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International Vapor Group’s Customers 3 brands; 3 customers

hero_3brands2dOur three brands were designed to appeal to three different customer demographics. We understand the importance of appealing to a wide range of customers, and having products that meet the needs of many people is essential to a brand’s success. Our three brands, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and NutriCigs were designed to meet the needs of three different types of smokers. It’s this conscious planning that has lead to their great success, and being able to satisfy customers in what they want.

South Beach Smoke was designed to be a high quality introduction to e-smoking. They have become the top choice of tens of thousands of smokers, and have earned a great reputation for affordable performance. Those who use South Beach Smoke are often attracted to the trendy looks and popularity, with a large customer base in their 20’s and 30’s. With a presence in popular culture, having been included in MTV Movie Award gift bags, and frequent media mentions has given them easy recognition among many people.

EverSmoke was launched to take the technology implemented in South Beach Smoke even further. This brand became popular with more sophisticated customers, often in their 40’s and 50’s, who were looking for an even higher level of quality, great flavors, more accessory options, with similar functioning to South Beach Smoke. EverSmoke appeals to those who are somewhat older than the South Beach Smoke crowd, yet till want similar sleek looks and higher performance.

NutriCigs were aimed at an even broader scope of customers. Having three distinct types of products, aimed at supporting different needs, they have allowed us to bring our products to even more people, offering great benefits. NutriCigs customers run the gamut in age, and what appeals to these users is having the ability to have  increased energy, an appetite suppressant, or a sleep aid just by using their electronic cigarette. Another benefit is the disposable design, adding convenience to their many benefits.

While our motto says “3 Customers, 3 Brands” it’s really way more than that when it comes to our customer base! We reach out to all smokers, and aim to provide an exceptionally pleasing smoking experience, hoping to satisfy and meet the needs of many.

Work with a Brand Who Knows the Business

ivg_logo-dec42ea0-1e94-427e-ae03-22288cde3821International Vapor Group products have achieved a high level of success due to a solid commitment to our products and understanding the needs of the consumer as well as the market as a whole. The foundation we are built on is having great electronic cigarettes, always innovating, and knowing how to keep our prices low.

Excelling in Business

We work directly with retailers, and we are in control of supplying our products to those who are selling them. Working with us means you will not be dealing with intermediaries. It enables us to keep our pricing low, so when purchasing wholesale, your prices remain even lower and therefore your profits higher. We also happen to be known for having great customer service, and this extends even on a business-to- business level. Establishing a relationship with us is generally very simple; unlike most other e-cigarette brands.

More Research = Better Made Products

Having been a part of the electronic cigarette industry since its earliest days, we know where this industry began, and where it’s going firsthand. Work with innovators, companies who are committed to long-term relationship building between companies, and those who are certain of their ability to last in a fickle market. We invest heavily in cutting edge research, for long-term results, and it shows.

Quality at a Low Price

Experience gives you options, and as an electronic cigarette company, we have always been about affordable quality. While such a task is not easy for most companies to achieve, due to our popularity and high sales volume, we have always been able to keep this a major aspect of our company. Customers are always looking for the best prices, and no one wants bad quality; finding that middle ground has enabled us to be one of the most popular and sought after e-cigarette companies in the world.

Readily A vailable

As a retailer, one of your biggest concerns about carrying certain brands is how readily available they are. Whatever the size of your sales volume, we can handle, and service it! Our products are sold in many different types of stores, and it is not a problem to find them. Customers are most concerned with convenience, easy ordering, great prices, and being able to get the shopping done quickly, whether they are purchasing online or through a brick and mortar retailer.

At IVG, we strive to grow our business with companies who are able to match our drive for success. We’re easy to work with, and we’re expanding in this industry by the day. Let’s grow together!

Brick and Mortar E-Cigarette Shopping

130203-095246e6b5Electronic cigarettes in the brick and mortar setting is nothing new, as they have held a presence in actual stores since they first emerged in the US. At first, it was quite common to find them at mall kiosks, gas stations, and perhaps a few tobacco shops, however the majority of these types were very low end in terms of quality. These days, as e-cigarettes have gotten so popular, they are popping up everywhere. Smoke shops catering just to e-smokers have become quite common, and in many major cities around the world. E-cigarette shopping in the brick and mortar setting is getting bigger, especially as customers see that the products they are looking for are available not exclusively online anymore.

Vapor cigarette shops carry everything e-smokers are looking for, and while some are searching for the latest inventions to hit the market, some are looking for the best alternative to traditional cigarettes in the most similar, convenient and simple manner possible. If you own or are responsible for the buying and merchandising of an electronic cigarette brick and mortar retailer, consider adding International Vapor Products to your selection. Innovative, user-friendly, and offering a wide array of products to suit all e-smokers, having top of the line 2-piece e-cigarettes and disposables is necessary to your inventory. Our NutriCigs line also highlights the most advanced disposables available currently, as there are no other e-cigarettes that do what these do. They are considered fortified electronic cigarettes, and what they offer the user is additional benefits to enhance their vaping and daily life. They are fortified with all natural supplements to support increased energy, curb the appetite and control cravings, and to support more restful sleep, all the while giving the user the same nicotine, flavor, and vapor they want in an e-cigarette.

Having the ability to see what you are buying, touch it, feel it, get a feel for the products you can use together, seeing what the cartridges are like, possibly even trying them before you buy has become very common. E-smokers are really into vaping, for many it is more than just something to use instead of traditional cigarettes; it becomes a hobby, a lifestyle, and they enjoy delving further into the industry to experience the best products. International Vapor Group products will add further diversity, appeal to an even greater range of customers, and enhance your selection with additional innovation.