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E-Cigs Save Consumers Money

money_flickr_amagill_25Part of the allure for many electronic cigarette smokers is the draw of saving more money. Since cigarettes have always been a very expensive habit, and more people are aiming to cut corners and tighten their belts after enduring the recession of recent years, e-cigarettes have emerged as a fantastic way for users to move away from tobacco and go after the alternative. Money talks, and people like to save it!

As a retailer, offering cost effective solutions can mean more business for you. If you carry traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes enable you to broaden your selection, appeal to new customers, and give your current customers the ability to save more money.

On average, electronic cigarette users (with South Beach Smoke) save between $1500 – $2000 yearly, after switching to vaping from tobacco cigarette habits that ran them about a pack a day. E-cigarette users are always content with their savings upon switching, and being able to have an alternative method that adds so much to their lives in addition to saving money makes for a really excellent product.

Consumers are always looking to save money, and giving them the options to do so in your venue is all the more incentive for both parties. E-cigarettes are hotter than ever, and the benefits are widespread. An easier, more convenient way to smoke, that allows the user to have nicotine without tobacco, and with huge savings? Tell me you don’t see the appeal! Give your customers what they’re looking for, and chances are, they will be back for refills and additional savings!

If you are looking to add to your current selection of products, talk to us about adding our best-selling brands of electronic cigarettes to your inventory!

Vapor Zone Retail Expansion

1467352_430499127052173_1284768353_nAs Vapor Zone continues to grow, and expand, their locations are becoming hot spots for the South Florida vaping community. Having two successful stores currently open, one in South Miami and the other in Doral, they are also in the process of opening an additional six locations. With their current expansion underway, the new store locations will be located in South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Tampa, Clearwater, and Brandon; all of which are in the hiring process currently.

While doing great online, Vapor Zone understands and emphasizes the importance of connecting with customers and holding a brick and mortar presence that serves the community. Having a brilliant concept that goes beyond just the retail of e-cigarette products, consumers have taken to their stores with great acceptance.Vapor Zone is making great headway and giving their customers an excellent resource for all things electronic cigarette related. In store, all VaporZone locations carry the full line of products and feature an e-liquid bar, equipped with experienced and skilled “Vapetenders” who expertly mix the e-liquids into the custom blends.

Another retail concept Vapor Zone has created are their Vapor Zone Express Locations, which are basically a “store within a store.” They are satellite locations, situated inside of other retail stores, and they carry a select number of VaporZone products. Their focus is on only the most popular items, as well as the most popular custom blends. It should be noted that these locations do not have e-liquid bars, and custom blending is not done on site.

Currently, there are three Vapor Zone Express locations in the South Florida area; one in Downtown Miami at the Village Humidor, the next in Coconut Grove, Fl at Coco Cigar, and the third in Pompano Beach, Fl at Let’s Vape. If you are interested in adding a Vapor Zone Express location to your retail store, feel free to contact us! Don’t waste any time in becoming a part of this exciting brand!

E-Cigarettes are Booming; Altria Purchases Green

123312555_394212cThis week, news broke that tobacco giant Altria purchased the electronic cigarette brand, Green Smoke. The move shows how the tobacco industry continues to diversify as tobacco sales continue to decline. The purchase announcement served as a further indication of the tobacco industry’s commitment and confidence in the electronic cigarette market. In their announcement, Altria stated that their subsidiary Nu Mark LLC would be acquiring Green Smoke for approximately $110 million, expecting to close finally during the second quarter.

As you most likely already know, Altria is not the first tobacco company to purchase an already successful electronic cigarette brand. In April of 2012, Lorillard became the first tobacco company to acquire an electronic cigarette brand when they purchased the line Blu.

As the tobacco industry continues to expand into the electronic cigarette industry, it becomes more and more certain that e-cigarettes are a force to be reckoned with. Predictions have e-cigarettes completely overtaking tobacco sales in the coming decade. While this industry is still in its infancy by comparison, as international tobacco sales are at approximately $697 billion, the tobacco industry knows their time is limited as smokers continue to lessen their smoking, and switch to electronic alternatives.

Further promise for consumers are talks of the FDA regulating e-cigarette products, to ensure safety and their efficacy, especially in regards to their effects on the body. Additional regulations will be geared towards underage usage, as there will be strict age limits towards the products as there are with tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more accepted, and this recent acquisition of Green Smoke by Altria proves it. The tobacco industry is sure of it, e-cigarette users are sure of it, and e-cigarette companies are sure of. Electronic smoking literally is the future’s way of smoking.

Our CEO’s Business Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs-01IVG’s CEO, Nick Molina was recently interviewed for a feature in BusinessNewsDaily, and was asked a variety of questions about success in entrepreneurship. As someone who seen great achievements in his own startups (in regards to e-cigarettes and others), he obviously has a great deal of wisdom to pass on, especially where emerging technology is concerned.

The first startup Molina created was Let’s Talk Cellular and Wireless, a provider of wireless products and services; the year was 1989. In the past 3 decades, much has changed and by 2009, when he started International Vapor Group, entrepreneurship had become a totally different playing field. One of the biggest challenges has been in competing with the younger generation, and it has taught him a lot about business today.

Here is his advice to Generation X entrepreneurs on how to handle the influx of ambitious Millennials, and what he believes it takes to be successful in today’s competitive business environment.

-Millennials are really, really good with technology. They have grown up with it invading every aspect of their lives, so as they’ve grown, they’ve learned to use it effectively in every way. You can stay on par with them by staying in tune with technology as they have done. Knowledge is key here.

-Millennials are not afraid of taking risks; one of the best advantages of youth is having nothing to lose and the ability to get ahead by taking big risks; something Molina learned very young. In keeping up with Millennials in this position, the key is to take educated risks and be prepared to spar with those who are fearless when it comes to risk taking.

-Hire your competition. Millennials can really help your business with their edgy ideas, tech savvy ways and ability to adapt to today’s ever-changing technology and business environment. In Molina’s words of advice: “Hire the young guns. They’re the ones who will keep you sharp and on edge. You have to try to mitigate your risks, but you also need to be willing to take chances, because if you don’t, the competition will.”

For retailers: Understanding the Market

1ZLL_e_cigarettes04If you are a retailer interested in carrying electronic cigarettes, you may be wondering which products would be ideal to sell. When working with a large company such as International Vapor Group, the options are very extensive, and it may be difficult knowing which  specific products to choose. You have to have a general idea of your clientele, and where their interests may lie.

The e-cigarette market is filled with many different types of products, and with millions of people using them, variety is obviously of great importance. Many experienced users are looking for specific products, that do specific things, and work according to their specifications. Beginners tend to be looking for something that works as an alternative to cigarettes, and many want two-piece e-cigarettes that resemble them.

If you carry traditional cigarettes, chances are, your customers are going to be interested in e-cigarettes, generally speaking. If you are going to start implementing e-cigarettes, going with a very recognizable brand like South Beach Smoke is a great idea, as customers can identify with the name and products. Starting off with a selection of starter kits, cartridges and disposables would be ideal. This offers a variety of choices for different budgets, especially catering to beginners to get them started, and hopefully in the future, getting them back to your location for additional products and cartridges.

If you know your clientele consists of experienced e-cigarette users, who want to expand their horizons with a selection of great products, you may consider carrying a variety of our brands, especially our latest, VaporZone. This brand has become the top choice of many vapor smokers, and the advanced products with great performance appeal to many.

If you are wanting to add electronic cigarettes to your retail selection but are not sure where to begin, hopefully this has helped! If you are interested in adding International Vapor Group products to your store, and need further assistance, do contact us; we’d be glad to help!