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IVG CEO Discussion E-Cigarette Industry Growth on Bloomberg television

1238067_631306423556331_1795533052_nSeveral weeks back, International Vapor Group’s CEO, Nick Molina appeared on Bloomberg Television to discuss the growth of the electronic cigarette industry.

As a company that has been emerged in the business of e-cigarettes since its earliest days, we understand the nature of the market. We understand where it’s been, and where it’s going. We have an appetite for innovation, and strive to take electronic cigarettes further into the future. E-cigarette sales continue to soar, and it’s because companies such as our own are offering legitimate products that really do replace the experience of smoking. While the market is getting flooded with new companies constantly, having a solid foundation and a long-standing commitment to innovation, we are confident in our position, regardless of our competitors.

Some of the points our CEO makes clear are that these are not just novelty products. Smokers have greatly taken to them, and have embraced the technology. They are not marketed as cessation devices; they are truly alternatives to the traditional smoking experience.

What makes our products really stand out are the extremely high standards by which everything is made, combined with highly innovative technology. We don’t skimp on quality, and it shows in the longevity of our products, brands, and technology.

Another area discussed during the interview covered the subject of regulations. While they are difficult and at times require necessary changes to happen as a result, International Vapor Group embraces them. They added further high standards to adhere to, and ultimately create products of an even higher caliber. As IVG continues to expand in the direction of retail sales, working with distributors and authorized dealers, as well as the development of our own brick and mortar retail locations, these regulations provide boundaries to work within.

We don’t see this emerging market lessening its presence at any point, and we are certain we will continue to blaze new trails through it, regardless of what the future entails. It is a remarkable moment for the e-cigarette industry!

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E-Cigarettes in Bars: Why they should be sold there

imagesLooking to up the offerings available at your bar? E-cigarettes are the answer. While they may not contain any alcohol, the correlation is simple. Smokers cannot smoke in bars, yet consuming a couple drinks or beers makes nicotine that much more appealing. Being in a fun, exciting social scene typically inspires the urge to have a few puffs of a cigarette, yet smokers have to exit to do so. Selling e-cigarettes cut out the inconveniences for smokers, allowing them to stay in the establishment, all without creating an uncomfortable environment for nonsmokers.

Electronic cigarettes in social settings are very practical, and many business owners understand this. Hotels, bars, and other venues that attract socializing people are starting carry a selection of electronic cigarettes for purchase, and smokers are really taking to this concept. They cut out the “no smoking” rules, but also appease guests on both sides of the barrier. Also beneficial, e-cigarette sales add additional income, which is never a negative.

One aspect to selling e-cigarettes in bars is that those venues which have sold them, have found that it increases business in additional ways beyond just their sales. E-cigs have a way of keeping customers who smoke in the establishment longer, and therefore spending more as they do so. Smoking bans can be greatly annoying to customers who smoke because they create limitations (obviously not so much to nonsmokers who want nothing to do with tobacco). However, nonsmokers are also inclined to support electronic cigarettes because it allows them to stay as well, instead of leaving due to the annoyance of the smoke. E-cigarettes have increased the ability for nonsmokers as well as smokers to have a good time, and enjoy themselves, as well as each other’s company, even more.


These days, it’s pretty common to find electronic cigarettes in any nightlife scene. If you own a bar, or handle the ordering and merchandising of one, contact us about supplying your shelves with IVG brands of electronic cigarettes; make your customers happier!


Fortify Your E-Cig Selection with NutriCigs

1011688_181235725376974_534423684_nLooking to make your current e-cigarette selection a little more interesting? Add our NutriCigs disposable e-cigarette products to your lineup!

NutriCigs are the most innovative thing to come out of the e-cigarette world as of late, and we are the only ones bringing them to you. They are the meeting point of all natural supplements and e-cigarettes, giving you the benefit of having more than just nicotine in your e-cigarette. Available in three varieties, they cover a lot of ground when it comes to being useful. The three NutriCigs blends are: NutriCigs Energy Booster, NutriCigs Slim, and NutriCigs Sleep.

NutriCigs Energy Booster is designed to support the user’s need for increased energy. Kind of like the feeling of an energy drink, without the disgusting taste, insane amount of sugar, and the unavoidable, completely awful crash you get afterwards.

NutriCigs Slim supports appetite suppression and helps to curb the appetite. Food tastes amazing, and giving in to overeating causes more harm than good, and sadly many of us could use a little assistance here. They offer the benefit of convenience and practicality, being overtly useful in the end. Users have reported amazing things about them!

NutriCigs Sleep supports the goal of getting restful sleep. This blend offers users the ability to relax a little deeper with their e-cigs before bed, without hitting the hard stuff. Most smokers have a bedtime smoke, and these play right into that ritual, only with all-natural ingredients to make it count a little more.

NutriCigs e-cigarettes were created with the highest industry standards in place. They contain exclusively formulated e-liquids, manufactured strictly in the USA. All ingredients are USP Grade Kosher, and 100% natural.

Furthermore, one of the benefits to allowing your e-cig to support your quality of life is that vapor is considered to be an excellent carrier of supplements and nutrients, allowing for even greater absorption than consuming by way of digestion. This also means that only the smallest amount of active ingredients are needed to give the desired effect!

