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Reasons to Carry Electronic Cigarettes in Your Store

Electronic-cigaretteWhen it comes to product selection, there are a multitude of different things to consider. When taking on a type of product, you have to consider your customers, the popularity of the items, and whether or not they are worth the gamble of the initial investment. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, have you considered adding them to your store? Here is a list of reasons they make excellent additions to retail selections of the right retailers, in the event you are considering them and want further details.

Less People Smoking, More People Vaping.

With cigarette costs always on the rise, and more people consciously aware of taking care of their health, smokers are continuously looking to move beyond tobacco. In seeking out alternatives to traditional cigarettes, millions have turned to e-cigarettes, and with great success.

Cost Differential; E-Cigarettes are Less Costly than Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are drastically less costly than tobacco cigarettes, and it is a very large motivator for those who are sick of spending an arm and a leg on cigarettes. Similar experience, less expensive.

Repeat Sales

Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes create a need for future purchases, so consumers who buy them at your location will be more likely to come back in the future for additional products such as accessories and refill cartridges.


It’s no secret how popular e-cigarettes are. Everyone from Millennials to grandparents, and dozens of celebrities have made the switch because having a smoke-free, tar-free, odor-free alternative to tobacco that offers the same nicotine sensation yet incredible amounts of freedom is very, very good.

Diversifying your selection shows consumers you are keeping up with the evolving markets. Being able to offer products that meet the needs of your customers, and potential customers can increase your sales and create an additional avenue for future revenue. If you feel your store can benefit from high quality e-cigarette products, have a look at the different, top selling, innovative offerings of International Vapor Group’s brands.

VaporZone’s South Beach Location Now Open!

safe_imageThis past week, our newest VaporZone location officially opened its doors for business! Located in the bustling heart of South Beach, we are very pleased to bring this brand’s amazing products to our customers in this area. As VaporZone has seen tremendous growth since launching, the opening of this store was big news, and we weren’t the only ones celebrating. Local radio station, Power 96 was there, NBCMiami published a feature on the opening, showcasing a collection of photos from the event, and local TV program, Deco Drive showed up to scope things out, and ran a feature on the location.

As this was the 8th VaporZone store to open, it was big news. Our other locations, including Doral, South Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Brandon, Clearwater, and Tampa have all experienced instantaneous approval from customers, so it was only natural to expand into South Beach, where the vaping scene has become quite popular.

VaporZone has been active in the community since launching, and the brand has truly made a name for itself among those who are big on the vaping lifestyle. As a brand, they fulfill a need in the industry as more than just a place to go get liquids and gear. VaporZone locations were designed to be hip, trendy places where electronic cigarette users can go to not only see, buy, and sample the finest e-cigarette products, but also hang out, talk with others who share the same vaping interest, and essentially be comfortable in an atmosphere where electronic smoking is completely welcome.

The South Beach VaporZone location does all of this, fitting completely in line with the area’s reputation for all things fun and pleasurable. The location features a staff who is expertly trained in every aspect of the products, has a fully equipped vapor tasting bar that is manned by professional vapologists who masterfully create the custom blends, and is stocked with all VaporZone products.

Suffice it to say, VaporZone’s newest location is exactly what was needed in South Beach, and we couldn’t be happier with the expansion!

CVS Plans to Dropping Cigarettes

CVS-Pharmacy-01Recently, major retailer CVS Caremark announced that they will no longer be carrying tobacco cigarettes and products in any of their locations. In an effort to refine their image, and fulfill a more healthful outward appearance, the major national pharmacy chain stated that as of October 1, 2014, they will discontinue all sales of tobacco, making them the first major national chain pharmacy retailer to end their sales of tobacco.

Based on the revenue of prescriptions, CVS is the nation’s largest pharmacy. This move will affect all 7,600 CVS locations, and is expected to create a possible loss of $2 billion yearly. Despite this however, CVS is holding to their commitment. The single largest contributing factor that lead to this decision was the Affordable Care Act.

In our view, regardless of the financial toll, we applaud CVS for taking such a bold stand against tobacco. This move has been praised by both the American Medical Association as well as President Obama, a former smoker himself.

