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Best Venus for E-Cigarette Sales

NutricigsEnergyIf you are a retail carrier of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are probably right up your alley. With the continuous expansion of these innovative products, more and more places are beginning to carry them. If you own, or are involved in choosing the merchandise for your establishment, you may want to consider adding high quality e-cigarettes to your inventory.

Gas Stations: These are pretty obvious, and gas stations were among the first retailers to start selling e-cigarettes. The problem with them for the most part has been however, that the vast majority of brands being sold have been lackluster in quality. Consider IVG brands for the great quality, especially in regards to our advanced disposable e-cigs, including the NutriCigs line.

Convenience Stores: Just like gas stations, convenience stores have sold e-cigarettes for a while. Any venue that carries traditional cigarettes is a good match for carrying e-cigs with success. Customers are looking for them, and having the option to purchase (especially when it comes to impulse purchases) quickly makes them ideal in this setting. In addition to our different lines of disposables, our starter kits are great for those customers looking for reusbales. Because these work with cartridges, they create long term, recurrent business as it drives the customer back to your store for future refills and additional accessories. Quality at a great price goes very far in the long run!

Hotels: Hotels have recently started carrying electronic cigarettes because they are a prime alternative that solves the staunch “no smoking” predicament! Cigarettes in hotel rooms are generally not tolerated, and using them against the rules can often result in hefty fines. Even in public spaces like near pools and other outdoor areas, cigarette smoke is an annoyance. Along this same line, hotels would prefer not having to issue these fines, nor be under the stress of fire hazards and creating discomfort for other guests who do not want to smell the smoke. Electronic cigarettes solve all of these issues, as they do not create second hand smoke, they do not create a fire hazard, they keep guests happy with their nicotine and they keep hotel management free from stressing over something like cigarettes. They can be sold in hotel gift shops, in the same way cigarettes have always been, in reusable or disposable form.

Electronic cigarettes can fit into the retail selections of a variety of different retailers, and with the constant growth, if you are carrying traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is in your best interest to carry e-cigarettes as well! Don’t inhibit your ability to generate sales, expand with the times!

IVG Partners with F & M Merchant Group

partnershipAdding to our current state of excellence, we are pleased to announce that International Vapor Group has partnered with the front running sales team, F & M Merchant Group. This is of utmost excitement because F&M has been the power behind brands such as Blu during their immediate success as they expanded into the retail markets of supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores.

Having an established team such as F&M’s to navigate IVG’s expansion into an extensive list of retailers across the US is monumental. With more than one million customers currently, IVG is ready to bring their customers the convenience of purchasing locally, as we garner even more attention with the retail presence. While products from South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke are currently offered at select retail locations, the further expansion is expected to increase business because of the reach F&M has throughout the retail market. The combination of International Vapor Group’s level of exemplary products, paired with a dynamic and unique company such as F&M, will be setting the stage for consumers to have top quality products very easily.

This is a strategic partnership gearing up to present both parties with unlimited profitability as the e-cigarette sector grows from a niche market to a wide-reaching, permanent, and influential cigarette subcategory. F&M Merchant group gained extensive recognition in this industry after Blu was purchased by tobacco giant, Lorillard. This lead to a number of companies seeking to partner with them, however they remained quite selective in those they chose to work with. It is a huge honor to have been able to secure this representation.

The characteristics that intrigued F&M about IVG included the high level of quality, as well as the unique advancements and innovation found in all of our products. As a firmly established company, with a wide selection of products that appeal to a wide range of customers, F&M and IVG make ideal partners for expanding further into the electronic cigarette and tobacco markets. To say the least, we are more than ready for what the future brings as a team!

Electronic Cigarette Sales Light Up the Smoking World

imgresThe staggering numbers of smokers who die worldwide has reached around 6 million, and as more and more negativity from stories of tobacco emerge, smokers want alternatives and other options. Among many of the reasons smokers have switched to vaping, having more control of their usage and the ability to still smoke without tobacco are very much up there on the list.

Customers are often surprised how pleasant electronic cigarettes are when they first try them. They are unlike anything they’ve ever used before, and many find they are so enjoyable that their positive attributes well outweigh those of using traditional cigarettes. They love the flavors, and the ability to choose so many different aspects of their usage.

Because of their growth and sales, the expansion has become quite evident. There are now countless brands of alternative cigarettes, and at gas stations, convenience stores, and a wide variety of retailers are vying to get high quality e-cigarettes onto their shelves, not to mention the many retail stores that cater exclusively to selling electronic cigarettes. To say they have grown tremendously would be quite accurate!

