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Best Places to Sell E-Cigarettes

g12c000000000000000e877631ac8738c8df05b654099948b0f981e15ffAny location that carries traditional cigarettes makes an excellent venue for electronic cigarettes. Of course the level of quality is of utmost importance, and if your retail location is looking to broaden the selection of offerings for smokers, or those who have switched to vaping, International Vapor Group offers a wide range of products that appeal to beginners, novices, dabblers and hobbyists. Hotels, bars, liquor stores, gas stations, and convenience stores are all typically known for carrying a selection of cigarettes, and because this industry is expanding, they can help expand your profits. As more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes, these are the perfect products to help pick up the sales that are dropping due to smokers switching.

A simple example of great places to sell e-cigarettes is any location that sells traditional cigarettes. They are also great to carry in locations where traditional cigarettes are not allowed, but catering to smokers who still want the freedom of having their nicotine is possible, such as in the case of bars and hotels. Many locations looking to appease their smoking and nonsmoking customers have taken to selling electronic cigarettes because they are a major benefit to all, in addition to their profitability.

Obvious choices that have been in the e-cigarette game for years include gas stations and convenience stores, as these locations have always been the go-to spots for cigarette sales. It was only fitting that e-cigarettes would fit right into their inventories, right from the start. However one situation that has come to light in recent times is that the majority of gas stations and convenience stores do not carry electronic cigarettes of a higher level; and this is where carrying International Vapor Group products may be in your best interest. Our wholesale opportunities present high profit margins and brands that are recognized for their quality.

If you sell traditional cigarettes, think about selling electronic cigarettes. If you feel that your business can benefit from the sales of smoke-free, tobacco-free cigarette alternatives, consider e-cigarettes as a way of making all of your customers satisfied.

It’s as simple as that! Why lose out on sales, and making your customers happy if you don’t have to?

Introducing the Redesigned South Beach Smoke Website!

main_banner_made_in_the_usaSouth Beach Smoke, one of the top brands of electronic cigarettes, has just unveiled their recently redesigned website! The new look was done to refresh the visual appeal, and to make a historical reference to the “golden era” of smoking, only updated and tailored to fit the more modern version of smoking; electronic smoking.

The look is clearly influenced by the brand’s South Beach namesake, taking a cue from the locale’s signature art deco past. It is a fresh new take for this brand that has been in existence since the earliest days of e-cigarettes, and the look clearly shows where the brand is headed. The South Beach Smoke customer tends to be wary of trends, and up for trying new things, so adding some fun and style is right up their alley. Feeling good about being able to smoke freely is not something smokers are typically used to anymore, but because of e-cigarettes, this can once again be experienced.

The design of the site is meant to evoke the glamour, the social acceptability, and the appeal smoking once had, only in a more modern, people-friendly, non-invasive way, because e-smoking is all of these things. The redesign is meant to show users that vaping can be as enjoyable, if not more so, than traditional smoking. It can be every bit as stylish and attractive as smoking once was, only without the excessive negative attributes. We want South Beach Smoke users to feel great about their products, knowing they are getting so much more out them than was ever possible with traditional cigarettes.

The redesigned look of South Beach Smoke can be seen throughout all products, the website, and just about all branding. It was done precisely with the customer in mind, and so far the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. With our new design, we are definitely looking to the prospects ahead of us!

In the very near future, at the request of our loyal fans, we will be unveiling a new lineup of flavors to add to our already diverse collection. And to celebrate, we will be hosting a very exciting sweepstakes contest we’re sure customers will be thrilled to enter. So stay tuned!

Liquor Stores: Perfect for Electronic Cigarette Sales.

sbs_express_kits_combinedLiquor stores sell more than just alcohol; they also sell traditional cigarettes, and this alone makes them a perfect candidate for selling electronic cigarettes. If you own a liquor store, or handling the purchasing for one, have you considered the profitability of including electronic cigarettes in your inventory? Not all smokers these days are looking for tobacco, and expanding your selection to cater to the needs of all is always a smart idea.

Liquor stores carry a wide selection of products aimed at the adult clientele, which is precisely the target market for e-cigarettes. As this industry has exploded in popularity and sales, why not make your store available to the movement? Less people start smoking every year, and more smokers are quitting than ever before. Millions have switched to vaping, and offering these products gives your customers an additional benefit to buy from you.

While bigger ticket items such as starter kits may not be the biggest sellers in a liquor store, where patrons are typically going to be spending on liquor, having a selection of disposable e-cigarettes, as well as smaller Express Kits make excellent items for those who tend to buy on impulse.

International Vapor Group brands are ideal in this instance because they cover a lot of ground where selection is concerned. Disposables and Express Kits are solid, economical choices, and avail the products to consumers who are initially looking to try the products. Express Kits from South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke offer the same great e-cigarettes from these brands, in basic packages that include one battery, one charger, and one cartridge.

The South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke lines have different disposable e-cigarettes, which are highly convenient and available in different flavors. Made as a single unit, each lasts about the length of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and when it’s used through, it gets tossed. They are ready for use straight from the package, and need no set up or charging. The NutriCigs e-cigarettes are similar as they are disposables as well, however they are very much beyond traditional electronic cigarettes. They are infused with all-natural supplements for additional benefits, not just nicotine, and they would be excellent additions to a cigarette inventory.