CVS has long maintained that prevention is the most effective health initiative, and the company believes that carrying tobacco products is not in line with their mission. CVS’ competitors, such as Walgreens, do not plan on discontinuing tobacco products, however interestingly enough, we believe that CVS should take a cue from companies such as Walgreens whose offerings include alternatives to tobacco, such as electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are entirely different from traditional cigarettes, and Walgreens is among many major national chains to carry them. Providing an alternative option would benefit CVS immensely, and doing so could possibly help recover some of the sales they will be losing due to their ending of tobacco sales. As they are a pharmacy, the majority of their sales are not directly stemming from tobacco sales.

With the number of people smoking continuously on the decline, it only makes sense for retailers to expand in new directions, take new stands on products they do not agree with, and change with the times. As leaders in the electronic cigarette industry, we understand this need for change as well, and applaud CVS for standing up for the health of their customers.

E-Cigarette Regulations Announced

gavelThis week brought about a lot of news that the FDA was very much set to begin electronic cigarette regulations. While the regulations they plan to begin imposing are certainly not unexpected news for the industry, it’s been a long time coming, with all e-cigarette companies awaiting to know what the industry would eventually be facing.

Yesterday, US health officials proposed rules that would prohibit the sales of e-cigarettes, including both products and liquids, to minors. This is exactly the kind of regulating the e-cigarette industry was hoping for, and what those against e-cigarettes have been claiming makes the products dangerous. This proposal is the first attempt in the US to start regulating these devices, and it did not include recommendations that restrict online advertising, or online sales.

To the happiness of most e-smokers, regulations at this time will not be limiting the sale of flavored liquids, as was previously suspected. E-cigarette opposition groups have long cited that flavored e-liquids were enticing to children, even though the vast majority of electronic cigarette users are not under the age of 18. Most brands selling electronic cigarettes have not permitted minors to purchase from their sites, understanding the importance.

The electronic cigarette industry is expected to hit the $2 billion mark this year, and even with cities such as New York imposing their on e-cigarette bans, the popularity of these products continues to grow. If the industry were faced with limitations regarding the sale of flavors, it would most likely be catastrophic, because so many users have come to truly enjoy the wide range of flavor options.

Restricting the usage and sale of e-cigarettes to minors is an obvious move; the products are intended and created for use by adults only. However, it is great to see the regulations moving in a responsible way, and not creating a disservice to the adults who use the products with success.

Where Innovation Has Taken Us

hero_3brands2dWhen it comes to innovation, it’s at the core of our business. It’s the premise on which we build our products, and how we plan for the future. Each of IVG’s brands are unique in their approach to maintaining an innovative edge, and while we know the importance of staying competitive in this industry, we also know the importance of being ahead. Here is a look at each of our brands, and what they bring to the table and the market. If you’re looking for the most innovative electronic cigarette lines available, look no further!

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke launched during the beginning stages of the e-cigarette boom. They were certainly not the first e-cig company in the USA to hit the scene, however they offered comparable technology to what was out there, only with more advanced batteries, accessories, and performance. This lead to further advancements in all of their products, and set the tone for continuous innovation, as well as product developments. 4 years in, South Beach Smoke continues to be the first choice among thousands of users, as well as the first brand many turn to when they begin vaping.


EverSmoke was developed on the same technology and concept as South Beach Smoke, however aimed towards a more mature demographic, as South Beach Smoke tends to be a brand more associated with younger, trendier users. EverSmoke differs in product styling, accessories, and flavors, however the quality and innovation remains the same as their forerunner.


Still in their burgeoning stages, NutriCigs are the world’s first and only fortified electronic cigarettes. Disposable design, with fortified e-liquid, these e-cigarettes offer more than just nicotine; there is a blend designed to promote restfulness, a blend for curbing the appetite, and a blend made to promote boosting one’s energy.


VaporZone has taken the world by storm, receiving rave reviews and countless converts in the less than a year they have been on the market. Offering some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers and mods available, this brand is hotter than hot at the moment. As a unique concept, VaporZone does many things that other brands are nowhere near doing. With their top of the line electronic cigarettes, custom-blended e-liquids, and exceptional retail locations, they have become the top choice among vapers everywhere.

When it comes to innovation, look no further than IVG. We know what we’re doing, and we invite you to come along for the ride; the future is looking very promising!

