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Reasons to Choose IVG Brands

Retail Management certificateWhen choosing brands to carry in the retail environment, you have to consider a broad range of factors. Ultimately, you want to appeal to your customers, and to create repeat sales, and in this context, quality and price are of utmost importance. Here is a look at the different attributes of International Vapor Group brands, and why we are at the forefront of the e-cigarette retail market.

USA-Made Liquids

Across all of our brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, NutriCigs, and VaporZone, one common thread of quality is that all of the liquids we use in our electronic cigarettes, as well as sell on their own, are made in the USA. While this is not a core standard amongst all brands, we hold true to it because it ensures that our liquids are the freshest, and most potent. When liquids are manufactured overseas, the standards are often less strict, and by the time they reach the customer, they are often not as fresh as those manufactured here. Understanding the need for the highest quality product, we have found USA made e-liquids to be the best, and that is why we do not compromise that standard.

Recognized names

Our list of brands have received much acclaim through the industry, and carrying brands that customers recognize is of obvious importance. South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and now VaporZone have all acquired legitimate followings, and have become known as top quality e-cigarette brands.


At the core of our business is a commitment to innovation. Electronic cigarettes were founded on the premise of offering smokers the ability to smoke without tobacco, and we have always sought to innovate further. If we did simply what everyone else was doing, there would be no purpose in our company. We choose to create what hasn’t been done before; we choose to develop products that will benefit electronic cigarette users in new ways; we choose to improve upon quality and create products that perform in more advanced ways.

Customer Service

When you work with International Vapor Group, you work with a company that is committed to our customers and business partners wholly. We take our relationships very seriously, and we understand the importance of having the best product. Low end electronic cigarette products are a dime a dozen; we aim higher, and hope as a retailer, you do too!

Who Smokes Electronic Cigarettes?

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTESWhen it comes to electronic cigarettes, there is a large demographic. Millennials seem to be choosing e-smoking over traditional tobacco cigarettes, however the age range for electronic smokers covers all ground. Suffice it to say, if you want to know who is using alternative cigarettes, it’s everyone! Here is a look at the different groups of people who have found them to be even better than the real thing, and have made the switch.

Former Smokers

Nearly all electronic cigarette smokers are former cigarette smokers. Their reasons for switching run the gamut- some wanted to be done with tobacco altogether, some wanted a more affordable option, some prefer the ability to enjoy the sensation without smoke or nicotine, others list all of the reasons above for switching. And whatever their reasoning, e-cigarettes have given millions of people more of what they want out of life and their smoking habit.

Older Folks

The older people get, the more imperative it becomes to drop the cigarettes. It’s no secret that we are more susceptible to life threatening ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer when smoking cigarettes. Seeing this, and wanting to go an alternative direction, aging people understand the importance of finding other options to smoking, and many are happy to trade their tobacco cigarettes for electronic.

Younger Folks

While health reasons become more of a threat to the aging population, cigarettes can cause illness no matter what your age. As you know, people have many reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes, and regardless of age, most adults are interested in living a better quality of life and investing in their health.

College Students

College students often smoke cigarettes. They are also notoriously short on cash. Many campuses are not fond of cigarettes, even instituting bans on smoking altogether. This has lead many students to invest in e-cigarettes, in an effort to enjoy their nicotine in a more cost effective, tolerable, modern and enjoyable way.


Getting noticed, and being proud to flaunt their e-cigarettes, celebs have been a part of the vapor cigarette movement since the start. Hollywood’s trend setters can always be counted on to inspire others, and they sure have done their part to promote electronic cigarettes since the earliest days; especially since tobacco cigarettes make them look so passé.

So who is smoking e-cigs? Just about everybody! Millions of people all over the world have switched, so if you are wondering who your target demographic is for e-cigarette sales, it’s as varied as those who smoke cigarettes! If you want the best possible way to reach them, our advice is to carry a well-rounded selection of electronic cigarette products that cover all ground.

Making Waves with the South Beach Smoke Air

air-detailsThe South Beach Smoke Air has now been available for several weeks, and it has been very well received by customers. It has been exactly what many were looking for, and the expanded selection of e-liquids has given them unlimited options for flavor enjoyment.

With the popularity of e-cigarettes vaporizers continuously on the rise, this new direction has been very beneficial. Offering products that constantly please our customers has always been the basis of our company, and we are very excited with the turnout thus far.

South Beach Smoke has been one of the top electronic cigarette brands since 2010, when they launched. They received instant recognition through endorsements from MTV and OK! Magazine, solidifying their presence as a trendy, yet high-quality electronic cigarette brand. Since their inception, South Beach Smoke has been committed to cutting edge technology, and making electronic cigarettes accessible to those who want the benefits of vapor smoking.