If your liquor store needs some updating done to the selection of tobacco alternatives, consider adding International Vapor Group products to your selection. Tobacco only goes so far these days, the future of smoking is electronic; our products give you the best the market has to offer!

Electronic Cigarettes: Better for the Environment, Better for the Future

eco-friendly-businessHaving environmentally friendly products is more than a passing trend, more than a bragging point, and more than a cool sales pitch; it’s rather responsible. As consumers become more aware of their buying choices, many choose to go the more sustainable route because it avails some peace of mind. Retailers understand this, and many see the great profitability in providing products that are more environmentally conscious.

In every sense, electronic cigarettes are much better for the environment than traditional cigarettes. They are not part of the destructive farming industry that is tobacco, and they do get filled with a long list of harmful additives. Tobacco farming is known for its use of radioactive fertilizer, having incredibly negative farming practices that ruin soil and contribute to widespread pollution.

Traditional cigarettes are an environmental problem beyond just their roots however. They are excessively polluted, in fact the most polluted item in the world, as so many users consider it easy to discard them on the ground, instead of in receptacles where they belong. Cartridges do not exactly decompose, and as they break down, all those chemicals that they are created with slowly leak out, polluting the water and earth as they travel along. When they make their way into natural water systems, they become a threat to bird, fish, and other wildlife species who mistakenly consume these butts for food.

Another issue is the concept of constant disposing. Cigarettes are used and tossed nonstop. The constant stream of garbage is an environmental disaster, and it’s not just a pollution issue, as cigarette butts surprisingly take up a lot of landfill space when they do make into trashcans. If the average smoker goes through a pack of 20 a day, that figures out to about 7,280 cigarettes yearly!

So as a result of these issues, e-cigarettes are a much better choice for smokers who want a more eco-friendly way to smoke, and the better choice for retailers who want to expand their selection with tobacco-free, eco-friendly alternatives. While many smokers may not turn to e-smoking simply for the environmental impact, it is a great advertising point. Selling “green” products is responsible and maintains your modern edge. It enables customers to have a choice if they wish, and in addition to all of the other benefits e-cigarettes avail, the option of being a little more conscious of their footprint with their smoking choice is a big one.

Our future lies in our planet; little decisions can amount to big ones, and electronic cigarettes allow us to cut back in one very destructive area. If your selection of tobacco and cigarette products is in need of more modern, “greener” e-cigs, feel free to contact us about wholesale opportunities!

38 States asking for FDA regulations on Electronic Cigarettes

e-cigaretteCurrently, we are at a very interesting moment for electronic cigarettes. With more smokers quitting, and the industry itself pushing towards $1.7 billion in sales this year, attorney generals from 38 states are asking the FDA to begin regulating e-cigarettes, especially towards minors gaining access.

Tobacco has long been a problem on a nationwide scale, and legislators understand that many smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes as an alternative. Some want them to be categorized the same as traditional cigarettes, and others just want there to be stricter laws regarding age limitations towards e-cigarettes.

The growth of these products has been rapid, with a greater sense of social acceptability and availability, smokers have embraced them wholly. Users have taken to them in incredible numbers because they cost far less than traditional cigarettes, avail them more convenience, do not leave them smelling of smoke, and are much easier to use in public.

There is no denying that regulations are necessary with any products that gain millions of users, however electronic cigarette companies are hoping for sensible restrictions. Standards enable users to feel more confident in the products, gives further backing that there actually is some regulation involved, and helps to keep the products of the highest quality possible.

In addition to legislation, currently research on electronic cigarettes is being conducted all over the world. Major studies out of Europe, the US, and Australia are shedding light on the many positives tobacco alternatives are offering, and giving way to more smokers feeling comfortable and confident using them.

Wherever the movement is heading, it’s certain that electronic cigarettes have really grounded their presence, and smokers are happy to use them. No other product has come along to urge smokers to choose something as an alternative, and the FDA regulating them will only enhance our offerings.

Diversity Does a Business Well

7548773We understand diversity. We get that there are an enormous amount of smokers in the world, from different backgrounds, age groups, with different personal preferences, and the need for products that appeal to their unique needs. We know that diversity is so important to pleasing our customers and realistically being able to make vaping work for a large number of people.

That’s why we’ve taken the care and innovation to new levels, looking to truly offer something for everyone. Diversity is an incredibly important concept in today’s world of instant gratification and individualism, and making our products well rounded enough to appeal to many thousands of electronic smokers has been one of the keys to our success. Working with us, you will have the ability to extend your electronic cigarette selection even further, to an even larger customer demographic.

Our different e-cigarette brands cover a lot of ground. We offer products that appeal to beginners (with our different Express Kits from both South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke), advanced users (the soon to be unveiled VaporZone line), and those who want something exciting and out of the ordinary (NutriCigs). The offerings each brand covers are both unique as well as practical. We have reusable electronic cigarettes, a variety of different disposable e-cigarettes, and a multitude of accessories to go with each line that add convenience and practicality. We go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction, from the very beginning in developing our products to the end point of sale, when they are being used and hopefully delighting the customer.

Diversity is one of those advantages that gives us exceptional clout in the marketplace. Customers want options; they want quality, innovation, and true to form service just in case things don’t go exactly as planned. International Vapor Group knows the importance of striking the balance between getting it right, and missing the mark; diversity lets us branch out in as many directions as we can, appealing to as many e-smokers as we can!