Quality is What We Do

10014545_484128235022595_5968037398556267879_nWhy work with IVG brands? Simply, quality. It’s part of our foundation, and an essential part of all of our products. When you sell International Vapor Group brands, you are selling recognizable quality.

When it comes to quality, the term isn’t used lightly with any International Vapor Group product. It’s a conscientious standard, of producing products we are proud of, and maintaining a company we are confident in. Quality is in every aspect of what we do, and what we are. One of the main reasons we have managed to stay at the top of this industry for this long is because we are committed to having excellent quality, and we understand its importance when it comes to how we treat our customers. If you are curious about what has made us, it’s this unwavering level of commitment to high standards.

Top of the Line Products

Across all of our brands, we are known for our high standards, regardless of the type of product. From our basic model electronic cigarettes, to the most advanced vaping pens, we strive to keep the technology and durability at the highest level.


In the electronic cigarette market, innovative products are exceptionally important. There are countless products that fail to meet the expectations of users, and we choose to create products we stand by, instead. We have always sought to be ahead of the game, and have chosen to create products to meet the demands of the industry and beyond; rather than just recreating what is already out there.


Our commitment to quality extends beyond even the products however. From how IVG is run, to the people who manage the intrinsic operations; we emphasize quality because it enables us to provide the very best products and services, in a well functioning team environment.

International Vapor Group is a company of leaders and innovators. Having helped shape the modern electronic cigarette industry, we are committed to offering the best, in every aspect of our business.


E-Cigarettes and Travel: Best Places to Carry them for Travelers

ecigs_912_2Smokers travel just like nonsmokers, however it can be difficult for those who want to enjoy nicotine while they are on the move. So, among the many places that should be selling e-cigarettes, count in airport gift shops, hotels, newsstands, and any places where an influx of travelers are passing through. With more people smoking alternative cigarettes, and the limitations being imposed on travelers as to where they can smoke, e-cigs offer the perfect opportunity for smokers to smoke without smoke, and offer retailers the ability to add more items for sale.

Airport Gift Shops

Yes, it is common knowledge that electronic cigarettes cannot be used on airplanes, however many airports allow their use, and once out of the constrains of the airport altogether they are able to be used in areas where traditional cigarettes are not allowed. Because travelers understand that tobacco has many limitations, airport gift shops make the ideal location to carry e-cigarettes for travelers who are looking for alternative options.

Hotel Gift Shops

Hotels are another location specific to travelers where restrictions on tobacco cigarettes may get in the way of guests’ enjoyment. Many hotels do not allow cigarettes to be used anywhere on the premises, and others have designated areas where they can be used. In most cases, smoking in hotel rooms is strictly prohibited, both in terms of cleanliness as well as fire safety, while e-cigarettes pose neither of the same circumstances. Electronic cigarettes are the ideal compromise for hotels to please all of their guests, while avoiding tobacco. Carrying electronic cigarettes in their gift shops would enable hotel staff to offer an alternative to guests who want to smoke, without compromising those who have an aversion to tobacco, all the while adding sales.

Electronic cigarettes make the ideal nicotine option for travelers, as well as those in the industry. As an alternative to tobacco, they offer an additional method of revenue to businesses operating in the travel sector, and they give smokers an option outside of tobacco when they wish to smoke (traveling is stressful!). If you are interested in adding high quality electronic cigarette brands to your business, do not hesitate to contact us in regards to wholesale opportunities.

VaporZone News!

10007049_484425054992913_5558258852458275861_nVaporZone is heating up! The brand continues to make a loud presence in the South Florida/ Miami area, having made appearances at quite a few major local events as new stores open. This brand has gained immense popularity, and VaporZone fans have nothing but great experiences to report. The brand continues to represent the positive side of electronic cigarette use, maintaining a very solid presence within the community, and we are very proud of their efforts to spread the positivity across South Florida.

Recently VaporZone was featured all over the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Considered one of the biggest events for the Miami club scene and the definitive place to be for international DJ’s, the WMC lit up Miami with parties and music events. VaporZone was particularly popular at Ice Palace, where a full vapor display was set up inside, and there was an exquisite vapor bar happening outside. It was a really exciting scene, and VaporZone was more than happy to have such a grand presence at one of Miami’s landmark events.