Even outpacing previous predicted statistics, worldwide electronic cigarettes are expecting for 2013, to rake in about $3 billion in revenue. While this figure is still dwarfed by tobacco many times over, it is large enough to have made an impact. Less smokers are smoking cigarettes, and even less are starting every year. Slowly but surely, big tobacco is going down, with electronic cigarettes being a major factor in determining their fate.

Interestingly, the majority of the sales of electronic cigarettes are happening in the Western world, where many countries have embraced them because of the great amount of health awareness. While they may have originated in China, and many brands still produce their products there, Europe and America remain the stronghold markets for these types of products. Suffice it to say, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on, as e-cigarette sales are exceeding expected numbers!

USA-Made Nicotine Juice: Our Only Option

images-1We know electronic cigarettes. We know the industry, and we know what customers are going to be looking for. Across all of our brands, we offer a multitude of different types of products, ranging from fully loaded starter kits, economical express kits, disposable electronic cigarettes, and the new fortified e-cigarettes, NutriCigs. One facet of quality you will find among them all is that our e-liquids are USA-made.

We do this for several reasons, and our customers greatly appreciate it. Experienced e-smokers know that e-juice made here in America is better than the juice that comes from overseas. It takes less time for the product to reach both the shelves and the customer, and this makes it fresher, with more intense flavors, better production of vapor, and an overall better functioning cartridge. It takes less time for the products to reach the customer, so backorders and having your particular favorite flavor out of stock is less likely to happen.

USA-made has always symbolically stood for quality. Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art, and exceed all industry standards for production. We ensure our standards meet all levels of compliance by undergoing strict regular audits from independent firms. Safety, quality, and compliance are not areas we mess around with. We believe that quality extends from every corner of our business, and all areas intercept.

Despite the diversity, each IVG brand – South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and NutriCigs – brings to the retail table, having American-made nicotine smoke juice in all of our products is a standard we won’t let down. Being able to cater to a wide range of clients is a privilege we do not compromise on. Yes it costs more, but the effort it takes comes through in the finished product.

Carrying American products made in the States is great for business. It’s one more marketing benefit, and one more example of the quality we provide with all International Vapor Group e-cigs.

The Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

imagesA few years ago, electronic cigarettes were just becoming known in the public eye. They were not nearly as popular as they are now, and many smokers had no interest in trying them, much less switching to them.

As more and more smokers learned about them, and as more smokers started using them successfully, the word spread really quickly to where we now stand. What started with a few users here and there, and a slow influx of celebrity users, has now become a major movement in our culture, as well as in Hollywood, where it seems a new star switches to vapor nearly every day! Three years ago, Katherine Heigl made a point of using her e-cig wherever she went, and was one of the very first to do so. At the time, she practically introduced the phenomenon to David Letterman during an appearance on his show, and in doing so, she became very much affiliated with the e-cigarette movement.

The amount of media coverage has become quite commonplace, with mentions on television programs such as Late Night with David Letterman, The Doctors, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, NBC, Saturday Night Live, and most recently, the Today Show. On the Today Show,  experts examined the usefulness of e-cigs, asserting that smokers are switching in massive numbers and that Big Tobacco companies are finding ways to keep up with the competition -including buying out other e-cig brands and coming up with their own varieties.

What all of this means is that the electronic cigarette movement is huge. It means that sales are growing consistently, and quickly. It means that smokers are embracing these products, and as popularity grows, as a retailer you should be carrying great electronic cigarette lines. More and more electronic cigarette brands are showing up on store shelves, especially in major cities where cigarette prices typically skyrocket. Customers are looking to buy, so give them what they want!



International Vapor Group: Not Your Ordinary Wholesale

imgresInternational Vapor Group offers three top electronic cigarette brands. Having built our business first online, in the e-commerce setting, our products were perfectly suited for the transition to brick-and-mortar retail. Our brands became well known, and sought after quickly, and being recognized by the customer has allowed greater sales. Succeeding in the convenience store retail sector has come naturally for us, and it’s not just because our products rock. Much of the success is due to the team behind the scenes and the business acumen that has been the focal strategy for getting it all done. Passion is one of the underlying aspects of our foundation. It’s more than just selling a product; it’s a lifestyle, and the ability to offer our customers more convenience in their daily lives is what drives us.