NutriCigs offer innovation, purpose, and a very exciting new prospect that no other e-cigarette can provide. The first of their kind, and getting more popular by the day, let NutriCigs take your electronic cigarette retail selection to the next level of innovation!

E-Cigarettes Are the Wave of the Future

Digital-AgeElectronic cigarettes are more than just a passing trend. They are more than just a cool item of the moment. They are truly changing lives and empowering smokers in ways never before imagined. There is great reason why these products are exploding in sales, and it is because they are one of those few products that comes along and truly ignites change in a positive light.

Not everyone may know of electronic cigarettes yet, but in time they will. If you may have noticed, everything “analog” is slowly being displaced, and replaced by an electronic, or digital alternative. Consumers live their lives with a bevy of devices, most notably their omnipresent cell phones, which due to technology have single-handedly replaced numerous other devices that once were mainstays. Who uses alarm clocks, calendars, notepads, flashlights, CD’s, (among so many other things!) anymore, when all of these things are available straight from your phone? Not to mention the devices’ initial purpose: to communicate with others, in so many platforms, straight from your mobile device.

It is in this light that cigarettes too are moving in the digital direction. Everything cumbersome is being replaced with something sleek, less burdensome, more ability to multitask, and give you an enormous amount of control right at your fingertips. Cigarettes themselves hold so many issues, ranging from the negative effect on the environment to their annoying nuisance of dropping ash. They require a designated place to be used, they require some degree of public tolerance, they require a trash can after every smoke, and they require you to be observant of their flame, and the continuous mess from the ash. Aside from these issues, there are those that involve what’s actually in traditional cigarettes; as we all know that the ingredients beyond tobacco are largely questionable and many are known to be toxic, dangerous, and deadly.

In this age of convenience, smokers are looking for options, and now with e-cigs they finally have true options that allow them to enjoy nicotine and the pleasurable sensations of smoking without the smoke.

If you are considering the benefits of our products for your retail selection, feel free to contact us about e-cigarette wholesale opportunities. We are moving ahead with innovation, join us!

Let’s Talk About Customer Service

customer-service-1Customer service is not just applicable to customers in the retail sense. Part of the core of our business is having excellent customer care, and offering the proper support to developing business relationships. It’s one of our central areas of pride and one of the aspects that makes our business stand out from many others. When we say “we’re here for you,” we really mean it.

E-Cigarette customer service covers so much more than just dealing with our customers when they have problems with our products. It is a concept of making ourselves available to them in any circumstances as they relate to using our electronic cigarettes. We offer multiple platforms for communication (phone, email and social media), and have a fully established team in place to handle customer needs across the board. We are happy to communicate with the purpose of customer satisfaction and ensuring our products are pleasing!

The commitment to having excellent customer service is simple. If the products are superior and customers continuously feel supported in their challenges, as well as feel that they are being taken care of properly, they will be happy to remain loyal customers. That “WOW” factor is what we’re all about, and we don’t look to achieve it with just our products!

In doing your research across the electronic cigarette market, and looking into the many reviews you will find the various companies that exist, one common area of complaint among users is not having adequate customer service. Many consumers are more than willing to leave a company whose products they appreciate if the service cannot measure up. Many of the largest e-cigarette companies are especially guilty of this, as it can be difficult to maintain to individualized, attentive customer care when you’re entity is so large. Also to consider is that these mega companies rely on the popularity of their names to sustain them; i.e.; they lack the quality and attention to the customer in lieu of the dollar.

We aren’t your standard electronic cigarette company, and we aren’t in the business of mediocrity. Every member of our team is dedicated to these core principles of excellence, in every aspect of the company. We urge our customers as well as business partners to choose wisely because why settle for less if you don’t have to?




South Beach Smoke Takes Over NYC!

1186007_530972736957494_1239624841_nProving they are entirely here to stay, South Beach Smoke has been taking over New York City over the past couple of weeks with our marvelous Mobile Showroom. Hitting up nearly every major street corner, and connecting with several local vapor shops such as Smoke Scene, The Tobacco Store, and the Village Smoke Shop, South Beach Smoke has really made a presence in NYC! It’s been great connecting with fans and making many new ones as they experience the power of vaping South Beach style with free samples and the ability to try our exciting line of flavors! New Yorkers are definitely not known for being a shy community, and these vapers have been taking full advantage of the opportunities to pose for pictures with our products as well!

South Beach Smoke, as you very well may know, was our first brand. They launched to immediate acclaim, winning over fans and Hollywood rather quickly. To this day they remain one of the most visible e-cigarette brands, and have garnered quite the reputation for quality. As the perfect entry-level electronic cigarette for users who are just switching over to vaping, as well as experienced vapers who want the best product they can get in quality and price, South Beach Smoke remains the leading brand among users. With continuous top ratings from industry experts, South Beach Smoke has accrued many thousands of fans.

If you are a retailer, South Beach Smoke is a brand that will make your current e-cigarette or traditional cigarette selection a bit more electrifying. This is a name that resonates with customers, promises quality, and is highly user-friendly. As we continue our expansion into the retail market, we are pleased to be adding new retail partners regularly. We invite you to be a part of the excitement; if you are a retailer, let’s expand together!