It is this same adherence to technology and versatility that the South Beach Smoke Air was developed. Seeing the trend in the market as more advanced users look for more advanced products, South Beach Smoke saw the perfect opportunity to develop their own highly-advanced vaporizer, as there are so many on the market with less than optimal performance abilities.

Since hitting the market, the Air has impressed customers immensely, and has managed to receive rave reviews from those who have used it. Customers are pleased with its powerful battery performance, ability to last a very long time through charges, and how it does not take very long to charge it to full capacity. Many are also pleased with the new array of flavor offerings, allowing them even more options for flavor, especially with the ability to have them custom blended.

It goes without saying that much effort was put into the development of the South Beach Smoke Air, and we are exceptionally pleased that our customers have embraced it wholly. We firmly believe that the future of smoking is electronic, and we’re thrilled to be an influential force with the development of our products! If you are interested in adding the Air products to your retail selection of electronic cigarettes, we would love to discuss the possibilities further!

E-Cigarettes: Purchasing in Retail vs. Online

imagesAll IVG brands are available for both retail sales as well as online, and we are pleased with both avenues of sales. While both are profitable, they each have their pros as well as cons; here is a look at all the benefits to electronic cigarette retail sales, and why these products are perfect for brick and mortar businesses.

Convenience: Shoppers do not always want to wait on shipments. Online shopping promises the simplicity of clicking and buying, however shipping requires patience, and expedited options can be very costly. Being able to drive up to a local shop, go in and grab what you need, and head out is never going to be fully replaced by internet shopping.

The Experience: Being face to face with the items purchased gives the customer a much different experience than shopping over the internet, and guessing if it will be what you want, even with research done. For e-cigarette users, the ability to see the products up close and personal, being able to sample e-liquids, and test out the desired products gives them a much greater sense of the items. If they plan on investing several hundred dollars into electronic cigarette products, it’s very much worth it to have a personal experience before committing, rather than later having to send things back to the company because they are not satisfied.

Payment Options: Not everyone is comfortable disclosing their credit card or debit card information over the internet. Even with safety and privacy disclosures from companies, many shoppers are suspicious of online financial transactions. There are also many people who still prefer to pay in cash as well, making brick and mortar shopping more comfortable for them.

While electronic cigarettes became popular through online sales, they are now very much readily available in retail stores such as gas stations, convenience stores, and vapor shops. The market continues to expand in this direction; while it may be dwindling in others, e-cigarette shoppers love being able to get what they want instantly!

How the Nation is Handling E-Cigarette Regulation

8b2af907bc9cfc30d0f91fbb97377ad8The greatest news surrounding the electronic cigarette industry as of late deals with regulations. States all over the nation are discussing how to regulate them, and whether they deserve the same treatment as traditional cigarettes, which you may know are highly regulated. Here is a look at some of the different regulations regarding electronic cigarettes, some states and jurisdictions are considering.

Tobacco Taxes: As tobacco sales decline, some states are considering implementing similar taxes on tobacco alternatives to make up the losses. These taxes could cause the prices of e-cigarettes to spike, and many people feel smokers would be less likely to consider using alternatives if that happened.

Indoor Usage: Cigarette smoking indoors publicly has not been accepted and/ or legal for years now, and there are many places that want to enact the same restrictions regarding e-cigarettes. New York City was one of the first places to put this law into action, with mayor Bloomberg signing a bill that groups e-cigarettes into the Smoke Free Air Act, giving them the same status as traditional cigarettes. In New York City, they are banned in all of the same places as traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is a rather ignorant rule, as e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, emitting only vapor, and no evidence proves they have the same effects to be considered as such.

Sales to Minors: This is an obvious part of regulation, and most e-cigarette companies and retailers will agree it makes complete sense. Electronic cigarettes are intended for use by adults only, and most company have their own restrictions in place to prevent minors from purchasing them.

Sales Bans: Some states have attempted sales bans on all e-cigarette products, and others such as the city of New York have considered banning e-liquid flavors in an attempt to keep them from luring in minors. However there is little evidence that flavors are what attracts teens and young adults into using tobacco and/ or e-cigarette products.

Licensing: Licensing meant to be purposely burdensome is another avenue states and other locales are considering to regulate e-cigarettes. The root of this is in how the FDA will eventually regard e-cigarettes, either as tobacco products or alternatives.

We hope the industry continues to move forward in this positive direction, because we know regulations will happen in only a matter of time. As a major e-cigarette company, we are all for responsible regulations, especially those regarding minors. If you are contemplating whether or not e-cigarettes can be sold in your area, it is best to do some research prior. In most places in the US, they have not been subject to harsh regulations at this time, and hopefully all future regulations will be to the benefit of the industry, to promote a higher standard of products.

