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How Can Your Business Benefit From E-Cig Sales?

Tips-to-make-your-business-grow-onlineElectronic cigarettes are being grouped in the same market-growth category as energy drinks. What started out as a nice idea, caught on quickly as a fad, and has rapidly moved into a nearly billion-dollar industry. Why? They resolve several needs in consumers and take care of a larger problem, creating an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

So why are they great for business? Because they are rising in sales, and people are wanting them more than ever. Making these products available in your store means you can tap into this business now, rather than waiting for them to be everywhere. Why fall behind when your competitors are probably already on it, anyway?

One of the many positives is that International Vapor Group offers a very inclusive selection of brands, to appeal to a number of different customer profiles. We carry very basic products that beginners and those on a budget will be interested in, as well as higher end starter kit packages that offer every luxurious accessory a smoker could want, all with unwavering dedication to high quality standards. Our selection includes general electronic cigarette disposables, of the one-piece design, and other products specially geared towards those who are just getting interested in using e-cigs. We have just begun to venture into the realm of specialty products with our NutriCigs line, which are the first and only fortified e-cigarettes.

Your business can greatly benefit from working with us because we are leading the industry in innovation, with products made to target a multitude of different customers, and having the logistical know-how to get it done!

Offering your customers top quality electronic cigarettes as well as numerous appealing options as they become acquainted with the vaping will open the door to those who are seeking them. You will also invite current e-smokers who want the option to purchase their products in a brick-n-mortar venue, instead of online. If you currently sell cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are perfect for your inventory, working with International Vapor Group will take your product selection, and customer base a step further.

Challenging Big Tobacco, and Winning!

hero_3brands2dSmokers are switching, and sales are growing. Tobacco is going down, and vapor is on the rise! Here is a look at why the big tobacco industry is being challenged by many smaller e-cigarette companies, and taking quite a few cues. They aren’t going down without a fight, and it’s really starting to look like a good case of “if you can’t beat ‘em, then join ‘em” is happening!

In the first quarter of 2012, the sales of traditional cigarettes dropped 6.2%, and this was quite a big difference from the 3-4% declines that were pretty steady over recent years. Since 1998, tobacco sales have decreased, and with the largest significant drop occurring from 2009 to 2010, when the Obama administration instituted a tax increase of 62 cents per cigarette pack. Congress is currently contemplating an additional 94 cent hike, which would make cigarettes even more unattractive to smokers, and more unaffordable. All the while, electronic cigarette sales have doubled, and in the last year have seen over $500 million in sales, and numbers are projecting this to hit the $1 billion mark in 2013. These are massive numbers, and the big tobacco companies know it. While they are seeing their products taxed astronomically, they’re being majorly upstaged by vapor.

IVG is pleased to own some of the biggest names in the e-cigarette industry, and exceptionally pleased to be a part of this movement that is changing lives. Vapor cigarettes are not a trend anymore, they are ending the reign of tobacco. Altria, the largest tobacco company in the world recently announced plans to introduce it’s own line of electronic cigarettes later this year. The second largest tobacco magnate, Reynolds, already has its e-cig line out, and the third largest, Lorillard was ahead of the trend by purchasing one of the largest e-cigarette lines last year.

The tobacco industry’s strong hold is slowly coming to a halt with the presence of electronic cigarettes continuously growing at a large scale. Retailers are jumping on this, proving cigarette alternatives are a force to be reckoned with. If you are a retailer, don’t wait to be a part of this. Smokers want e-cigs now, supply them!


Why Convenience Stores Should Sell E-Cigs

CHN_interiorConvenience stores and electronic cigarettes, seems like a good fit, right? Hence the name Convenience; where you’d go to grab any of the little life essentials that you need in an instant. The go-to shops where any and everything important is sold. Since they’re known to be well stocked with cigarettes, wouldn’t it make sense to sell electronic cigarettes as well? Convenience stores have excellent accessibility because of the amount of customers flowing in on a daily basis, and due to the high volume of business, having innovative, in demand products gives customers more choices.

Because smokers just keep switching, and the quality and availability of cigarette alternatives keeps growing, convenience stores are the perfect venue for selling them. Recognized for their impulse purchases, and selling quick fixes, smokers would be very much inclined to purchase them.

Product selection is a big deal too, and if there is one thing our companies specialize in, it’s having a huge selection. E-cigarette disposables as well as starter kits and refill cartridges would all do great in the convenience store environment. This is because there will be customers who just want disposables, perhaps to try them or those who alternate them with traditional cigarettes. Then there will also be other customers who want to invest in starter kits, and this will open the doors to those who come back continuously for cartridge refills.

Beyond the customer, e-cigarette retail sales offer high profit margins. They are more popular than ever, and as the technology develops, it is projected that more smokers will be switching in the coming years. Electronic cigarettes are giving smokers a great reason to give up their tobacco for good; and those who are selling them are going to be banking.

Highly profitable, easily attainable, and very much in demand, e-cigs make great business sense. Convenience stores sell convenience, and what could be more convenient for smokers than having an alternative to tobacco, that offers them so much more?



Sell a More Eco-Friendly Cigarette; E-Cigarettes

imagesMany retailers have caught on in recent years, selling products that are more environmentally conscious. Many consumers are seeking out products that have a better impact on the planet, and for others it is a big reason to choose one product over the other. Consumer awareness of eco-friendly products has grown tremendously, and more people opt for the greener product when it is available, especially when the price point is comparable. Offering more responsible products gives customers more options in your selection, and it can be a moral boost, knowing you are selling a product with a multitude of benefits, that isn’t negatively affecting the environment.

Many people, including smokers, are not necessarily inclined to go green in every aspect of their lives, but many do make a conscious effort to do a little more to reduce their footprint. Choosing recycled paper products, opting to walk, using public transportation, choosing organic foods, turning off lights more often; these are all little steps towards actively living more consciously, and choosing to smoke vapor cigarettes – for whatever reason the smoker goes for is right up there as well.

Cigarettes are known to be dangerous, and they are not by any means “green.” Electronic cigarettes however, offer users an alternative when getting their nicotine, and allow them to feel more confident and satisfied with the purchase. They can be marketed as a reusable, less wasteful product that does not encourage polluting of cigarette butts. They do not create a toxic air environment with second hand smoke, nor do they produce carbon monoxide, or combustion when they are used. The beauty of smoking electronically is that e-cigs are a very convenient way to have a greener choice. They add so much to a smoker’s life, giving options, freedom, and saving them money. The amount of benefits they provide is excellent, and when it comes to tobacco alternatives that offer nicotine, consumers are open minded and willing to try! As a retailer, are you looking to incorporate more eco-friendly e-cigarette brands for your customers?