We target more than one customer demographic. Each of our brands offers different e-cigarette products, options, and ways they can be used, appealing to plenty of different smokers and making our three separate lines ultimately useful. Part of our marketing has been in designing excellent graphics and branding ourselves visually. Our products and packaging stand out, so customers recognize them.

Our wholesale development is more than just great products; it’s logistics and having the expertise to know how to drive sales. We are currently working with numerous retailers globally, however the process in choosing the right venues to work with is discerning. While we want to expand rapidly, sell our products to the highest degree, and create relationships where all entities profit exponentially, we are decisive about those we form partnerships with. It takes commitment from both ends.

We are committed 100% to all of our retailers, and there is no limit to what we will do to keep our presence in a positive light. IVG wholesale opportunities are expanding, and if you desire our products in your store or stores, we want to hear from you!

A Look at Our Brands: South Beach Smoke

Screen-shot-2010-10-21-at-9_42_10-AM1Offering three of the top electronic cigarette brands around, here is a look at our first brand: South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke offers excellent products, a trendy design scheme, and will appeal to any budget. This line of e-cigs launched to nearly instantaneous success. Soon after launching, starter kits from South Beach were given in the gift bags at the MTV Movie Awards, solidifying their presence among Hollywood, and it was pretty much all a go from there.

Customers adore this brand for the options, exquisite, fun flavors, and the powerful throat hit. They love the high-performance SuperMaxTM batteries, and the convenience of the Home Delivery Program. One of the highlights for many is the open communication made available through social media, and the very high level of customer service keeps the customer base both satisfied and excited.

South Beach Smoke was designed with a stylish, yet realistically cigarette-like look. They feature a crystal end piece, which glows with an orange LED light, for an amber effect, similar to a truly lit cigarette. They are available in two battery colors, as well as two battery styles, with two different switch modes.

Starter kits come with a wide range of options, starting with Reusable Express Kits, which are the very basic, necessities-only kits, and the others they go up in price based on accessories, cartridges, and amount of products contained within. They are very well put together, making vaping easily accessible to anyone who is interested.

E-Cigarette accessories are another area South Beach Smoke excels in. They have a wide variety of them, yet not too many products making it hard to decide. On the contrary, this line focuses on convenience and improving the e-smoking experience, and the accessories only add to this. The Personal Charging Case is on the top of many smoker’s list of must-haves, and it allows for outlet-free charging of batteries. The Lanyard, and the PowerCig have also been met with acclaim, and serve the customer to their maximum pleasure!

This brand should be a staple on the shelves of any retailer who wants to carry a high quality product, with great options, and still remains reasonably priced. Check out all that they have to offer today, it may just what your selection needs!

Greener Products are Great for the Planet, and Business

green is confusing-wr1Carrying environmentally friendly products in your store is great for business. It shows you are conscious of the selection you carry, as well as make meaningful choices in the products you endorse. Besides, doing the right thing can feel so good, and knowing it benefits your company, your customers, and the earth in general, makes it all the more worthwhile.

With more and more consumers seeking “greener” options, it’s only fitting to tailor your selection accordingly. Electronic cigarettes allow you to do that, especially those that are known to be high quality and offer a great experience. They give the customer a more convenient alternative to tobacco smoke, allowing users the option of nicotine at their convenience without having to utilize traditional methods. Most users appreciate the level of modernity in having technology to improve things, versus dealing with ash, smoke, tar and all of the unattractive things you have to continuously take care of.

Even as customers seek more conscious alternatives to standard products, there is more to it than just being “green.” Consumers are looking for quality, standards, better performance, and ultimately things that will delight and last. They want more than eco-friendly, they want something that benefits, without costing a high amount. Green often entails better design, better made products that can go a greater distance, offer convenience, have lesser impact in a multitude of ways, and ultimately serve the consumer more so than the conventional.

One other factor to consider that makes electronic cigarettes appealing to potential users is that (for the most part), eco-conscious products tend to cost more than their counterparts, and this is certainly not the case with vapor cigarettes. One of the most convincing aspects of switching for many users is the possibility of cost savings, and adding to it, having a more conscious, less impacting product makes them a very viable alternative to tobacco.

If you currently sell cigarettes, carrying electronic cigarettes is in your best interest! Customers are looking for alternatives, and they want quality. International Vapor Group offers exceptional products, at attractive price points, and the benefits of going “green” with our three distinctive brands. Times are changing, are you moving ahead?