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A Look at Our Brands: NutriCigs

hero_nutri_cigsNutriCigs is our newest brand. They were designed to do more than the average electronic cigarette, and provide alternatives to more than just tobacco. Being the first and only fortified electronic cigarettes, they were a hit with consumers immediately. Here is a look at the offerings from this innovative line, and why they would be an excellent addition to their current retail offerings.

NutriCigs currently are available in three blends: NutriCigs Energy NutriCigs Slim, and NutriCigs Sleep. Each comes in three specified flavors, and all contain 1.8% nicotine by volume. They are designed as 1-piece disposable e-cigarettes, and equal to about the same length as 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. They are ideal for both those who are just switching to e-cigs from tobacco, or seasoned e-cigarette users. Easy, convenient, and very useful, no e-smoker should be without this brand!

NutriCigs Energy: Energy is a really big thing nowadays, and many people are constantly looking for the next best thing to help them feel energized*. Well, NutriCigs Energy is the next big thing because it supports increased energy*, without a crash, in a very easy to use, and convenient method. They are available in Tobacco, Menthol, and Cherry flavors.

NutriCigs Sleep: This formula supports restful sleep*, and was made for users who want the benefits of all natural sleep aid supplements. These supplements may assist with sleep*, as these ingredients are also naturally produced within the body. They are offered in Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate flavors.

NutriCigs Slim: Most people are concerned with their appearance, how they look, and maintaining a physique they are pleased with. Most people also eat for pleasure and comfort, which can be a disservice to their goals. NutriCigs Slim was designed to support appetite suppression*, as it contains ingredients known to support curbing the appetite and cravings*. They come in Tobacco, Menthol, and Chocolate flavors.

NutriCigs are highly useful and user-friendly. They are the most innovative electronic cigarettes, and as you can see, do more than just offer vapor and nicotine. Your customers want more, give it to them with the whole NutriCigs line!

A Look at Our Brands: EverSmoke

eversmokeEverSmoke was the second brand we unveiled. Using the same technology we developed with our South Beach Smoke line, we took it further in quality and options. Seeking to acquire another sector of customers, this brand was aimed at more mature professionals, as opposed to the trendy young crowd South Beach Smoke appealed to.

EverSmoke is considered the pinnacle of quality in the electronic cigarette industry. These SuperMaxTM batteries have exquisite performance and undeniably hot looks. Battery life is long, and charging times short, so those who have little time to wait really enjoy the appeal of convenience. Three battery colors are offered, including black, white, and stainless steel. There are two battery sizes, as well as two different options for operating the battery: automatic and manual, giving users further choices in how they want their e-cigarettes to work.

EverSmoke offers 5 starter kits, including Reusable Express Kits, which were designed as introductory, low-priced options that were made for beginners and those interested in experiencing EverSmoke’s quality products. They can choose from simple, with just basics, to the most inclusive “Ultimate Plus” kits that contain all the accessories they could possibly want to use.

Cartridges come in ten different flavors, and easily screw on and off the batteries. They contain a silicon mouthpiece that was made to closely mimic the filter of a traditional cigarette, with a nicely resistant draw, and the soft feeling in the mouth.

The level of accessories EverSmoke offers rivals any brand in the market, and they are highly beneficial to users who want additional convenience and versatility. Chargers include the wall charger, USB charger, car adapter, the Personal Charging Case, and the newly added PowerCig, which is a battery that connects to the USB or wall charger, for continuous vaping without charging.

EverSmoke has widened the options in the e-cigarette market since their launching, and having given users a top quality, affordable, and very versatile electric cigarette. For the quality and the performance, consider adding this brand to your retail selection today!



Innovation is What Sets Us Apart

EverSmoke_Review_Electronic_Cigarette_Crystal_TipAt IVG, innovation is at the core of our company. From the start, we have sought to offer advanced products to satisfy our customers. We have grown into a company that our customers know and trust to always deliver the best.

Our SuperMaxTM batteries were released at a time in the electronic cigarette industry when customers were seeking a powerful, yet comfortable e-cigarette battery that performed more similarly to traditional cigarettes. It was a combination of having the right technology, and coming out at the perfect time that enabled us to get so grounded, so quickly. Released to nearly instant acclaim, three years in, our electronic cigarettes are more popular than ever. Our first brand, South Beach Smoke, has been revered by thousands, including many in the Hollywood spotlight.

When the EverSmoke brand was developed, the same award-winning SuperMax technology was employed, and was used to create yet another award winning brand. Further diversifying our available options, EverSmoke broadened our offerings with products of an even higher quality caliber, and additional options and flavor choices. Over the years, both companies evolved to offer a wide range of starter kits, and both include lines of disposable e-cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke have now added a serious collection of useful, advanced accessories, which have greatly benefitted the needs of our customers. We were one of the first companies to develop a Personal Charging Case, and among the few to actually produce a model that worked well without destroying batteries.

Our latest development has been with the introduction of the NutriCigs line, taking the electronic cigarette concept even further, adding a greater purpose and usefulness. They are the first e-cigarette to include supplements that take the smoking concept further, giving the customer the ability to have an energy boost, a sleep aid, and an appetite suppressant included in their e-cigarette for a more satisfying experience.

Technology and innovation are deeply embedded in our culture of creating exceptional electronic cigarette products. While other companies are doing the same things over and again, we are forging into the future with new ideas and ways to blow the minds of our customers. If you want the same, do contact us about e-cigarette wholesale opportunities!


Top Products get Top Ratings

top-ratedInternational Vapor Group products are top rated for a reason. Here is a look at why we are consistently voted number 1 from our customers and top review sites. Our products are excellent, and it shows!

Pricing: Our customers know they are getting a good deal with us! We understand the importance of competitive pricing. We are proud to offer excellent quality, while maintaining a very strict adherence to prices we know more people can afford. We do not believe electronic cigarettes should be categorized as luxury products, nor available only to those who can afford them. While we carry a large range of products, no matter what your budget is, we have something for every budget!

Quality: You can’t get top ratings without it! Great quality is another testament to IVG brands. It’s not something we compromise on, and even though there are products that are less expensive than others in the market, the quality will prove itself. We don’t budge on it!

Customer Service: We pay attention to needs. Outstanding customer service is another area that we excel in. Many brands in the e-cigarette industry forget about this, concentrating only on sales, but we will do everything possible to answer questions, relay information, provide accurate communication, and simply be there for our customers. Above all, we have a never-ending commitment to delight and please with our products.

These staunch commitments have resulted in the happiness of our customers, and excellent reviews from them. Instead of rushing to the retail scene in the beginning, we focused on fine-tuning all the minute details. Slow and steady wins the race every time, and we have built an empire on it. We are now beginning to push strongly into the retail front, but we are still just as selective now as when we started this. We want to work with retailers who are committed to the product, and want the same reputation and steady sales we are looking for. Think you’re a match for us?