employers are beginning to see their many benefits.

The IVG Difference

imageIn the world of electronic cigarette retail, it may seem as though there are nearly endless brands offering what seem to be the same product. Where we differ amidst the crowd is that our products are different, our technology is different, and there are a multitude of facets to our company that go above and beyond simply retail and selling products.

Top Level Customer Care

The International Vapor Group difference starts with a dedication to innovation, and extends into all the different areas of our company. We pride ourselves on having top customer service, at every level. Whether we are working directly with customers who purchase through our websites to ensure their satisfaction, or are working with our vendors to ensure that all parts of the business relationship are working fluidly and beneficially. Customer service is a major part of what we do, and we understand the human aspect behind the transaction. We are all about that “WOW” factor, and know that it directly relates to better business.

Advancing the Industry

Research and Development is another part of what we do and an essential element to our foundation. We aim not to create what everyone else is offering in the e-cigarette market; our aim is to produce products beyond what others are doing. We want to create what customers are going to want in the future, and we want to create products that surpass current ideas of satisfaction.

Passion, Above All

We are a passionate company, made up of passionate individuals. We are passionate about what we do, and what electronic cigarettes bring to the world. We are passionate about how they have changed the lives of millions of people, for the better. We are passionate about the enjoyment we know our customers receive from using them. We are passionate about the future, where this industry is heading, and we are optimistic about what these products are capable of doing.

International Vapor Group is a company looking to the future, with a solid commitment to expertise. We are not playing catch-up to anyone; instead we are creating the next big thing. If your business views are in line with ours, and you are interested in high quality electronic cigarettes; let’s talk, shall we?