VaporZone Continues to Make Headlines!

safe_imageOur newest brand, VaporZone, continues to create buzz with their incredible products, concepts, marketing, and locations! If you’re considering adding exciting new brands of electronic cigarettes to your retail selection, consider this brand, as they are quickly proving how exceptional they are and customers are continuing to prove how well received they are.

Ever since launching, VaporZone has acquired attention. They have managed to grab headlines from the start, and are still on it months later. Whether it’s for their incredible stores where customers are continuously wowed with the products and e-liquids, or their smooth marketing techniques, such as their hilarious, eyebrow-raising Super Bowl commercial that really got people talking.

Even before the Super Bowl commercial aired, there was much buzz on it, and Fox News went Behind the Scenes to get further details on it. Everyone knew it was going to be hot, and VaporZone’s Facebook marketing of it only fueled the fire, asking viewers if they thought it was going to be too hot for TV?

Right after the Super Bowl commercial launched, South Florida news stations could not get enough! This is a town that is quite proud of homegrown companies, and when they are offering services, and products such as these (as well as a few laughs in the process), people get excited.

Just last week, once again VaporZone was featured on the local news, on WSVN’s Style File. They came by to tour our new locations, as well as stopped by one of our Miami locations to report on the vaping scene, which is getting really popular. They gave all the details on what the atmosphere is like, and truly showcased how fashionable, yet positive vaping is.

All over South Florida, VaporZone has become the number one choice among e-cigarette users, because of their quality, style, and endless options, and the media’s constant coverage proves it. If you want to be a part of one of the hottest growing brands of e-cigarettes, contact us about wholesale opportunities!

Why Are Smokers Switching to Vapor?

12VAPORIUM-master675Electronic cigarettes remain an excellent alternative to tobacco, both for consumers as well as retailers. So why are customers so happy to switch to electronic, and not revert back to tobacco? Here are some of the reasons e-cigarettes are the better way to go, whether you are selling them or using them!


E-cigarettes give their users added freedom that was never possible with traditional cigarettes. No one likes being told “no.” Smokers are tired of dealing with smoking bans, tired of having to adjust their smoking to accommodate others, and tired of their habit being an inconvenience. E-cigarettes give smokers the freedom to smoke in many public places, and around people who have aversions to smoke. As a retailer, you avail them the ability to have more freedom, which is priceless.

More Affordable

Everyone knows how expensive traditional cigarettes are, and having an alternative that feels as good and costs less alleviate many problems. Carrying a product that customers are seeking, and is a cost effective alternative gives you additional opportunities to tap into additional markets, and make up losses from dwindling cigarette sales.

More Choices

Pleasing a large array of customers is not the easiest thing to do, especially in today’s era of convenience and getting what you want, as quickly as possible. No one wants to wait, and people expect their needs to be met at light speed; what this means is that products need to be adaptable and available. E-cigarettes give smokers many more choices, many more options, the ability to have what they want when they want it, and being able to customize the smoking experience to suit their needs easily.

Smokers continue to switch to electronic cigarettes at a very rapid rate, and the industry is expanding every year. Having a more modern, more convenient way to smoke allows users to have their way, without sacrificing any enjoyment, all the while avoiding tobacco. As a retailer, selling electronic cigarettes is in your best interest because it enables you to offer a product that is in demand, opening more channels to business!

Get Ready, The South Beach Smoke Air is on the Verge of Launching!

img_air_kitSouth Beach Smoke, our very first electronic cigarette brand is on the verge of launching an amazing new concept: The Air.

The Air is a remarkable electronic cigarette, a personal vaporizer offering our users even more power and performance than they are already used to with our standard two-piece e-cigarettes.

Vaporizers have become very popular in recent times, as more e-cigarette users aim for more powerful, more advanced models. While these types of models look nothing like typical e-cigarettes, or traditional cigarettes, they offer a similar performance in use, only more powerful and available with more features. The Air will be available for sale on its own, as well as in a starter kit package containing several accessories.

The South Beach Smoke Air was created to break into the market of vaporizers, with our signature take on quality and design. With a sturdy, stainless steel body, the look of the Air was meant to appeal to both men and women who want a vaporizer that is equally able to perform how they want it, and remain heavily stylish at the same time.

In addition to releasing this innovative product, South Beach Smoke has partnered with another of our brands, VaporZone, to carry their wide selection of American-made, top quality e-liquids for use with the Air. Just as they are available with VaporZone, customers will be able to custom blend their liquids however they like, as well as use them with a new selection of refillable cartridges that work our two-piece e-cigs for the additional benefit of having more flavor choices.

We are very excited about the launch of this revolutionary product, and cannot wait to bring this advanced technology to our customers! With a history of always being committed to new products that enable our clientele to further enjoy their electronic smoking, we welcome this new era of advancement! Get ready!