10 Reasons IVG Brands are the Best to Carry in Retail

hero_3brands2d1. Variety; IVG is four different brands targeting four different customers. Target your market right.

2. Quality. Yeah, we are quite adamant about this, however there is a severe lack of quality throughout the e-cigarette market, and we have built all IVG brands around this. There are many gimmicks you can sell, add all the bells and whistles you want, a high quality product is irreplaceable, and electronic cigarette consumers are looking for quality they can trust, depend on, and enjoy.

3. Experience. Our company has been built by innovative minds with more than 100 years of combined experience in business; we know where this industry is going.

4. The right price. While we strive to innovate and manufacture the next big thing, and we pride ourselves on having the very best electronic smoking products in the market, we also understand the importance of keeping our products affordable, both from a consumer and a retailer’s perspective. Quality does not necessarily mean more expensive.

5. Customer service at every level. We are there for our customers 100% and we are there for our business partners and partners in retail ventures 100%. Establishing relationships is very important, and we focus a great deal of attention to those we are in business with.

6. Consistent top reviews. All of our brands have received great praise throughout the industry for excellence in a variety of areas.

7. Consistent innovation. We are never satisfied. We are constantly looking to improve, even when we feel we have executed the best product possible. Innovation is about sensing where things are headed, and what our customers are going to want down the road.

8. Knowing what’s out there, and surpassing. For example, our brand Vapor Zone is all about top of the line Advanced Personal Vaporizers. They were not the first brand creating these by any means, however the market was missing quality, usability, and versatility, and with a keen attention to detail, engineering, and design, the line was developed.

9. Why carry lower-end products that will leave your customers unsatisfied, when you can carry IVG brands that please?

10. We are a pleasure to work with. Our brands are among the most sought after in the market, we offer a very large selection of different types of products, and our brands have achieved a level of popularity that customers recognize.

Working with International Vapor Group for your electronic cigarette retail needs may be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. We offer a multitude of options, and offer support every step of the way. If you are interested in working with us, contact us to find out more!