This weekend, April 11-13, is all about pride in Miami Beach as the Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival takes over the town. Again, expect to see VaporZone making a grand presence, as they will be one of the event sponsors. Spreading the word and the vaping love, we hope to have everyone enjoying these awesome e-cigarettes in the spirit of pride and unity.

In other big news, VaporZone is also celebrating their expansion with the opening of several new stores. The South Beach location is set to open its doors on April 15, however the Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Tampa, Clearwater, and Brandon stores have recently opened, and are now in full swing. These newest additions bring it to a total of 8 locations currently open, with an additional 4 VaporZone Express satellite locations.

VaporZone’s impressive expansion, growth, and popularity are a sign of how excellent this brand is. Continuing to spread through the South Florida area, and beyond, keep an eye on this brand as they keep blazing the trail!


Selling E-Cigarettes at Gas Stations

Disposable_Electronic_Cigarette_t700Purchasing electronic cigarettes at gas stations has gotten a rather skewered reputation. With so many low-grade brands, consumers are often suspicious about buying them at said locations. Considering they are such convenient places to purchase cigarettes and cigarette alternatives, it would seem that gas station owners would be more inclined to carry electronic cigarettes of a higher quality. If you are in such a position of maintaining the electronic cigarette selection of a gas station, here is a look at the different reasons to go with brands such as those from International Vapor Group, instead of lower-end versions.


All IVG brands maintain a consistent level of quality, of which our customers have come to expect from us. As a retailer, you can expect this as well, because not only does it draw in sales, it gives customers the confidence to purchase again. We believe in quality above all else; the e-cigarette market is filled with products that cover all ground; and we choose to have top quality. It creates repeat customers and repeat sales, as well as contributes to an overall great reputation.


We believe in offering a wide selection of products, ranging from electronic cigarette disposables, to different types of e-cigarette models, starter kits, accessories, cartridges, and now vaporizers and e-liquids. We offer a large variety because there are endless needs to meet when you consider smokers as individuals. More of what people are looking for will create greater sales.

Longtime Experience and Recognition

Having been a part of the electronic cigarette market since its earliest days, we have built a longstanding reputation for quality and excellence. Our customers have come to know this about us, and expect it. Our brands are synonymous with high standards and great selection, and our brand names are instantly recognized.

Electronic cigarettes are exceptional products, when the user can find good ones. They provide many benefits over traditional cigarettes, and offer a real alternative to the trouble that comes with smoke; so many millions of smokers would not have switched if that weren’t the case. If you have control over the inventory of cigarettes at a gas station, consider the benefits of carrying International Vapor Group brands. Our quality, selection, and solid presence in the industry will enable you to broaden your selection while giving customers products they truly want to use, and purchase again in the future.

The Current State of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigaretteWith each year, electronic cigarettes prove to be even more successful than years prior, and they have currently reached the status of widespread acceptance and a certain level of normalcy. They are continuously used by celebrities, as well as by thousands of others who are choosing to live better without the smoke. And there is very good reason why: e-cigarettes offer the same pleasure and sensations as traditional cigarettes without the smoke, tar, residual odor, and inconveniences that come with burning.

Financially, each year the industry has grown massively. In fact, the growth has been so rapid that since 2012, tobacco companies have slowly come over to the electronic side, with Lorillard being the first with their acquisition of a major e-cigarette company.

However, with this expedited growth, and the subsequent decline in traditional tobacco cigarette sales, federal and state governments are looking to recoup lost income from taxes, and e-cigarettes are their target. As many states have started implementing e-cigarette sales bans, restricting their usage in public places, and attempting to categorize them as traditional cigarettes, it leaves the question to be asked about the motives behind these strategic movements. Is it a public health issue or does it really come down to finances?

Currently, 46 of the 50 states are receiving an approximate $10 billion annually from taxes of tobacco companies, as a result of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement. Seeing that tobacco sales continue to lessen, and electronic cigarettes are currently subject only to sales tax, 30 states are contemplating taxing electronic cigarettes to cut losses and make gains where smokers are using alternatives.

While government regulation is certainly imminent, only time will tell what that means for the electronic cigarette industry. Most people involved are vying for restrictions that include age verifications, ingredient labels, clear information on manufacturing practices, and others that validate the quality because they make sense. However, legislation that benefits only governments, and impedes smokers who want affordable, legitimate alternatives to cigarettes is simply wrong.